My Hero Academia Chapter 383 ‘A Small Heart’ Full Summary And Raw Scans: Controlling Machia!

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My Hero Acadmeia Chapter 383 Full Summary And Raw Scans And Details

If you are here, that means you are looking for ways to read My Hero Academia Chapter 383 scans and raws. We have got the full summary of the upcoming chapter. MHA Chapter 383 will be released in the upcoming issue of the weekly shonen jump magazine, and a break and improper scheduling due to the author’s poor health. While the author has apologized for his inconsistency with the new chapter in the upcoming issue, his health condition remains unrevealed. 

Nevertheless, given that the My Hero Academia 383 is all set for this upcoming issue and no breaks have been announced for the upcoming chapter, we can expect that author’s health issue is better than before and seems to be improving. The much-anticipated chapter of My Hero Academia went as we had predicted, with the group of heroes getting Machia under their control.

While a chapter may have been too much to capture Machia, it speaks to the incredible importance of this achievement. The chapter was mostly a flashback of the heroes and their determination not to repeat the thing that appeared last in the Gunga Mountain villa. So let us dive into the full context of the upcoming chapter of My Hero Academia thanks to the spoilers and the raw scans available. Here, we bring you the latest My Hero Academia manga series updates.

My Hero Academia Chapter 383 Full Summary and Raw Scans

My Hero Academia Chapter 383 is titled “A Small Heart,” and the cover page of the chapter features Mino showing her determination to be helpful. The chapter begins with a flashback from the current scenario, which showcases shortly after Dabi and Shoto’s fight outside Jaku hospital, where Machia is being held.

We see that heroes are already there, mainly protecting against any threat that might come to free Machia. As predicted, the Villain comes to free Machia, and it seems they are all flying. Mineta and the other heroes note that stopping the villains in the air is hard.

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The villains mention that the heroes’ efforts are in vain as they have a device that can penetrate the walls of the Jaku hospital that the heroes build so well to hide Machia and begin broadcasting All For One’s voice. They also note that thanks to Machia’s dog quirk, he will react to All For One’s voice no matter what.

Then we see mount lady’s arrival at the place as she is intent on not letting the tragedy of the last battle with Machia running around repeat and tries to fight off the villains in the air. However, before she can even stop them, Machia breaks the building, stops him, and appears to follow All For One’s voice.

Kirishima And Shinso Arrive To Stop Machia As Mina Uses Her Quirk To Help Them

As Machia starts to let loose, Kirishima mentions that their plan is now to stop Machia and do the Brainwashing with Shinso’s quirk. However, we see that the latter is already being stopped by the Sluge Villain and choked to death. Mount Lady isn’t enough to stop Machia, who has gone on a rampage like the last time, but she tries her best. 

Thus, we see Mina using her quirk at the maximum power she learned from Bakugo and Todorki by concentrating her power on a single attack and burns to stop Machia’s attack with her quirk. She also uses her attack on the Sludge villain, which forces the villain to run away.

As he runs, Shinso asks him a question, and after responding to it, Sludge Villain comes under his brainwashing. After using the maximum output, Mina starts falling as she is dehydrated, and Kirishima goes to her rescue. The former tells him that she has repaid her debts, and Kirishima says that they have always been even and she has always been his hero.

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Soon, Shinso jumps, calling out Machia, and after the latter responds, the gamble of taking Machia under Shinso’s brainwashing is complete. The chapter then returns to the current event with All For One being pinned down by all the forces of the heroes, including Machi. 

My Hero Academia Chapter 383 will be released on Monday, March 27th, 2023, at midnight Japanese standard and will be available to read on various platforms, including Viz Media and Manga Plus.

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