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Dead to Me Season 3: Here Is Everything That A Fan Needs To Know About The Next Season

Dead To Me season 3 is now set to drop off on the streaming giant Netflix. However, there is a bit of disappointing news. This outing is going to be the last time we will see our favorite characters. Here we have wrapped up the updates about the show‘s new season and everything that we know so far about the final installment. Dead to Me is an original show on Netflix. Its genre excels in the department of humor.

Liz Feldman has created the show. It has recently become one of the most-watched comedy series on Netflix. It has even garnered an audience of over 30 million people throughout the world just in the first season itself. Obviously, the show’s spotlight is given over to the chemistry happening between Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini. On the screen, we have witnessed them being totally electric together, which makes up for some funny moments with a heart-wrenching drama.

Dead to Me season 3

Dead to Me – a still from the previous season

Dead to Me season 3 —Renewed; Here is what Christina Applegate has to say!

Well, we know that it has taken Netflix quite a while to renew Dead to Me season 3, but it finally happened. It comes as no surprise because the show is so hilarious that everyone loves watching it. It has even got itself a spot in the most popular tv series on the list created by Netflix. In particular, we can say that it has sat on the top US charts exactly on the day it dropped off on the platform. When the show was renewed, the loyal fans saw Christina Applegate taking the news to her social media platforms. She shared her set of thoughts on the final installment.

Christina said that she would miss the ladies, but they all felt like this was the best way to end up all these women’s stories. She then thanked all the fans of the show and said that they would return to the set to film a new season when it is safe to do so. There are still fans who think that Dead to Me is actually suffering the Netflix cancellation curse, but to be honest, the series was never meant to run for a long period. In one of the interviews, Liz Feldman revealed that this project is not going to be a long-running one.

Dead to Me season 3 — What is the production status?

Back in September of 2020, it was seen that the show was still in the writing phase. This was when Liz Feldman took to Twitter to share the announcement of the third season. Later, in October of 2020, it was learned by the news media outlets that CBS Studios is currently thinking about begin filming on Dead to Me season 3 later in January of 2021.

We all know how it was stated in the previous set of interviews that production is not going to begin until December of 2020, at the least. As of right now, Production Weekly has reported a piece of new information. The filming is scheduled to start on Dead to Me season 3 later on the 11th of January 2020. It will go on till the 6th of April 2020. Although, you guys should always keep in mind that because of the pandemic we are all navigating through, all these dates are subject to change.

Dead to Me season 3

A still from Dead to Me

Dead to Me season 3 — What will happen after the crash?

We shall head over to the department where we will figure out everything to be expected from Dead to Me season 3. There are potential spoilers about the second installment listed here, so if you haven’t watched the show yet, be cautious about going ahead. Firstly, we expect to find out everything that will happen after the crash. We saw how Ben was on his way to identify the body of his dead brother Steve. On his way, he hit the car that Jen and Judy were in at the intersection. This character is a struggling alcoholic. He had been drinking whiskey and thus, ran through a stop sign.

It is not clear if Ben even realized that it was Jen and Judy, whom he has hit before he drives away. This is surely going to pin upon Ben, who is likely to return for a third run. This is especially true if he thinks that he has killed whoever was in the car while being on the way to identifying his brother’s dead body. Well, we know that Jen and Judy are conscious and have not died. Although, it is not clear about what injuries the couple may have gone through following this accident. Obviously, there will be a pretty awkward confrontation between them and Ben if the pair finds out it was him.

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What will Charlie do with the letter he found by Judy?

The second thing that needs to be discussed thoroughly is the letter of Judy that Charlie finds about. Charlie happened to be searching the room of Judy in hopes of getting some weed. Although, while doing so, Charlie stumbles upon the letter that his mother, Jen, has written for Judy. It is not revealed to us yet if Charlie has read the letter till now or not, but if he has, he will learn all about Judy’s involvement in his father’s death caused by a hit and run sequence.

With this in mind, we also know the guilt that his mother has in killing Steve. With so much evidence, this fact will make him innocent as he is still a suspect in the disappearance of Steve. All this while, we have witnessed Charlie getting extremely rebellious. Thus, he could maybe even end up blackmailing Judy as well as Jen. Or the option that Charlie has is to make their life hell because of his father’s death.

Will Jen ever get arrested for the murder she committed?

The third question that fascinates this series’s fans the most is whether or not the police will catch Jen? Obviously, we previously have acknowledged that Jen is ready to face all the consequences after Steve’s murder. This is why she has confirmed the news to Detective Perez. Well, the pair were not able to find the body, Perez let her go. All this while, we still have Nick, who is pretty hot on the case. Judy has given him a bag of evidence to incriminate Steve as well as his father.

She was hoping that he could use all this evidence to protect Jen, but later in the scenes, she realized that Jen had not confessed her crime officially. Thus, Judy, too, had to stop in the tracks. At this point, Charlie has the letter. We have Jen, who has confessed everything to Perez. Later, we also saw that the body of Steve had been found officially. Obviously, there are still too many loose threads to tie in the show.

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