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35 Strongest Chainsaw Man Characters – Ranked

Chainsaw Man anime is here, and it has taken the world by storm. The story is inspired by Dorohedoro and Jujutsu Kaisen and has set world records since its inception. But when it comes to fantasy setting anime like these, some characters are strong, and some will be weak. And today, we are here to talk about the 35 strongest characters in the series who shape the story in one way or the other. 

There are two things to take into factor when going through the list. The other thing to take into count is how there is still character being introduced in the series as the story has only just begun. In part two of Chainsaw Man, we have already come across Justice Devil and War Devil, who seem to be major players in the story. We haven’t mentioned this time because they are still being written, and their cards have not been shown. Suffice it to say the list contains characters from Part 1 of the series. 

35. Pochita:

Alright, we are aware he does not belong this low on the list but remember, we are talking about Pochita the dog, not his true form. Pochita is introduced as a harmless little devil that was hurt when he first met Denji. He could hardly do anything by himself, with Pochita having to carry him to even kill devils. The relationship between the two is nothing but sweet, and Pochita is all too happy to be with Denji and play as his pet despite his position in hell. But if he were to ever get serious…

Strongest Chainsaw Man Characters

Pochita After Denji Went Looking for him For hours

34. Kobeni Higashiyama:

If there is one word that perfectly sums up Kobeni, it’s this, a coward. Her first response to a flight-over fight, and when dealt with extensive pressure she cries. Yet, when the time comes, she can survive the hardest of the foe by herself, thanks to the contract she has with her devil. But who is that Devil? What is the contract about? She never shared such details with anyone and kept that to herself. She is one of the few people who were able to survive through part 1 of Chainsaw Man, her whereabouts have been unknown since. If she was more assertive, she could have ranked higher among the Strongest Chainsaw Man characters.

Strongest Chainsaw Man Characters

Kobeni Making and Introduction

33. Nakamura:

Nakamura had a brief stay in the story. He appeared for a few chapters and died just as early. But it can’t be helped, and the world is filled with devils who want nothing more than the end of humanity. He played a crucial role in the International assassin’s arc, but it was also then we see him die. Though reliable, his death was once Quanxi entered the play. His expression remains one of the funniest, as seen in this picture.

Strongest Chainsaw Man Characters

Nakamura Summoning Fox Devil

32. Kusakabe:

Kusakabe was introduced to us at the beginning of the Internation Assassins arc. It is common among licensed Devil Hunters to have a Contract with Fox Devil, Kusakabe was unique in this matter. He had to deal with Stone Devil, whose power he could use by drawing a magic circle. He used it exhaustively against the zombie-like hoard that was coming their way. However, he soon loses his devil (and life) after the events that follow the arrival of Nightmare Devil.

Strongest Chainsaw Man Characters

Kusakabe Summoning Stone Devil

31. Leech Devil:

This character ranks pretty high among the strongest Chainsaw Man Characters, and it was because of the thrashing she gave to Denji. Though he was weak, she managed to make a good impression of what a devil is like. She even hits on Denji and asks him to date her, something that Denji would appreciate from human (or human-like) girls. Though she had an upper hand against weakened Denji, Aki was able to deal with her in single Kon.

Strongest Chainsaw Man Characters

Leech Devil Eating Denji’s Arm

30. Zombie Devil:

Denji’s first enemy Chainsaw Man is the one who put the plot mention(Makima is not behind everything). Able to turn humans into Zombies who could go indefinitely no matter how much damage you inflict on them, Typical Zombie power all in all. He died at the hands of Chainsaw Man after realizing he can’t defeat him and begged to leave him be. One thing of note is how his zombies work even after he is deceased, taking care of them was Denji’s ticket out of debt.

Strongest Chainsaw Man Characters

Zombie Devil Releasing His Hoard on Denji

29. Flamethrower Devil:

Among the strongest Chainsaw Man Characters based on what we know. Part of Makima’s Squad 5, whose sole purpose was to take down a fully revived Chainsaw Man along with other squad members. Could be equal or higher in prowess to other characters on the list, but he hasn’t shown that much so we would rank him higher. After the Control Devil arc, he most likely went his way along with other members.

Strongest Chainsaw Man Characters

Flamethrower Devil Along with Members of Squad 5

28. Longsword Devil:

Another one of the human Hybrids was part of Squad 5 to take down Chainsaw Man. And just like most hybrids of the team, his abilities are unknown and are hard to gauge. But the fact remains that he stood up to Chainsaw Man and survived his massacre. He could heal fast when injured when given a certain amount of blood, but it is pretty common for human hybrids. In the modern age, people wouldn’t fear swords as much, so their powers should be limited.

