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Cleaning Up (2022) Episode 13 Release Date: Lee Young Shin’s New Side Surprises Yong Mi!

Cleaning Up (2022) Episode 13
Cleaning Up (2022) Episode 13

Cleaning Up (2022) Episode 13 is releasing soon! The latest episode has leaped 6 months later, showing how Yong Mi, Soo Ja, and In Kyung start a new business, their own cleaning company. However, it’s not your regular cleaning company since they primarily set it up so they can gather inside trading information. Although starting a business was not an easy job, the trio successfully gathered the money for their new company. With Yong Mi, Soo Ja also resigns from their previous workplace. However, In Kyung continues there since they may need to collect information from the Vested Investment in the future.

Furthermore, the episodes show how they get their hands on new information but not before getting caught by Geum Jan Di. Since it’s Geum Jan Di’s idea to open a cleaning company and continue doing insider trading, she asks them to let her join too. During these six months, so much has changed. Not just their occupations but their personal lives have also turned 180 degrees. Whereas Soo Ja becomes independent of her family, In Kyung and Lee Do Young’s relationship blooms into something new. 

And then there is Yong Mi, who lives with In Kyung, her daughters staying with her ex-husband, and she continues her business while looking for Lee Young Shin. So how will Yong Mi react when she meets the man she has been looking for in Cleaning Up (2022) Episode 13?

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Recap Of Ep 12- Trio Sets Up A New Cleaning Company

Episode 12 of Cleaning Up (2022) reveals that even 6 months after, Yong Mi and her team don’t find any new information until one day. Finally, they learn about fresh trading information regarding Dr. Topper, a pharmaceutical company. However, due to the contrasts between news and evaluation reports, the trio accepts Geum Jan Di’s offer and lets her join their team.

Cleaning Up (2022) Episode 13 release date

Lee Young Shin and Yong Mi Cr: JTBC

While trying to get their hands on the inside information, the trio learns that their friend Geum Ran is engaged in a lawsuit against Dr. Topper. It seems the company has been making hazardous products. However, the situation worsens since they get to choose only one option. Either they help their friend and loss millions won money or turn a blind eye to the truth, so they can pay off millions won debt. Eventually, they settle to help Geum Ran and get the evidence, only to run into Lee Young Shi, who Yong Mi has been looking for for the past 6 months. With an unexpected encounter, how will Yong Mi continue this mission in Cleaning Up (2022) Episode 13?

Preview of Ep 13 – Lee Young Shin Appears Before Yong Mi

The preview of Cleaning Up (2022) Episode 13 is already out! The upcoming episodes will be a rollercoaster ride not only for Yong Mi, Soo Ja, and In Kyung but for viewers also. Finally, Lee Young Shin has returned after being missing for 6 months. However, this time we will see a new side. It shows he is still working and unexpectedly crosses paths with Yong Mi at Dr. Toppers’ company. Not just his profession but Lee Young Shin himself seems to be changed.

Cleaning Up kdrama Episode 13

Ep 13 Preview Cr: JTBC

Therefore, Yong Mi finds herself in the pit of confusion after meeting this new Lee Young Shin, who seems disappointed, knowing she has been continuing the insider trading. He even makes her conscious of her doing, which leads to quarrels among the trio. But that’s not all! Lee Young Shin is also hiding his secret since Yong Mi discovers what happened between him and Song Woo Chang. So what will be Yong Mi’s decision after learning the truth in Cleaning Up kdrama Episode 13? Will she continue this trade? Or will she put a full stop to it?

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Cleaning Up (2022) Episode 13 Release Date

Cleaning Up (2022) Episode 13 will be released on 16 July 2022 at 10:30 pm KST on the JTBC channel. Finally, the drama is getting closer to the end, but there seems no end to the troubles coming Yong Mi’s way. Thus to know how Yong Mi and her team continue their business, watch new episodes of Cleaning Up kdrama every Saturday and Sunday!

Watch Cleaning Up Korean Drama Ep 13 With Eng Sub Online- Streaming Details

For domestic viewers, Cleaning Up drama is broadcasting on the JTBC network at 10:30 pm KST. In other countries, Ep 13 will drop on the same day at 9:30 am in the USA, 2:30 pm in the UK, 7 pm in India, and 11:30 pm in Australia. Currently, the drama is not available on any online streaming channel except the official YouTube channel of JTBC, where you can watch short clips.

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