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Deathloop: Upcoming Shooter Game, What We Know So Far

Deathloop Featured

We all know about Deathloop, an amazing upcoming action-adventure game by Bethesda Softworks. We all have been part of the hype train right after details about the game details were revealed. it promises to push the experiences of your basic shooter games. The game has signed an exclusive deal with consoles for 1 year, hence unfortunately PC gamers will have to wait a year to get their hands on this amazing game. With the release date drawing close let’s learn a little more about the game.

We have to use a combination of stealth, parkour, and attack skills to roam about and survive in the game’s world. Just like in the other Arkane games like Prey and Dishonorures, which we must say are both must-play games if you like some statical thriller fun. So by making our way through the map with stealth or no stealth we have to take out 8 targets. This mission can be carried out in our way of choosing, you can go guns blazing and shoot up the whole place, but believe is with the concept that Deathloop is bringing, this would be a very bad idea.

Deathloop Gunplay

Or you could take the more tactical way and approach everything stealthily. By using melee weapons, environmental means you can choose to take out guards. An option to completely avoid games is also present.


So now we will get to the most interesting part about Deathloop. The game like the title suggests features a loop, this loop can be your downfall or your way of becoming successful, it’s all up to you. The world we live in has a problem, it’s stuck in a loop forever. Each night the day resets and the same thing happens all over again.

But the one good thing, unlike others who always lose memory upon each reset, our main character doesn’t. We have our memories from each loop so we can learn from it and approach the next loop as a new opportunity with different tactics. So to get out of this loop we have to get rid of 8 targets.

That’s not the only catch. When we say 8 targets, you have to take them all out in the same loop, if you leave even one alive the whole loop resets again. So yes, in order to win you can make no mistakes. And, if you die, the loop resets.

The game doesn’t stop there if you believe it. Deathloop has even more interesting aspects to it that makes its concept stands out from anything we have seen in current times. It has a multiplayer element that is so fun and makes brilliant use of its original gameplay.

For the multiplayer version, we or another person can take the role of an antagonist who is in the works to stop the other player. So the antagonist can try to sabotage the main character’s attempts at eliminating the eight targets in real life. The main target already has his work cut out from him, so this can turn out to be a real headache, but we are up for it!

Oh, and did we mention that you will have access to some bizarre powers? Yes, this game is going to be very interesting.

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State Of Play

Another State Of Play just got done recently and we got a ton of news for this highly anticipated game. They showed a new trailer that adds so much to the hype train we have been a part of for some time now.

deathloop game

This trailer with some very fun music showed us some great gameplay that includes gunplay and melee combat. The main feature of this trailer was the “want to shoot at sight” relation between Colt, our main character, and Julianna the antagonist.

We have some amazing shots of both of them going at it with each other, with almost all of them ending with Colt getting defeated and the loop starting all over again.

The trailer like we said gave us some really good look at gunplay. there seem to be some amazing guns from big machine gun-looking ones to dual wielding. This combines with the powers showcased like invisibility, shapeshifting, and so on it looks like this has a game of the year in the bag when it comes to gameplay.


For the story, we take the role of Colt. An assassin is dropped on a strange island called Blackreef. The strange part about the island is that it is stuck in a loop. The island used to be a military testing site of sorts. right now the island has its residents stuck in a loop right when they were having a party.

8 targets are behind this loop that keeps on resetting each night. none of the residents have any memory of the previous day except for our main character Colt. He now has to annihilate the 8 targets behind this loop to set everyone free. But that is easier said than done.

This is because leaving a target alive, just one would mean the loop would continue. you have to eliminate all 8 of them before the end of the day or else you’re right back at square one. Also if you die, the same thing will happen, right back to square one. The only good thing is each time you will learn something new and will have a better chance the second time.

If this isn’t complicated and hard enough for you then the game has more elements. we are introduced to Julianna, the antagonist of the game. She is placed on the island to stop Colt from his mission. She will try everything she can to stop him in his tracks.

Deathloop Julianna Image

But the loop isn’t doing anything good for her as well. Because every time she kills Colt he just wakes up again the next day. She can kill him any number of times but each time Colt is learning something new about her movements. But at the same time from Colt’s perspective, she is another added hindrance to the long list of hindrances he has to climb over.

Release Date

Deathloop releases on May 21st, 2021 for the PS5. It will release for PC in one year.

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