Strongest Chainsaw Man Characters

Human Hybrids

27. Spear Devil

Another one of Squad 5 (there sure are lots of them), who withstand a head-on rampage against Chainsaw Man. That alone would make him quite formidable and one of the strongest Chainsaw Man Characters. But just like Longsword Devil, his powers should be much limited in the modern age. And given the Gun Devil started to exist at one point, the fear of arcane weapons had gone down quite considerably.

Strongest Chainsaw Man Characters

Spear Devil, Along with Other Human Hybrids

26. Whip Devil:

Whip Devil, the last new Human Hybrid to be introduced to Squad 5, was deployed to take down Chainsaw Man. Like the rest of the squad, she too, was under the control of Makima and had no will of her own. Makima couldn’t control Chainsaw Man of all devils, but she also wanted to be part of him, as she once mentioned. Regardless, the Whip Devil was not seen after Makima was killed and most likely gained control after Makima’s death/reincarnation. One of the few candidates who will appear down the line.

Strongest Chainsaw Man Characters

Whip Devil and Squad 5 are preparing an assault on Chainsaw Man

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25. Princi, The Spider Devil:

Seen early in the chapters, Princi is introduced as a human hybrid that was working for the devil hunter co. She was loyal to Makima, but whether it was due to being controlled or free will is hard to say. But most likely, she worked with Devil Hunter due to her devotion to Chainsaw Man. A lot of them worked together to resurrect Pochita or respected Denji due to his relation to Pochita. Princi was one of them, but she dies early on and resurrects in the future.

Strongest Chainsaw Man Characters

The Spider Devil

24. ‘Beam’ Shark Fiend:

Perhaps the most loyal of followers in the Chainsaw Man group and among the strongest Chainsaw Man characters. He was dedicated to Denji the moment he learned about his powers and would help him in every way possible. But that is not to say he can’t hold off his own in the fight, and many times he has been helpful to Squad 4 in their fights. He Dies before Denji loses his will and submits himself to Makima, perhaps it was for the better.

Strongest Chainsaw Man Characters

Shark Fiend AKA Beam

23. The Bat Devil:

The Bat Devil is introduced alongside Power as he takes her cat captive. He is introduced as an injured Devil who wants to have the blood of humans so he can recover his wounds. Displays a great set of skills while fighting Chainsaw Man and possesses flight and super scream. Despite some unique abilities, he is easily defeated by Denji as his tricks start to fail once Denji keeps coming without showing any signs of stopping. He and Leech Devil were lovers with a dream to wipe out humanity.

Strongest Chainsaw Man Characters

Bat Devil After Healing His Injury From Denji’s Blood

22. Akane Sawatari:

Ex-Devil Hunter was the main antagonist for the Katana Man arc as she and the Katana Man work to take Denji’s heart. She has the skills of ex Devil hunter as contracts that put her above the rest. A contract with Snake Devil that she often uses to fight her foes, and one with Gun Devil. Though the devils are not known as to what it was as she took her life when she was about to be captured by the public safety office.

Strongest Chainsaw Man Characters

Akane, the Ex- Devil Hunter

21. Himeno:

Aki’s Senpai had a crush on him for a long time. Mischievous by nature and doesn’t stop to tease people whenever an opportunity presents itself. But her heart is set on Aki, and she wants him to come to terms with his emotions and move on. She dies at the end of Akane’s snake but is able to give a fighting chance to her team even in death. She heads a deal with Ghost Devil that allows her to use the Devil’s arm however she sees fit.

Strongest Chainsaw Man Characters

Himeno, on the cover of the chapter she dies

20. Typhoon Devil:

Thought to be a main antagonist in the Bomb Girl arc, his size and volume alone make him one of the strongest characters in Chainsaw Man. He is a giant being grotesque in his color. He Can communicate with people via many, many means, like talking through a puddle of water. Like most of the devils on the list, he too has been claimed by none other than Chainsaw Man. Before dying, Typhoon devil worked for Rene, the Bomb girl.

Strongest Chainsaw Man Characters

Typhoon Devil Coming to Help Bomb Girl

19. Eternity Devil:

The devil was one of the first majors for the newly formed Squad 4 that had been assembled in full force. It can create pocket dimensions at will and, like every devil, lives on the fear of humans. But unlike most demons, it is ready to make deals with humans whenever it brings them closer to fulfilling its objective. It made a deal with Kobeni and asked her to get Chainsaw Man’s heart in return. Despite the skills, it is still afraid of Chainsaw Man, as seen when Denji tortured him for three days.

Strongest Chainsaw Man Characters

Eternity Devil during his introduction

18. The Katana Man:

Grandson of the Mob Boss whom Denji used to work for. Though Denji had forgotten all about him, he didn’t. One of the main antagonists in the Katana Man arc hunts down Denji to get revenge for his grandfather. He believed Denji killed his grandfather in cold blood. He possesses the standard abilities of Hybrids, and in his first appearance, he was easily able to overpower Denji. Even Makima thought highly of him. That was why when he was defeated when Chainsaw Man(Pochita in control) went on a rampage and defeated him with ease, Makima knew she had no chance of winning.

