The Favorite Filming Locations: All The Places to Know

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Filming Locations

The Favorite Filming Locations are what fans are curious about right now. The film was released back in 2018, where we witness the plot leading in the comedy genre. Yorgos Lanthimos directed the film. The story starts in 18th century Great Britain where the country was at war with France.

The lead is Queen Anne, who is not interested in governing the nation at all. She loves playing with her ducks and children. Although, the kingdom is carried out by Sarah Churchill, who is the confidante of the queen and has influence over her.

The film features the political issues which were dominant in the country at the time and how Robert Harley, the Leader of the Opposition, used to argue about the doubling of property taxes. Given the fact that he was a landowner, these rules directly affected him. Although, the measures were taken in order to fund the war.

Soon, we see a new character enter the film named Abigail Hill. She is a distant cousin of Sarah who arrives at the palace in hopes of employees. Her father has lost all the money through bets on whist. She is thus forced to do work such as that of a maid and cleaner.

The Favorite Filming Locations
A still from The Favorite – Credits: Scarlet Films

The Favorite – Plot 

Later, Queen has gout, and Abigail enters her bed chamber and applies her herbs. Although, when Sarah gets to know about it, she has her whipped for entering without permission. Soon, she is made the Lady of the Bedchamber as the herbs really did their task and healed the queen.

The biggest plot twist comes in when Abigail catches Sarah and Queen Anne hooking up. Harley, who has to gain a lot, asks Abigail for intel on the royal relationship, but she denies it. Instead, she goes to Sarah and speaks about the offer and also claims that the secret is safe with her.

Well, there was a lot of drama that evolved after this incident, and the movie ultimately became a super-hit box office success in the country. It was made with a budget of just 15 million dollars but earned more than 95 million dollars in revenue.

The Favorite Filming Locations

1. Hatfield House in Hertfordshire in, England, United Kingdom

The entire filming for The Favorite took place in parts of England. The crew used locations that would provide them with the essence of the century to serve as the perfect backdrop. Most of the scenes were shot at Hatfield House itself. It is a grand house located in Hertfordshire. It was used to showcase the primary location of Queen Anne’s palace.

The Favorite Filming Locations
Hatfield House in Hertfordshire in England, United Kingdom – Credits: Pinterest

2. Hampton Court Palace in Richmond.

The palace is set upon the Thames in London. This is one of the many historic locations in London which serves the purpose of creating a period movie or drama. It is somewhat on the outskirts of London. The location was used to portray the interior and exterior of the film.

3. Osterly Park in Hounslow in London.

This is an outdoor Georgian country estate located in London. We know how much the film is shot outdoors, where the backdrop was needed to provide for the various scenes of the palace and the rich, luxurious lifestyle of the queen and her subjects, even during a war. This place served the purpose of shooting the outdoor scenes in the film.

4. Hampton Court Gardens at Richmond upon Thames

This location is in London, where the beautiful view of the gardens of the Hamptons is seen. These are inside the Hampton Court Palace. It was used as a unique backdrop for the fun scenes in The Favorite. The palace nurtured the historical theme of the movie and served the purpose right.

The Favorite Filming Locations
Hampton Court Gardens at Richmond upon Thames – Credits: Pinterest

5. Burghley House in Stanford, Lincolnshire

This is a country house located in England that adhered to the Elizabethan times. The places were employed by the movie crew for some of the astounding exterior shots in the film. They provided us with a beautiful view from the rear.

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