12 Strongest Marines of All Time In One Piece

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In this post, we will be talking about Strongest Marines of all time in One Piece, which includes Admirals, vice admirals and other navy members. One Piece is a story about a young pirate who has gathered a crew to conquer the world. Written by Eiichiro Oda, this story is one of the best selling manga of all time. It is Luffy’s adventure to beat every opponent he faces until he reaches the treasure, One Piece. Ultimately becoming the Pirate King. However, the One Piece also attracts many other pirate crews that want to conquer the grand line.

To cope with such pirates, the World Government has established the Marines. This organization trains strong fighters who protect the world from these pirates. One Piece World is full of strong characters. The Marines are often making plans to keep the elite pirate group on the bay while destroying small groups. The Admirals work with the World Government to help them keep their control over the grand line.

This article may contain spoilers ahead if you are not up to date with the manga.

Here is the list of 12 Strongest Marines of All Time,

12. Momonga

Current Rank: Vice Admiral

He is a skilled admiral that got attention in the Marineford Arc. He was able to maneuver with Luffy’s speed stopping him with his sword.


11. Smoker

Current Rank: Vice Admiral

Smoker has a huge build and powers of smoke-smoke fruit that turns him into smoke at command. He was first featured as a captain from East Blue in One Piece. He later entered the grand line and was promoted to Vice-Admiral due to his services.Anime

10. Vergo

Defected; Rank: Vice Admiral

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He was a former vice-admiral of marines that joined the Donquixote Pirates. He was the first to occupy the heart seat and joined the navy under Doflamingo’s Orders.


9. Drake X

Rank: Undercover

Drake X is part of the Tobi Roppo in the Beast Pirates under the Yonko, Kaido. He is among the most skilled fighters under Kaido. Drake X is supposedly undercover for the Marines. Drake X can turn into a dinosaur gaining immense strength.


8. Ryokugyu

Current Rank: Admiral

This is a new admiral that replaced Kuzan. His face and abilities are yet to be revealed. Still, he should be at an Admiral’s Level.


7. Borsalino

Current Rank: Admiral

Also known as Kizaru, Borsalino is the lighting speed admiral that was key in many arcs of one piece. Most amateur pirates had no idea how to fight him. His speed is unmatchable.


6. Issho Fujitora

Current Rank: Admiral

He also replaced an admiral on special request after Marine Ford Arc. Issho is blind but he is an expert swordsmen and posses the devil fruit to bring meteorites out of the sky. Doflamingo acknowledged the strength of both new admirals.


5. Kuzan

Defected; Previous Rank: Admiral

Also known as Aokiji, Kuzan has left the marines but he was one of their top fighters. Even Doflamingo chose not to confront him. He uses the devil fruit that turns anything to ice.


4. Sakazuki

Previous Rank: Admiral; Current Rank: Fleet Admiral

Also known as Akainu, Sakazuki uses Lava based devil fruit that burns through everything. He has a messed up personality and no mercy for Pirates.


3. Sengoku

Previous Rank: Fleet Admiral; Current Rank: Inspector General

Sengoku, the Golden Buddha was the marine fleet commander until the Marine Ford arc. He may have passed his prime but he was a top fighter for marines at one time.


2. Monkey D. Garp

Current Rank: Vice Admiral

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He chose to remain below the admirals but he was one of the top fighters for the marines in his prime. He was the top marine along with Sengoku against the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger. Garp is one of the best Haki users.


1. Kong

Previous Rank: Fleet Admiral, Current Rank: World Government Commander-in-Chief

Kong is a former fleet admiral who was promoted to World Government Commander-in-Chief. Sengoku was promoted in his place. He probably had immense strength in his admiral days. He has now retired as a fighter.


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