Strongest Chainsaw Man Characters

Katana Man Making his First appearance

17. Cosmo:

Cosmo’s abilities are somewhat similar to Tsukuyomi from the Naruto series’ Itachi. And whoever has watched that series knows how deadly Jutsu is, but other than that Cosmo has the little personality to no personality that makes her stand out. Her only line in the entire series is Halloween, and the meaning of that could only be understood by Quanxi. Speaking of which, she is also part of Quanxi’s harem, which appeared in the International assassins arc. It was also the arc she dies at the hands of Makima.

Strongest Chainsaw Man Characters

Cosmos At A library

16. Aki Hayakawa:

Deuteragonist of part 1 of the series, and the only human of the protagonist trio. He is introduced as cold and bloodthirsty toward devils, and he has a similar attitude toward Denji. But he grows to like him as his younger brother, who would cause trouble for him all over. He also came to see Power as his younger sister, and his relationship with them grew so deep that he decided to forego revenge against the Gun Devil. But it was his death that was the most tragic of all, it was the first time Denji had cried for someone, and Denji had never cried for even a woman.

Strongest Chainsaw Man Characters

Aki Telling Denji To Quit

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15. Galgali:

Or the Violence Devil, introduced along with Spider Devil and Fiend. He is a hypocrite who would always spouse that he is into non-violence and then kick someone afterward. He is also quick to back down from a fight once it goes beyond his level, as seen in the Bomb Girl arc. He is partnered with Kobeni and always comes to her rescue whenever she asks for help. However, he meets his end like most of the Squad 4 members. He was the follower of Chainsaw Man in hell.

Strongest Chainsaw Man Characters

Galgali Making his first appearance

14. Reze:

Denji would crave anyone who would give him even a little bit of attention, Reze was the full package. She flirted with Denji from the get-go to the point Denji fell out of Makima’s grasp so much so that Makima had to deal with Rene in the end. Her secret identity is that of Bomb Girl, and she is sent by Russian intelligence to get Chainsaw Man’s heart. When Denji learns about this, he is broken beyond tears, but Reze reassures him that she likes him until he says his heart belonged to Makima. She is turned into a puppet of Makima at the end of Bomb Girl Arc, but it is revealed her feelings for Denji are real, something Denji might never learn.

Strongest Chainsaw Man Characters

Reze After Her Final Fight with Denji

13. Hirofumi Yoshida:

Assigned as Special Guard to Denji after the events of Bomb Girl Arc. He is good-looking and has the means to deal with problems outside conventional means. During the international assassins arc, he took care of the immortal brother trio, leaving one alive. One of the few characters that made it out alive in part 1 of the Chainsaw Man arc. In part 2, he is tasked with keeping tabs on Denji and stopping him from revealing his identity in public. However, he is astounded the more he learns about Kenji.

Strongest Chainsaw Man Characters

Hirofumi Yoshida

12. Angel Devil:

One of the deadliest and strongest Chainsaw Man characters. Makima manipulated him into killing the village he lived in and used his guilt to control him. He trusts no one and has no motivation when it comes to any task. Aki was the only one he was able to open up to, and the two became the closest of friends. Whether it was for this intention that Makima assigned Angel to Aki is unclear, but the relationship between Aki and Angel is one of the wholesome friendships in the series. Just by touching him, one can lose half of their life, and he has weapons that can cut down lifetimes when they come in contact.

Strongest Chainsaw Man Characters

Angel Devil, Just During Chainsaw Man’s Opening

11. Kishibe:

Said to be the strongest in the special Squad 4 by Makima herself. He once had a crush on Quanxi until it turned out she was lesbian, after which he let her be. He is the voice of wisdom and reason in Squad 4 and thinks of high Denji for his craziness when it comes to Devil hunting. One of the three members from Special Squad 4 made it out alive in part 1 of the series. He is not only one of the strongest Chainsaw main characters but also resourceful and wise.

Strongest Chainsaw Man Characters

Kishibe From Beginner To Veteran

10. Quanxi:

A major threat during the International Assassins arc, so much so that Makima and Kishibe have to work to deal with her as fast as possible. She sliced through a hoard of puppets that were controlled by Santa Claus and came close to Killing Angel Devil but was stopped by Aki. She is killed and beheaded by Makima along with her girls in the arc and is later made part of the Hybrid Team that goes against the Chainsaw man. But even before that, among humans, she is the strongest Chainsaw Man character in the series.

