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James Hetfield is Dating Kim Kardashian

James Hetfield is dating the socialite, Kim Kardashian. The news has been currently doing rounds on the internet, making everyone shocked. James Hetfield is the frontman of the heavy metal band, Metallica. Some of the band’s notable singles are listed as Creeping Death, Master of Puppets, Nothing Else Matters, The Day That Never Comes, Spits Out The Bone, and many more. He has divorced his wife, Francesca. On the other hand, Kim Kardashian has made several headlines with the SNL comedian, Pete Davidson. 

The new couple has been spotted together in Vail, enjoying all kinds of adventurous sports. Later, they also grabbed their dinner at a fancy restaurant, hinting to everyone about their romance. Let’s dive into this piece to learn the details of the ongoing relationship between James Hetfield and Kim Kardashian. 

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James Hetfield is Dating Kim Kardashian: The New Couple Getting Spotted

James Hetfield and Kim Kardashian have been photographed, having fun at the Four Seasons in Vail, Colorado. They enjoyed hiking, golfing, biking, and also getting cozy and goofy in the hot springs. Also, they were spotted having spaghetti and meatballs at their dinner. 

It seems like both of them have moved on in their life and are pretty much happy. When asked about James, the socialite confessed that he is the perfect man for her. On this note, she said, “I should write a book, I am good at picking men.” On the other hand, the singer shared that Kim is his soulmate who has saved him. He said, “Being with Kim is like making love to a waterbed. I have to tie a broomstick to my back so I don’t get pulled in. The vortex is really strong once she gets going.” 

James Hetfield is dating Kim Kardashian

James Hetfield and Kim Kardashian are an item

Kim Kardashian has a wonderful voice. The Metallica frontman has confirmed that he is working with her for the band’s upcoming project as she has several good ideas in her mind. In addition to this, he confirmed to have recorded a duet with Kim on the song by Carly Simon and James Taylor. 

James Hetfield is indeed dating Kim Kardashian. But it is not known when are they sharing a romance. They are reported to have met each other by their mutual friend. Briefly, we may say that both are head over heels for each other. Their love for each other is very much evident by the way they flaunt and praise each other. Congratulations! Best Wishes to the new couple, for their new journey! Hoping their relationship stays strong! 

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