Famous ‘Yaranai ka’ Meme Now An Anime? Shin Yaranai Ka Anime Adaptation & Crowdfunding

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Shin Yaranai Ka
Shin Yaranai Ka Anime (Credits: Goodreads)

The Kuso Miso Technique is a popular gay manga one-shot that is in the works of being adapted into an anime called “Shin Yaranei ka.” Written and illustrated by Junichi Yamagawa, the Kuso Miso Technique is not for everyone. The series is quite explicit, featuring graphic depictions of sex and nudity.

However, it being a famous meme in the early 2000s caters to almost everyone. It skyrocketed due to multiple panels and images being incorporated into threads, making it a well-known meme involving homosexuality. This resulted in a boom in sales. All of the prints for numerous volumes of Yamakawa’s work sold out.

Famous for being the animation director in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures, Yi Zhang will take on the role of the character designer and animation director for “Shin Yaranei Ka.” We sure can expect some interesting characters from Yi Zhang! 

From starting production in May, recording the script this summer, to releasing the anime in October or November, here’s everything you need to know before watching this “Bizzare” one-shot anime. 

character design for shin yaranai ka anime
Character Design ABE (Credits: anime_kusomiso Twitter account)


The plot revolves around a preparatory school student, Masaki Dojo, who is hurrying to use a washroom in a park one day. On his way, he spots Takakazu Abe,  a mechanic, who he thinks is very pleasing to the eyes. The “Yaranaika” meme guy, or Abe, then proceeds to unzip his jumpsuit and says, “Yaranai ka” (Shall we do it?). They both then enter the bathroom to continue their plan. 

Originally published in 1987 as an excerpt in BaraComi, a manga extra of a gay men’s magazine called Barazoku. “Shin Yaranei Ka” is now being produced by Anime Tokyo, LLC. Maki ITO, employed at Studio Kingyoiro, is directing the anime. 


Takakaza Abe, “A good car mechanic. Curious and unfamiliar with the common sense of brief wrestling.” Masaki Dojo, “Ordinary Boy in prep school.”


The Soreosu website will begin a crowdfunding campaign on Thursday with the goal of raising 8 million yen (about $60,000). The project’s website, on-screen credits, a listing on the website, the anime in MP4 format, and an invitation to the preview screening party in Matsumoto City are among the benefits that sponsors will receive.

At the highest level, the “King of Yaranai ka” tier, sponsors who contribute 3 million yen (about USD 22,000) or more will receive a voice-acting part in the anime as well as a life-size light-up Abe character panel.

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shin yaranai ka anime
Character Design Masaki (Credits: anime_kusomiso Twitter account)

What’s The Buzz?

Whether reading an online thread or talking to a friend, you could find “Yaranaika Guy” appearing almost everywhere. Even though it is a decade-old meme, it still finds ways to prevail even now. It is used frequently in Japanese culture to symbolize homosexuality or any news regarding it gay culture in Japan. 

In an unexpecting and amusing way, the meme and one-shot impacted the 2000s more than it should have. Lines or words from the manga, such as “Uho” and “Yaranai ka,” became immensely popular on many platforms and even in the Japanese gay culture.

Satire songs were created by fans in the melody of “Balalaika” by Koharu Kusumi of Morning Musume. This widespread reached the mind of a kickboxer, Yuichiro Nagashima, who cosplayed as Abe during a match and used the satirical song in the background. 

Takakazu Abe for Kuso Miso Technique
Takakazu Abe for Kuso Miso Technique (Credits: Comic Natalie)

In 2007, a YouTuber uploaded a female version of the Kuso Miso Technique, along with a female narrator. The video gained more than 529,000 views. Following this, an animated version was then posted, gaining around 500,00 views. 

Where To Read & Should You Read It?

Is Kuso Miso technique good? No, and that is what sparked its popularity. The hilarious drawings and panels gave rise to its fame. If the anime is heavily relying on manga, then it is not suitable for all ages, and a content warning should be added. However, if curiosity gets the best of you, then you can read the one-shot manga on Goodreads

Let us know what you think about the manga and memes!

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