Strongest Chainsaw Man Characters


9. Aki Hayakawa (Gun Fiend):

The biggest tragedy of the series for the guy who wants nothing but to save innocents, and the series is not lacking in that department. There is an old saying that sums up Aki’s predicament perfectly, and you become what you fight, Aki becoming a killing machine was peak irony. Future Devil had warned Aki that he and Power would die at the hands of Chainsaw Man and that future is irreversible. When Aki asked Makima to help him in the matter, his future became all the more sure. As Gun Fiend, he killed many before dying at the hands of Denji. It broke Denji so much he wanted to get rid of all the agency he had.

Strongest Chainsaw Man Characters

Gun Fiend Aki

8. Hell Devil:

Not much is known about this devil, for we didn’t get to see it as much. It appeared for a brief time to take out Makima, but Makima called on Chainsaw Man to deal with him. Chainsaw Man Dealt with it in quick succession and used him to go to hell and kill more devils before returning to the world once again.

Strongest Chainsaw Man Characters

Hell Devil Summoned To Take Out Makima

7. Power:

The Tritagonist of the series is complete to whomever she lives with. Her first impression of Aki and Denji was nothing short of Horrible, Aki even asked Makima if she keeps pushing maniacs on him. But despite her pathological nature, she grows to like Denji and Aki as her siblings and is torn when Aki. Neither Denji nor power were able to process his death and indulge in games and work to forget all about it. She does the last act of good against Makima by saving Denji and giving him himself back. She is likely to return in the future as Devils get reincarnated over and over. The same can’t be said about Aki, though.

Strongest Chainsaw Man Characters

Power Before her Final Moments

6. Santa Claus:

Introduced as one of the assassins in the International Assassins arc, which works for Germany. Though it was introduced as a man, that is but one of the fake personas Santa Claus has. “Her” true self lies in the Soviet Union(This world still has them) and operates from the shadows. She shows no hesitation to use people for her needs no matter how she is treated, as long as her goals are met. Her power comes from being able to use people like puppets as per her contract with Puppet devil. But she is sent into a limbo of mind by Cosmos and is incapacitated.

Strongest Chainsaw Man Characters

True Identity of Santa Claus

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5. Punishment Devil:

Seen during the Control Devil and Gun Devil Arc. The devil is strong enough to hold off Gun Devil and does significant damage to the devil. We haven’t gotten to see much of this devil, but its prowess should be kept in mind as it could keep Gun Devil(This world’s version of nukes) at bay. Although, it was Makima who used it to the best of his abilities. After the death of its former contractees, it has not been seen.

Strongest Chainsaw Man Characters

Punishment Devil Attacking Gun Devil

4. Makima:

Her true identity is that of Control Devil, one of the four horsemen. She is a fan of Chainsaw Man and wants to be with him and bring peace to the world. But her approach and methods were so terrifying the president of the United States had to make a deal with Gun Devil in exchange for a year of every American Citizen. At the end of part 1, she is reincarnated as Nayuta and lives with Denji. Denji had overcome her affection for Makima at this point.

Strongest Chainsaw Man Characters

Makima listening to Aki’s Status Repot

3. Chainaw Man:

The main character of the series, Pochita! As we said in the beginning, the little pup would rank much higher if he were to show his true colors, and this is just that. Strong enough to slay every devil that comes his way from all the characters mentioned in the series. While also being able to stand up to four horsemen by himself. Pochita got sick of his old life and wanted a real connection, which he found with Denji. He wants nothing more than to watch Denji live his life to the fullest. Though feared in Earth and Hell, the two remaining characters are even stronger than the Hero of Hell.

Strongest Chainsaw Man Characters

Chainsaw Man, Unchained

2. Gun Devil:

Gun Devil is the main focus of part 1 of the series, it has grown so fierce that every country wants to make sure they had pieces of him. This devil is equivalent to Nuclear warheads in this world, the more parts of it a country has the better it’s standing in negotiations with other countries. It was revealed at its twenty percent of power and killed millions in just a few minutes. Unlike Chainsaw Man, he seems to have no weakness and it can also be argued that he is strong enough to fight against the strongest character of Chainsaw Man.

Strongest Chainsaw Man Characters

Gun Devil On His Way To Killing Makima

1. Darkness Devil:

The Devil is as old as humanity itself, and it is the opposite of Gun Devil in origins. Where Gun Devil is a modern form of Evil, Darkness Devil is a primordial that is constantly feared by humanity for their fear of darkness and things they cannot see.

Strongest Chainsaw Man Characters

Nightmare Devil Slicing Everyone In Sight

It struck fear even in Power to the point she wouldn’t be alone no matter what. Denji and Aki had to take turns taking care of her, and she eventually recovered from her fear of darkness. But the devil is impossible to take down or destroy as long as humanity exists. Despite that, it can still be hurt, given one has the right tools, like Makima.

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