Gotham Knights Episode 2: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

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Gotham Knights Episode 2
Gotham Knights Episode 2 Credits: CW

After discovering that Gotham Knights will depict the events that followed Batman’s death as the Dark Knight’s adopted child, Turner Hayes, is wrongfully accused of the crime, viewers become intrigued to find out how they may watch it. In this article, the Gotham Knights streaming guide will also be presented.

The show will give viewers an inside look at the instances when Hayes, who tries to prove his innocence but ends up running from the law, links up with several teenage vigilantes to find the truth. The most anxiously anticipated aspect of Gotham Knights is Misha Collins’ big role as Harvey Dent, a.k.a. Two-Face.

This post will also recap the last episode and reveal Gotham Knights Episode 2’s release date. Turner Hayes, Bruce Wayne’s adopted child, narrates the film in the background. When Turner’s parents were killed, Bruce adopted him from Burnside’s slums, but Turner wonders why he was picked out of the city’s many orphans.

In addition, as he continues, we see Bruce Wayne sitting in his penthouse in Wayne Tower and gazing out at the city he has vowed to defend. This is also why Bruce kept his alias a secret from his son. Bruce enters a hidden vault housing the Bat mask and gadgets as he prepares for a mission after looking at an owl-motif coinage in his hand.

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Episode 1’s recap 

The action then turns to a high school fencing match, where Turner easily defeats Brody. Turner hosts a big party at Wayne Manor as he and his closest friend, Stephanie Brown, debate Bruce’s absence from the fencing competition. We meet a few important people at the party. Turner’s withdrawn classmate Carrie Kelley and Cressida, the Wayne maid who looks after the manor while Alfred is away

Gotham Knights Episode 2
A still from the show. Credits: CW

Three adolescents are breaking in at Bruce’s penthouse in Wayne Tower, where we are now. Duela, their commander, has been hired by an unidentified organization to take something priceless from Bruce’s private vault in exchange for $100,000.

As they succeed in opening the vault, they only discover a.38 Colt lying about, which Duela claims is significant because Joe Chill used to kill Bruce’s parents. They recognize that the barrel has just been torched when they discover it warm and sulfur-scented.

A “Your Bat is Dead” message in the broken windows confirms their suspicions. The teenage trio narrowly escapes the troops after realizing people have been falsely accused based on corroborating evidence. Harvey Dent, the district attorney of Gotham City, commands the police department and identifies the body as Bruce Wayne.

The Bat mask is forced upon his corpse as a depraved way to remind people of his fake persona. Harvey took it upon himself to tell Turner of the passing of his father because he is a friend of the Wayne family, and Turner also hears for the first time from Harvey of Bruce’s career as a criminal Batman.

After learning this, Turner explains to Stephanie why Bruce might be hiding the truth from him while unintentionally unlocking the Batcave door. The authorities apprehend the three thieves from their hiding place with the money they received for the crime, and the city laments the loss of its defender.

Duela and the Row siblings Harper and Cullen are questioned by Detective Ford and Harvey Dent while being held by the police and are implicated in Bruce Wayne’s death. Duela, the Joker’s child and an extremely unpredictable, talented, and seasoned criminal, was conceived in Arkham Asylum.

Harper Row left college to support her transgender brother when their violent, prejudiced father abandoned him. To get a sum of money sufficient for them to leave Gotham, the Row siblings took part in one of Duela’s heists.

When Detective Ford disrespects Cullen by calling him by his deceased name, Harvey asks him to leave the interview and tries to interact with the teenagers more cordially. He cannot identify the individual who allegedly hired the squad to steal or murder, despite the forces’ best efforts. Harvey tells Turner during Bruce’s burial that the alleged killers were apprehended with the money they were offered to kill Bruce.

Gotham Knights Episode 2’s Release Date

Gotham Knights Episode 2 will be broadcast on Tuesday at 9 pm on March 21, 2023. Gotham Knights episodes would air on The CW. The program is available for streaming at:

  • Australian watchers: Wednesday, 12:01 pm AEDT
  • Indian Standard Time: (Wednesday) 6:30 am.
  • Japan Standard Time: (Wednesday) 9:00 am.
  • Korean Standard Time: Wednesday, 9:00 am.
  • Greenwich Mean Time: Wednesday, 1:00 am.

Gotham Knights episode 2: How to watch

After setting up a VPN and visiting the website, Aussies, Indians, Britishers, and Koreans can stream Gotham Knights episodes starting at times we listed above via the CW website. 

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