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Who is Valkyrae’s Ex-Boyfriend? The Twitch Star Makes A Shocking Revelation About Her Former Flame!

Valkyrae’s ex boyfriend
Valkyrae’s ex boyfriend

Want to know who is popular streamer Valkyrae’s ex-boyfriend? Twitch star Valkyrae kick-started her career as she started a separate gaming account on Instagram called “LegendRae,” and later joined Twitch back in 2015. The streamer once explained how the lessons that her past relationships have taught her eventually helped her find success and eventually make it big in her career.

Valkyrae earned the ‘Content Creator of the Year award at The Game Awards back in 2020 and currently boasts over 3.3 million subscribers on YouTube. The streamer has a whopping 3.1 million followers on Instagram. The Twitch star explained that she eventually found herself a job at GameStop, and took up internships to keep herself busy. The streamer’s personal life has been under immense public scrutiny for a while as she went through a public breakup and Valkyrae has been candid about her former relationships and what exactly went wrong. Let us take a look at all the details and lesser-known facts about Valkyrae’s ex-boyfriend.

Who is Valkyrae’s ex-boyfriend?

Valkyrae’s Ex-boyfriend is Michael “Sonii” Sherman. The two were good friends and dates for a while but shockingly parted ways. This split was soon followed by some messy after-math as Michael faced some speculative allegations from fans. The two dates for long four years but called it quits in January 2021. When talking about the breakup, she was still in love with Sherman, and said that he never did “anything wrong.”

Valkyrae’s ex boyfriend

Valkyrae with Michael Sonii

She further explained that what happened with Sonii was more like bad timing, different paths, and different priorities while adding is a wonderful person, and is such an amazing guy. The streamer pointed out that they were so different sometimes when it comes to like priorities and paths and admitted that there were times that she was just too busy for relationships. The two earlier sparked some reconciliation rumours after a group photo featuring the two resurfaced on social media. However, these rumours soon fizzled off.

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Valkyrae Opens Up About Her Toxic Relationships

The gaming sensation has earlier admitted that she had some fair share of experience of what being in a toxic relationship feels like. Earlier in 2020, the Twitch star revealed that she had not one, but two, past relationships that she described as toxic. Valkyrae further recalled how both the relationships were mentally draining, although they helped her learn some important lessons and also go ahead in her career as well. While Valkyrae and Sonii are not together anymore, here’s a throwback picture of the two as they celebrated two years of togetherness.

Valkyrae admitted that she was in a toxic relationship in college that went on for about five years. The streamer even revealed that despite that she took the guy back even after he had cheated on her. She was later confronted by a woman who came to her when he was on a camping trip and said that she was pregnant with his kid. Valkyrae added that she was having a mental breakdown for a week! However, she soon took some big decisions as well!

Valkyrae Makes Shocking Revelations About an ex-boyfriend!

The popular streamer recently made a big revelation regarding the 100 Thieves video where she talks about having a crush on her Gamestop coworker who turned out to be gay! Valkyrae informed her fans that she received a private message from the guy on Twitter.

Valkyrae’s ex boyfriend


She further revealed that the guy was happy with a boyfriend, although admitted that she still wonders whether it’s the same guy he began dating while they were still working on GameStop together. Valkyrae earlier had recalled in a 100 Thieves video that after two months of dating, she and her boyfriend were affectionate which made her realise that he might not be attracted to women. However, it was all good in the end as he was relieved that Valkyrae was able to help him find himself. However, he did see the video and reached out to Valkyrae on her DMs.

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