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How To Watch Devil In Ohio? Streaming Guide

Devil In Ohio
Devil In Ohio

Since her last major series, Fox’s Bones, Emily Deschanel hasn’t been seen in a major role for a while. Deschanel is back today in the brand-new thriller show Devil in Ohio on Netflix. The limited series is based on actual events that were detailed in Daria Polatin’s book of the same name; Polatin also acts as the show’s showrunner and primary writer.

Polatin is a writer and producer best recognized for having contributed to hit shows like Castle Rock, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, Condor, and others in the past. Along with Rachel Miller and Andrew Wilder, she also acts as a producer for the Netflix original series, which is also produced by Ian Hay and Jadene Stojak Babcock.

Devil in Ohio follows Dr. Suzanne Mathis, a psychiatrist when she takes in Mae, an escapee from a mysterious cult. However, Dr. Mathis’ world is turned upside down and her family’s lives are in danger as a result of her attempts to save the poor girl. This psychological, demonic thriller releases in the same month as Narco-Saints, The Imperfects, Santo, and more original thrillers from the streamer.

Devil In Ohio Release Date

Devil in Ohio, a Netflix original released on Friday, September 2, 2022, with all episodes available together. Devil in Ohio consists of eight episodes, each of which lasts for roughly 45 minutes Every episode has been available to stream since September 2, the same day it was released. Brad Anderson, Leslie Hope, Steve Adelson, and John Fawcett have all directed the episodes.

Devil In Ohio

Devil In Ohio – Trailer

Devil In Ohio Episode Titles are as follows:

  • Devil In Ohio Episode 1: “Broken Fall”
  • Devil In Ohio Episode 2: “Sanctuary”
  • Devil In Ohio Episode 3: “Mother’s Keeper”
  • Devil In Ohio Episode 4: “Rely-Upon”
  • Devil In Ohio Episode 5: “Alight”
  • Devil In Ohio Episode 6: “My Love and I”
  • Devil In Ohio Episode 7: “By Blood”
  • Devil In Ohio Episode 8: “The Dawning”

Devil in Ohio Plot

The plot of Devil in Ohio reminds us of a lot of cult-based dramas from the past, like True Detective, The Sinner, and even Midnight Mass, where people of these societies frequently find themselves in danger, sometimes even resulting in murder. Devil in Ohio will probably go in that direction.

According to what is known thus far, Mae, a survivor of a covert satanic society, is taken in by Suzanne Mathis despite appearing to be mentally unstable. Mathis becomes emotionally invested in the process of defending her and seeks to solve the mysteries of what happened with Mae. She soon finds herself in a race against time to see if the cult can be exposed and reported to the authorities before they find her. Additionally, as the teaser shows, Suzanne herself appears to be in deeper danger than she expected as a consequence of welcoming Mae into her home.

Devil In Ohio

Devil In Ohio – Suzanne Mathis

Devil in Ohio’s August 2022 trailer does a fantastic job of setting up the series’ enigmatic and frightening mood. We learn how Suzanne meets Mae and welcomes her into her house in it. The trailer also strongly implies that Mae might have been supposed to be a human sacrifice and teases the evil cult she escaped from. The investigation into the cult is also hinted at in the teaser, which also hints at Suzanne’s impending danger. The biggest threat of all might be Mae herself, who appears to be turning hostile toward the rest of her family and establishing an obsession with Suzanne.

How To Watch Devil In Ohio?

Since Devil In Ohio is a Netflix Original, you can only watch this limited series on Netflix. Obviously, you’ll need a subscription you watch the series because you can’t watch it using Netflix’s free trial period, as there isn’t any. There are three subscription plans provided by Netflix – Basic, Standard, and Premium – and you can choose accordingly to your needs and budget. The Basic plan will cost you $10 per month, the Standard plan will cost you $15.5, and the premium plan will cost you $20.

A Basic user has access to the same content as those with a Premium monthly subscription because the library itself is the same across the board. Resolution-related conditions apply to both the Basic and Standard plans; the Basic plan is only able to stream content in Full HD. The Premium package, which is the most expensive option, has access to 4K Ultra HD content. For features like 4K, HDR, and Dolby Atmos, Netflix continues to be one of the few streaming providers that demand a more premium subscription.

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