Review: Power Book II Ghost Season 3 Episode 2 Toned Down In Comparison To The First One

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Power Book II Ghost Season 3 Episode 2
Cane and Lorenzo (CC: Starz)

Power Book II Ghost Season 3 Episode 2 was good, man. It would definitely be toned down compared to the first one. We got more story development in Episode 2. And you can start to see the direction each of these characters will go in this season.

Brayden stepped up. He said, “You know what? I gotta do whatever I gotta do to get Tariq to work for Weston holdings”. Of course, his family wasn’t cool with it. Of course, his dad was pissed off.

But we know Tariq will be there, and he set up the whole gameplay with Rashad Tate to get your girl light skin Keisha to work as his intern, and it ended up booting Tariq out, and we know that’s why Tariq ended up coming to Weston Holdings. Brayden set that all up, man. He’s like, “Screw that. I gotta get him to come here. We are going to sell this work?”

Getting to ready to come there and seeing those workers smoke out, he knew Tariq would be on it and how easy it would be for them to take advantage of this, and it seemed like everything was going well. But once Tariq figures out what’s going on regarding the whole setup, you all know he will be pissed off.

Power Book II Ghost Season 3 Episode 2 Review

But let’s talk about your boy, Cane. Now if you guys read the Cane Tajada Episode Description, you already knew that Cane was going to find out about Lorenzo. These descriptions are put out by Starz.

This is officially put out by them, so the information that we talked about is facts. There are no opinions at all. And like I say, if you pay attention to the description, you already know what time it is once you see the episode and you see things start to develop.

Power Book II Ghost Season 3 Episode 2
Cane and Lorenzo at the end (CC: Starz)

Now, I say this because people still question the whole thing about Effie and the whole Cooper Saxe CI thing, which we wanna discuss as well. But besides all of that, Cane definitely delivered. I told y’all he’s going to be stepping up this season, and he’s not going to be playing around. He understands what time it is. Lorenzo and all the little tricks that he tried to pull in this episode did not work at all.

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And as I told y’all, no matter how much Lorenzo wants Dru to be at the top, he’s not in it all the way. Y’all saw everything that I talked about in this episode. And what was Dru focused on? He was too focused on EV and trying to be with him.

But what happens when Dru realizes that it’s pretty much over for EV, and now he has to focus on the task at hand? He was able to take care of the pipeline issues that Weston holdings for Tariq and Brayden. And if he was messing around with EV, that probably would have never happened.

When Dru is focused on the drug game, and there are no distractions, he will be one of the most dangerous characters on the show. But when he has distractions when he’s not focused, this dude is out of it, and it’s quite simple.

I mean, you see it, and you know, hopefully, he’s able to figure out what he really wants to do this season because he will be going back and forth with Cane as far as who will take the throne.

But y’all saw this episode. Who is ready to take the throne, Cane? We’re going to see how the season plays out and what Dru is going to do to step up to the plate as far as taking that throne. But as I told y’all, your boy Cane is definitely at the top right now.

Lauren Being A CI

Now let’s talk about this whole Lauren, Effie CI thing with Saxe. I knew we were most likely going to see a flashback or a dream in Power Book II Ghost Season 3 Episode 2 about what really happened the night Lauren was supposed to be taken out. And that’s exactly what we saw.

Power Book II Ghost Season 3 Episode 3
Effie in Episode 2 (CC: Starz)

Effie is not the CI. It was 100% confirmed once again in this episode. We saw that Effie thought she had taken out Lawrence. She thought she had drowned her. She did not finish the job. And then we saw the guy that found her. And we know he called in law enforcement, and that’s where Jenny Sullivan came in.

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Effie’s character description pretty much stated that she thought she killed Lauren Baldwin, So even with this official information, our people still believe that she was the CI. Like really, like, come on. I mean, the proof is right there. You see it on the screen. You see it officially on the paper from Starz.

And then I told you guys about Cooper Saxe being the CI, and everybody else has probably talked about this as well. Once again, Starz put out that official description for his character, stating that Cooper Saxe is Jenny Sullivan’s criminal informant.

And in Power Book II Ghost Season 3 Episode 2, what do we see? She pretty much says it right out of her mouth. Who was she talking to? Cooper Saxe. So hopefully, the whole CI thing, you know, as far as these theories of who it is, can stop because it’s quite simple that it’s your boy, Cooper Saxe, and ain’t nobody else.

As the season continues, we don’t know who else is going to be involved. We don’t know who they’re going to contact as far as trying to bring them in or flip them. This is why people keep bringing up Effie.

She may be one of the people that they want to flip, and in that Power Book II Ghost Season 3 Episode 2 teaser that they gave us with Lauren rolling down the window, we see blocking Rodriguez in the mirror so. Effie will most likely be approached this season, and as I said, we gotta wait to see how that develops. But as of right now, she has nothing to do with Jenny Sullivan.

Lauren Attempts To Escape From Jenny

Lauren has been beginning to show signs of frustration living without the internet and in the room for over 3 months now. Suppose it’s only fair to say that her life circle has changed drastically. This, I believe, will be the reason she attempts to sneak out one night, as seen in the second trailer. This is possibly the reason why she was holding this cutter in her hand.

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Power Book II Ghost Season 3 Episode 2
Lauren is Alive (CC: Starz)

Now looking at the situation, it will take quite a long time for Jenny to build a case against Effie since there are no witnesses to what she did to Lauren apart from Brayden. It’s more or less there is no evidence of what happened to Lauren that can implicate Effie.

So Jenny will really find it difficult to nail something on Effie unless Brayden changes the narrative against Effie. And they can’t also prove that Tariq plotted to kill Lauren using his friends. Now what I see Jenny doing is getting into Laurens’s head with the theory of Tariq planning to kill her without any trace back to him by using his friends.

Diana’s Suspicion About Effie

Now let’s talk, Diana. Now we all remember when Effie was talking Diana out with regard to Tariq, right? Now seeing them both on campus looks directly opposite to what Effie was trying to communicate to Diana. I feel Diana is beginning to think what most of us have been thinking as an audience, the fact that no one actually knows who this Effie really is and what her background is.

For Effie to be able to afford these expensive books even though they are
all from Drug hustling background, Diana thinks something isn’t right about Effie. I won’t be surprised if Diana goes snoozing in Effie’s room and raises her bed to discover hidden cash under her bed. The same thing she did with Monet and discovered Zeke’s real birthdate.

Overall Review On Power Book II Ghost Season 3 Episode 2

I’m walking away with Power Book II Ghost Season 3 Episode 2, just kind of like proud of Cane. For me, the episode kind of moved a little bit slower than Episode 1. But I wasn’t mad about it, and it was tons of setup. They have to bridge certain connections. They have to set certain things up so that other things can get knocked down later on. Or certain conflicts can present themselves.

Our Rating: ⭐️ 3.5/5

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