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American Horror Stories Season 2: Release Date & Teaser

American Horror Stories Season 2 Release Date
American Horror Stories Season 2 Release Date

Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Stories Season 2 release date was announced today via social media. And while they’re being a little tight-lipped on the details, we can expect a very good thing from Murphy and his genius mind. We’re talking about the same man who brought us great productions like Hatched, American Crime Story, Nip/Tuck, and Glee. Moreover, the six-time Primetime Emmy Award-winner teamed up with Brad Falchuk —creator of Pose— to bring us this series.

What can we expect from this upcoming series? Aside from creepy asylum stories, murders, and chop houses? Well, a quality product soon dropping on FX and Hulu. And while the plot is hidden from the public, the entire unsettling æsthetics does give us an idea of a 1980s-centered idea full of makeup, glamour, and, horror, of course. So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at what Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy prepared for this upcoming season of American Horror Stories’ sophomore season.

American Horror Stories Season 2 Release Date

Are you ready for some scary stuff by Ryan Murphy?

What Is American Horror Stories?

AHS is a spin-off to the widely-known American Horror Story series by Ryan Murphy that starred Sarah Paulson and which also starred Evan Peters, Lily Rabe, and Jessica Lange. Each season contains a different narrative with a new cast. So, this novel format gives Murphy and Falchuk a carte blanche for developing a lot of —as the name implies— American Horror Stories that will entertain us and give us the chills.  We saw murder sprees with Danny Trejo, a rubber suit that gives really bad vibes, and we also saw how nasty drive-ins can get if they get cursed. So, the entire playing field is open here.

American Horror Stories Season 2 Possible Plotlines

One of the amazing features of American Horror Stories is that you will never really know what the series goes through until you watch it. Moreover, the element of surprise is key here. With the debut season, we learned that the clues are useless because the show is in an anthology format. So, each episode is one of a kind. While some chapters might have a similar theme, all of them are unique. Consequently, we might find some standalone horror stories or some linked stories. It’s all up for grabs here. That’s a technique that Ryan Murphy managed to master over the years.

American Horror Stories Season 2 Release Date

AHS brings the best from Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy!


We are still to know the cast details for this upcoming series by Ryan Murphy. But all things considered, we could expect his longtime muse and collaborator Sarah Paulson. Furthermore, as stated earlier, each episode is one of a kind. So, Ryan Murphy could bring new actors to this franchise or some old ones. Once again, it is all up for grabs. Since the announcement is so fresh, we barely know a few things on the official side. Rest assured that as soon as we get a hold of more intel, we will post an update for you and let you know!

American Horror Stories Season 2 Release Date

American Horror Stories will release on July 21, 2022, on Hulu. Firstly, the announcement was made on Hulu’s and AHS’ twitter handle with a scary-looking poster of some dolls eerily looking at you.

Where To Watch American Horror Stories?

This show is an FX/Hulu exclusive series developed by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk for that platform. Consequently, you won’t find it anywhere else. Fortunately, Hulu is a widely available platform, and starting from US$ 7,99 you can get the essential subscription which includes access to FX and you will be able to stream this and the past season of American Horror Stories. Furthermore, Hulu comes in a variety of subscription plans, and if your budget allows for it, you can bundle your subscription with Disney+ and ESPN+ for US$ 13,99 a month. With this last bit of information, we wrap up our coverage of the latest on Ryan Murphy’s shows for FX. Thanks for your attention. Be sure to check our other sections for more similar content on series, reality shows, and movies! Happy streaming and see you soon.

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