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One Piece Buggy: Everything You Need To Know About the New Yonko

One Piece Buggy

We all know Buggy as some Pirate King who wants to be a Pirate and would not take him seriously whenever he would talk about it. But we also know someone who the world of One Piece took lightly when it comes to becoming the Pirate King, and that is Luffy. In the eyes of most Pirates, Luffy and Buggy could be put in the same category when it comes to being stupid. Because of their actions and behaviors throughout the series, we have never seen them as those guys who are always serious like Law. Instead, they speak whatever comes to their minds without thinking twice. So the last time we saw Buggy in the anime, we were sure he would likely get away in silly ways.

As a former warlord, the outcome of the reverie saw the abolishment of the Shishibukai system, meaning that even Buggy was on the list of wanted Pirates. So the Marines did not waste any time and moved to put a bounty and arrest all former warlords.

We also saw the Marines were chasing the likes of Mihawk and Buggy, as well as them. For Mihawk, he seemed to be enjoying it since he even mentioned that it had been a while since he was hunted. In Buggy’s case, he still displayed his cowardly nature and was figuring a way to escape the marines. And that was all we managed to see from him.

And then, in one night, two sea emperors fell in Onigashima’s raid. In contrast, something in the outside world happened, which led to Buggy being labeled as one of the two new Yonkou alongside Luffy. So let’s look at everything and new things you need to know about Buggy.

Who is Buggy The Jester?

Buggy is mostly known as Buggy the Star Clown and appears to be one of the carefree Pirates with no clear goals of his own. He would jokingly say things like becoming the Pirate King or one of the Yonkous, and no one would take it seriously when confronted with stronger Pirates or the Marines. He would rather flee than fight them head-on.

Buggy The Jester

Buggy The Jester

The most shocking thing about him so far was when he was revealed as one of the four Yonkou. And now that rumor is going around that something bad is happening in the outside world. Then if you connect that with him becoming the Yonkou, one could wonder what could be happening that has led to Buggy becoming one of the Yonkou as well.

Buggy has a Pirate Crew of his own but to understand more about what Buggy has gone through so far, let’s take a look at some of the Iconic moments from the anime before he rose to become a Yonkou.

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Buggy is the Co-Leader of the Buggy and Alvida Alliance

The Buggy Pirates and the Alvida Pirates came together through their respective captains to form the Buggy and Alvida alliance. Both of these crews were the first opponents of the Strawhat Pirates and eventually got defeated. The alliance was also formed thanks to their shared hatred for the straw hat pirates. Later, this alliance would evolve into Buggy’s Delivery service due to Buggy’s fame as the Warlord.

One Piece Buggy: Everything You Need To Know About the New Yonko

Buggy and Alvida

The Main Goal of Buggy Pirates is Finding Captain John’s Treasure

After making it to the Grand Line upon pursuing the Strawhat Pirates, Buggy, with his Alvida’s alliance, was seen searching for the treasure of Captain John. They had little luck finding the treasure and ended up meeting Ace and throwing a party with him.

Buggy Was A Member of Gol D Roger’s Crew

Buggy was also known as and also became an apprentice of the Roger Pirates during Gol D. Roger’s era. This helped Buggy, a member of Rogers’ Pirates, gain a lot of experience while traveling around the sea. Even though Buggy seems to be scared of facing the strongest pirates, the journey with Roger helped him grow, and he was an important key factor to Roger’s pirates until he left the crew to begin his journey.


Buggy and Shanks In The Roger Pirates

Buggy ate a Devil Fruit Out of Frustration.

This happened when Buggy was Shank’s best friend, and it was a mistake for Buggy to swallow a Devil Fruit. Buggy swallowed a Devil Fruit when Shanks appeared behind him, asking him about something, and Buggy wanted to hide the treasure map instead of swallowing the Devil Fruit. He also lost the treasure map on the sea that he was hiding for Shanks since he tried to dive inside the water after swallowing the Devil Fruit and Shanks saved him.



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He Easily Makes Allies

Buggy has gained popularity everywhere he goes and is the luckiest captain of pirates since he forms new allies everywhere he goes. We have seen this at the beginning of One Piece, where Buggy’s crew grew quickly since everyone was attracted to Buggy’s ideas and the way he lives as a pirate. Since Buggy was Straw Hats’ rival, most of the pirate’s crew were defeated by the Straw Hats and joined Buggy because they wanted revenge.

Buggy Pirates

Buggy Pirates

Buggy’s speech and behavior have gained him many allies. We all know he became a star clown after breaking out of Impel Down prison. Many prisoners believe that Buggy was the hero who freed him; this also attracted Mr. 3 and other formidable pirates to join Buggy. This has been going on after every arc, and Buggy always welcomes new members to make his crew stronger, even though most of the pirates in his crew depend on him when they face difficulties. His handling of every situation has made him the center of attraction, and things always go the way he wants, even though he didn’t mean it to be that way.

He Was Once a Warlord

Buggy was one of the few captains that traveled with the legendary Pirate King Gol D. Roger. However, the Navy realized that Buggy would become a threat. They also learned about his relationship with Red-Haired Shanks, which earned him a good reputation among many pirates on the sea and increased his potential threat to the World Government. This reputation helped Buggy to become one of the Warlords. Buggy was revealed to become the first leader of pirate criminals that escaped from the Impel Down during the incidents at the Impel Down.



Buggy’s escape from Impel Down increased his chances of becoming a Warlord even though it was Luffy’s idea since he wanted to save Ace. Even the incidents at Marineford made Buggy’s notoriety rise many times, and the Nazy approved that Buggy was the Warlord. The Nazy believed that Buggy was good at hiding himself since they had never heard about him nor considered Buggy as a threat.

They believe Buggy can be on the same level as  Shanks or Rayleigh. But everything was lucky for Buggy since he didn’t last long as Warlord until he lost his title and continued as the pirate captain of his crew while making allies.

Oda Had a Differed Design For Buggy

Buggy’s design changes in every arc, but it takes a long for Buggy’s appearance and design to change. Buggy’s design is not that much different, but there are many designs that Oda has revealed for Buggy in different arcs of One Piece. We had seen the different designs for Buggy when he was arrested and when he became the Emperor of the sea.

It is not that if one can look at the previous arcs, you will realize that Oda has different designs for Buggy, and most of us are familiar with some of them. We have seen Buggy in different outfits, hairstyles, and appearances, and this makes different arcs of One Pice to be more interesting since Buggy’s role is important.

Buggy Has Just Been Declared an Emperor of The Sea

Buggy became popular, but he was dethroned as the Warlord and lost its title when the Seven Warlords system dissolved. However, things changed when Buggy became one of the Four Emperors after Luffy defeated the King of Beast Kaido and the downfall of Big Mom. The war’s end in the Land of Wano has changed Buggy’s life, and his Devil Fruit powers are yet to be revealed.



Becoming an Emperor of the sea is uncommon for most captains of pirates like Buggy as the Emperor of the seas; Buggy has gained more power and followers since he is good at making people fall into his trap. We are yet to see or learn more things about Buggy as One Piece continues.

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