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To All The Boys Franchise: Which Movie is Better?

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before just came up with its third movie- To All the Boys: Always and Forever. The movie brings everyone together instead of focusing on what sets them apart.

To all the boys is a series of movies based on books under the same name. These movies released on Netflix and have gained a huge fan base. The first movie was released in 2018 which was followed by a sequel in 2020 and the third movie in 2021. While everyone was eagerly waiting for the release of the third movie of this rom-com series, many were disappointed with the sequels. Let’s have a look at what every movie was about and which one in my opinion is better.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before (2018)

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before starts with Lara Jean Covey, a shy high school junior who writes letters to the boys she has ever had intense feelings for before locking them away. She writes five letters in total to five boys – Kenny Donati, John Ambrose, Lucas James, Peter Kavinsky, and Josh Sanderson. The last letter was written to Josh Sanderson who was her elder sister Margot’s boyfriend. Even though Margot Broke up with Josh before leaving for college, Lara Jean didn’t find it appropriate to date him.

One night Lara Jean falls asleep on the couch while hanging out with her younger sister Kitty. Her sister sneaks into her room and finds her box of letters. She mails them out and Lara Jean is unaware of the same. The next day she is confronted by her old crush Peter Kavinsky about receiving a letter. She faints after hearing this. When she gains her consciousness back, she sees that Josh is approaching her with the letter written for him. She gets nervous and jumps on Peter Kavinsky and kisses him. She does this to throw Josh off before running away. She is then confronted by Lucas, one of the recipients of her letters that he is gay. This is when Lara Jean realizes that all the letters have been mailed out.

She leaves her home to avoid both Peter and Josh but finds the former in her favorite diner. She tells him that the kiss meant nothing and was just to dissuade Josh. He surprisingly has no issues with it and comes up with a plan to fake date to make his ex-girlfriend Gen jealous who was also Lara Jean’s ex-best friend and nemesis. She agrees and the next few months go by everyone at school and their families thinking that they are dating.

When Peter finds out that Gen is jealous he is himself confused and meanwhile Lara Jean finds herself getting jealous. Peter and Lara confess their true feelings for each other and kiss in the hot tub. Gen tells Lara Jean at the end of the trip that Peter spent the night in her room after the kiss and also shows her the scrunchie that peter gives to her. The scrunchie belonged to Lara Jean and was one of her favorites. She breaks up with peter and storms home where she finds her sister Margot. Peter comes to her home to solve things and at the same time, Josh does too. This is when Margot overhears their conversation and is upset about Lara Jean having feelings for Josh. Lara asks peter to leave but things worsen as she sees a video of her and peter that was seemingly pornographic, up on Instagram.

She asks Margot for help, this is when kitty confesses that she sent the letters out. Margot calms Lara Jean down and says that sisters forgive each other for everything before she helps her in taking down the video on Instagram. At school Lara Jean discovers that everyone has already watched the video. Peter tells everyone that nothing happened and Lara Jean confesses Gen about it. She admits that she tried to sabotage their relationship as she felt betrayed when Lara kissed Peter during spin the bottle four years ago. She fixes her friendship with Josh. She hesitates to tell Peter about her feelings this is when Kitty shows her the notes that peter wrote during their fake relationship. Lara Jean goes to see peter where he tells her that he’s in love with her and they kiss before they walk off.

The movie ends with John Ambrose, one of the five recipients of the letters standing outside her door with flowers in his hands.

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To All The Boys: P.S I Still Love You (2020)

 Lara Jean’s high school sets up a volunteer program, Peter Kavinsky volunteers with his friends but Lara Jean goes to Belleview Retirement Home instead, where her older sister Margot went.

She discovers that John Ambrose is also volunteering at Belleview. They talk about a love letter which he lets her read as long as she gives it back to him after reading. Lara Jean feels insecure about her relationship with Peter and keeps comparing herself with Peter’s ex-girlfriend, Gen.

On Valentine’s Day, Covey is told by a friend that Peter had sent a group to serenade Gen every period, back when they were still dating. She meets Peter later and he gives her a silver heart necklace and reads a poem. She thinks that Peter wrote that poem for her but they were two verses of an Edgar Allan Poe poem. He later apologizes and says that even though he couldn’t write it, he meant everything in the poem.

Lara Jean and John Ambrose grow closer, they throw a Star Ball for Belleview. Lara Jean didn’t tell John about her relationship with Peter and John realizes that he has developed feelings for her. They arrange to go to their old middle school hangout spot, a treehouse, and dig up the time capsule they buried years ago with their friends and unpack it. Gen is also there and says that she didn’t put anything in the time capsule. Peter gets jealous of John Ambrose and tells about his relationship with Lara Jean. Covey and Kavinsky end up fighting but makeup later.

Lara Jean apologizes to John Ambrose for keeping the relationship a secret. She gets ready to go to Peter’s game. Chris shows her a photo of Gen and Peter and she realizes that they never stopped talking and on the ski trip, Peter was planning to get back together with Gen. Peter tells Lara Jean they will have to talk about it later as he was in rush but she breaks up with him. She goes to the treehouse and meets Gen, who clears everything out to her and tells her that Peter is crazy for her. She tells that she had put a friendship bracelet identical to Lara Jean in the capsule. Lara Jean then makes up with Gen.

On the night of the ball, Stormy gives Lara Jean a dress and a makeover. She and John Ambrose dance. When they kiss, Lara Jean realizes that has no feelings for John. She apologizes to him and rushes outside where she finds Peter waiting for her because he remembers she doesn’t like driving in the snow this was something she told him on their first date. Peter says that she can break his heart if she wants. She says that she loves him and he tells her he loves her back. They kiss and makeup and Lara Jean is now satisfied with what she has.

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To All The Boys: Always and Forever (2021)

Lara Jean Covey, accompanied by family visits Korea. They search for a lock her mother had left on a bridge to memorialize her love for Dan. On finding it they discover that it read  “for the rest of my life.” Returning home, she mentions to her boyfriend, Peter Kavinsky, that the two of them never had a meet-cute like the ones in rom-com. Peter disagrees because he remembers their first meeting quite well. Dan’s relationship with Trina becomes more serious and the family begins to plan their upcoming wedding. Lara Jean is not accepted to Stanford where she planned on going with Peter.

She decides on going to Berkeley to live closer to Peter. However, Lara Jean enjoys New York City during a school trip and makes up her mind on going to NYU. She explains her decision to Peter, and he decides to break up with her on prom night to save himself from a heartbreak that would be caused by a long-distance relationship. Peter meets with his absentee father for a meal and chooses to try to reconnect with him and forgive him. Kitty conspires with Peter to set up a meeting between him and Lara Jean after the wedding. Lara Jean finds a letter in her yearbook from Peter. He described their meet-cute in sixth grade. She also finds a proposed contract like the one they made while getting into a fake relationship, but this time it was to always love each other despite the 3,000 miles between Stanford and NYU. Peter walks in and they sign the contract. Lara Jean remains optimistic that the distance will offer them the opportunity to keep writing love letters to each other because after all, that is how everything started.

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Which movie is better?

In my opinion, the first movie- To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before is the better movie because it has a surprise element to it. The narration is exciting enough to keep the viewers hooked to their screens. It is a perfect rom-com. There is also some scrunchie bases drama which seems silly but is important to create a conflict. The first movie also provides a reference to aniconic movie-the sixteen candles. Peter and Lara have more chemistry in this movie compared to the others and it also ends on an adorable note.

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I'm Jahnavi Seth. I'm a 19 years old college student. I'm an introvert who lives in the movie world. I am passionate about writing and reading. Books are my escape. You can reach out to me at

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