Who is Kate Mckinnon’s Partner? The Former SNL Star

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kate mckinnon partner
Who is kate McKinnon’s partner?

Want to know who is former SNL star kate McKinnon’s partner? Kate McKinnon made a name for herself in the entertainment industry as a successful actress, comedian, and writer. She rose to fame and prominence after being a cast member of the long-running series Saturday Night Live. Later, Kate McKinnon starred in several movies, including Office Christmas Party, Balls Out, Ghostbusters, and Rough Night.

While talking about her sexual orientation, Kate McKinnon opened up about it while admitting how when she was growing up back in 1997 and while McKinnon was coming to terms with her lesbian identity, watching Ellen was the only thing that made it less scary. The comedian recently bid farewell to SNL after her long career on the show came to an end. The actress and comedian, however, intends to keep her personal life away from the media limelight. Let us take a look at all the details and lesser-known facts about kate mckinnon’s partner.

Who is Kate Mckinnon’s partner?

Kate McKinnon’s alleged partner is Jackie Abbott. While the former SNL star has been notoriously private, the pair was spotted by paparazzi as they were attending the Broadway show Fun/Home in April 2016. Jackie and Kate were first spotted publicly together at the Emmy Awards back in 2017, where the pair exchanged an adorable hug after Kate earned an award for her work on SNL.

kate mckinnon’s partner
Who is kate McKinnon’s partner?

The popular comedian and actress also thanked her partner during the acceptance speech when she won an Emmy.  Later in 2017, judge Michelle Visage also confirmed the relationship after sharing a photo of the alleged couple as they posed alongside the whole Drag Race crew after Kate made an appearance on the show back in 2017.

Michelle also penned down a short and sweet caption while calling Jackie sweet,” and fans can see the two looking comfortable and relaxed with their arms around each other in the Instagram photo.

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Who is Jackie Abbott?

Jackie Abbott is a woman of many talents who has studied at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and has also worked for popular actress Susan Sarandon and studied with Olympia Dukakis. Jackie Abbott has also acted in her fair share of films, including Murder, My Tweet, and Sugar Tit. She even has experience in clowning. Besides acting, Abbott is also a skilled photographer, and fans cannot see a glimpse of it on her social media account.

With her ‘JMA Photography, ’ Jackie has managed to capture some beautiful intimate film moments and equally impressive studio-quality headshots as well. While accepting her Emmy award, Kate McKinnon also mentioned Jackie’s photography skills. In an April 2022 YouTube podcast, while Jackie did not mention the SNL star, she did claim to be a romantic, and even her group members teased Jackie while saying how she has famously always been into older women! This might be about the SNL star! 

kate mckinnon’s partner
Kate McKinnon

Kate McKinnon Opens Up About Her Personal Life

Kate McKinnon opened up about her personal life back in 2018, admitting that she is just not into sharing personal details. In an early interview, the comedian explained how her life between SNL shows was simple while jokingly saying how her biggest excitement is to go to the grocery store and back to her one-bedroom apartment!

Kate McKinnon further added saying how she gets criticized by people who know her the best for not sharing enough details about her day or her life while calling herself just quite an insular person. The former SNL star admitted that she decided in her mid-20s about hoe did not feel comfortable sharing personal details like She had in the previous few years, and run just wanted to be run with that ever since. Kate and her alleged partner Jackie also have an adorable kitty named Nino Positano, as the actress calls Nino, her son. The furry companion has made a few appearances on Kate’s social media as well.

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