What Happened to Hodgins on Bones? Explained

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The series'Bones'
The series'Bones'

Sad news for ‘Bones‘ lovers-the longest procedural show that ruled supreme is finally coming to an end. After a 12-year-long run, Bones finally packed up with a final chapter: The, End in the End. It also is disappointing for the Hodgins fans who kept up hope to see him regaining his ability to walk, as he ended the series in his wheelchair.

Hodgins on wheelchair Credits:Metacritics
Hodgins on wheelchair Credits: Metacritic

It was hard for Bones lovers to watch Hodgins becoming rude, hostile, and bitter. Though his injury was hard to accept and he suffered from physical and psychological pain, his rude and dismissive attitude towards his acquaintances, especially his wife Angella, was tough to be excused by many Bone fans.

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What is ‘Bones’?

‘Bones’ is a crime procedural comedy-drama created by Hart Hanson. It ran 246 episodes divided into 12 seasons, starting September 13, 2005, and ending on March 28, 2017. It is based on forensic anthropology and archeology, with each episode dealing with a Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) case, a film revolving around the dark mystery behind human remains. 

Bones Credits:Wallpapers.com
Bones Credits:Wallpapers.com

The case is presented before Forensic Anthropologist Temperance “Bones” Brennan by FBI Special Agent Selley Booth. I.T. also dives deep into the character’s personal lives. The series is based on the life and novels of the producer Kathy Reich, a forensic anthropologist.

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Outline of the series Bones

Bones reflects the unique and historical relationship between the FBI and scientists of the Smithsonian Institution. The show is set in Washington, D.C., and is about solving federal legal cases by scrutinizing the human remains of predictable murder victims. Though most of their cases occur in the Washington metropolitan area, they have also been called to detect cases in other states and sometimes countries, including Iran and Mexico.

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Bones scientists Credits:Forbes
Bones scientists Credits: Forbes

Brenan and his team offer scientific Expertise, and Booth handles investigation techniques. Along with solving the murder cases featured in each episode, we also learn about the backgrounds and relationships of its characters, particularly the romantic conflict between Brennan and Booth.

Brennan and Booth Credits:Enteratinment Weekly
Brennan and Booth Credits: Entertainment Weekly

An important and heated debate is ongoing between Brennan and Booth regarding their difference of opinion about science and faith. When Brennan argues for science, proof, and atheism, Booth supports intuition, faith, and God. Their relationship is taken to another level by Lance Sweets, an FBI psychologist who helps in the investigation and serves as a mediator between Brennan and Booth.

with Lnce Sweets Credits:Wallpaper Abyss-Alpha Coders
with Lance Sweets Credits: Wallpaper Abyss-Alpha Coders

The series is best known for its dark comedic connotations regarding human bodies in an advanced state of decay, which diminishes the gravity of the show’s intense subject matter. Although most of the cases they solve are wrapped up in single episodes and generally deal with murders driven by personal desires, the team seldomly investigates serial killers-such as Grave Digger, the Puppeteer, Howard Epps, and hormone- and politically laden perpetrators such as Jacob Broadsky.

solving cases Credits:TV Fanatic
solving cases Credits: T.V. Fanatic

The series also presents interpersonal relationships between the Jeffersonian staff- including pathologist and coroner Camille Saroyan, forensic artist Angela Montenegro, entomologist Jack Hodgins and a moving set of interns who assist Dr.Brennan and the way their cases and victims affect their point of view and lives.

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The character of Jack Hodgins in Bones

Hodgins comes from an entirely rich family and is the only heir of the fictional private corporation, the Cantilever Group. However, he kept his richness private from his co-workers for a long time.

Hodgins Credits:USA Today
Hodgins Credits: USA Today

Son of the late Jonathan and Anne Hodgins was believed to be an only child until he found out in season 9 he had an elder brother named Jeffrey suffering from schizoaffective disorder. In “The Blonde in the Game,” a new character, his uncle Preston is introduced.

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brother Jeffrey Credits:Historias de la Vieja Loba
brother Jeffrey Credits:Historias de la Vieja Loba

His family was the main donor to the Jeffersonian. In season 8, after a serial killer, Cristopher Pelant, hacks Hodgin’s savings. He empties his bank account and the entire Cantilever Group, and he and Angela are bound to cut down on their expenses. Yet, in season 9, he tells Dr. Sweets that he is satisfied as he still has his job intact at the Jeffersonian family-which he values the most.

with wife Angella Crdits:Pinterest
with wife Angella Crdits:Pinterest

Hodgins was bullied in school for being rich and at high school for his small physique and low social skills, yet he stood out for himself on the last day of his senior year, which Sweets believed to have given him closure. Hodgins owned an original Mini, which Booth mockingly called a toy car, though, in later seasons, he was also seen driving a Toyota Plus. He was a skilled cave diver.

with car Credits:Wallpaper Flare
with car Credits: Wallpaper Flare

Devastated by his best friend’s poor judgment, as well as his current break up with Angella, Hodgins finds his beliefs and feelings of paranoia changing into misanthropy. Sweets finally determine Hodgin’s hostility as a way to overcome the stresses in his life and console him by assuring him that it will turn into something more pleasant in time.

In season 2, Hodgins presents the title of “King of the Lab,” which finds Hidgins, Zark, and other interns competing enthusiastically and informally for the title, coming with specifically crucial evidence in various investigations.

with Zark Credits:Pinterest
with Zark Credits: Pinterest

In season 8, serial killer and hacker Christopher Pelant forces Hodgins to sacrifice all his money to keep the computer running to hack the military drone planned to destroy a school in Afghanistan. In “The Maiden in the Mushrooms,” after using up Finn’s late grandmother’s hot sauce, he decreases ingredients and opens up a side business to market a recreation of the concoction.

In Season 9, Hodgin invents a packaging material, which provides him $2 million in advance, a portion of his drained wealth. In season 11, Hodgin gets permanently paralyzed due to a bomb planted at a crime scene.

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What happens to Hodgins?

Fans of the Fox crime series Bones have seen the loss of many characters. But the tragic effect on Jack Hodgins, a character present throughout the series, particularly hurt him. In the season 11 episode”The Doom in the Boom,” Hodgins discovers a strange cell phone in his pockets. Unfortunately, the phone turns out to be a bomb, and the subsequent explosion blows back Hodgins.

before the explosiom Credits:TV Insider
before the explosion Credits: T.V. Insider

He is injured and suddenly discovers his legs have gone numb, and he faints at the end of the episode. He is rushed to the hospital, where it is learned that damage caused to the spine caused by the blast turned fatal by the blood-thinning effect of aspirin he took in the aftermath, which resulted in Hodgin’s paralyzation from the waist down. This sudden disability and using a wheelchair make him rude, angry, and hostile.

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