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Is Livingston Taylor Related To James Taylor?


Are Livingston Taylor and James Taylor related to each other? Since both of them have similar surnames, some people believe that they must share a relationship. Well, that’s not just the end. You must already know Livingston Taylor and James Taylor are also from the same professional field. Yes! Both are music artists, and their songwriting skills are highly appreciated by their respective fans.

Before getting into what’s there between Livingston Taylor and James Taylor, let’s briefly look at their respective prominence in the music industry. Starting from the basics, Livingston Taylor is a versatile music artist, born on 21 November 1950. Based on that, he is 72 years old and hails from Boston. Talking about his notable music credits, the list has- City Lights, Best of Friends, There You Are Again, Three Way Mirror, etc. Throughout his career so far, Livingston has collaborated with many, including Jimmy Buffett, Linda Ronstadt, etc. 

On the other hand, James Taylor is another great singer who won the Grammy Awards not just once but six times. Born on 12 March 1948, James is now 74 years old. This means Livingston is a couple of years younger than him. Well, some of James’ famous songs are Mexico, Shower the People, every day, Hard Times, It’s Growing, etc. 

In case you didn’t know, Livingston Taylor and James Taylor also collaborated. Knowing this, the speculation even got more serious. If you are looking for if Livingston and James are related, here is what we know. 

Is Livingston Taylor Related To James Taylor?

Livingston Taylor and James Taylor

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Are Livingston Taylor And James Taylor Related? Real-Life Relationship 

You may have assumed it right. Yes! Livingston Taylor and James Taylor are related to each other in their real lives. How? What are they? Well, Livingston and James are brothers. 

Several years ago, during an interview, when Livingston was asked about his relationship with his brother, James, he said that their friendship is too strong. Not all brothers get along well together. But James and Livingston reportedly make a great pair of siblings, even as co-singers. On this note, he said, “As a brother, you’ve got to find a space for yourself.” Livingston even shared that he is okay with going to the grocery store by himself. But his brother, James doesn’t feel the same. There lies the difference, though! 

Those who already knew that Livingston Taylor and James Taylor were brothers questioned if there was a competition between them. Well, No! Livingston once shared that he is very proud of his brother- James’ success. Even though both have their respective airplanes, James can’t fly. But he can do it all by himself. Also, he loves attending his brother’s concerts. 

When asked further about James Taylor, he said, “I’m as proud and impressed by brother James’ career as I possibly could be.” Talking more about the brothers, James is way more successful than his younger brother. But there seems to be no bad blood or jealousy between them. Even James has always been supporting Livingston in his musical career. 

The Taylor brothers have grown up in a musical family, which is evident through their works. Don’t you agree? It seems like James continues to inspire his younger brother, Livingston, in many ways, especially when it comes to music.

Is Livingston Taylor Related To James Taylor?

Livingston Taylor and James Taylor are still doing wonders in the music industry

Their good relationship is also quite visible on social media, as the brothers keep celebrating and congratulating one another on their special occasions. Be it a birthday or any music show. Best Wishes to both the Taylor brothers,  Livingston and James, for the upcoming days of their lives. We are eagerly waiting for them to collaborate again! You may give Livingston Taylor and James Taylor, a couple of followers on both of their Instagram accounts, more updates. Between these brothers, who is your favorite?

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