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609 Bedtime Story Episode 9: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

609 Bedtime Story Episode 9 trailer
609 Bedtime Story Episode 9: Release Date,

609 Bedtime Story Episode 9’s air date is here. Fans from all nations who have been watching all the episodes of this new cute BL drama are excited to forthcoming stream episodes and are enthralled to enjoy what the show will bring to the table. We have brought everything related to the new episode, such as 609 Bedtime Story Episode 9’s release date, streaming guide, and recap of the show so far.

Ritprasert portrays Mum, a flamboyant bar manager who can’t even keep his wick dry, according to what fans have been able to tell so far after watching this BL show. Game, a newbie named Watcharayu Suradet (Potae), is his closest buddy and tries valiantly to get Mum out of trouble, but he always fails. Fortunately, Vee (Pronpiphat Pattanasettanon, alias Plustor) can assist.

Dew, played by Siripongthon, appears at the very end of the first episode, and when he declares his love for him, he sends Mum spinning. Mom, who has never been in a relationship with a man, falls head over heels in love with Dew.

609 Bedtime Story Episode 9 trailer

Dew and Aun.

Dew is then sprayed next to him without any prior notice. Mum must awaken him because he believes he is in a dream. He tries to go about his day as a male model womanizer, but Dew won’t leave his thoughts.

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Recap of 609 Bedtime Story

All he can concentrate on is the kid from his nightmares, not even the gorgeous woman who comes to his door and practically pushes herself at him. They try to determine whether Dew is a ghost haunting him after alerting Game, his sister Mint (Thasorn Klinnium, alias Amy), and a few of their other pals about what has occurred.

Dew, though, turns out to be a person who lives in a parallel reality whose chronology differs from that of our cute mom. Mum is a Casanova, at least in the series’ first episode. He is a complete brother. He enjoys his girls, his songs, and his current way of life.

609 Bedtime Story Episode 9 trailer

Games and Wee.

He’s a player, so love, particularly romance with a guy, is the last thing on his mind. That is until he runs into Dew. Despite being delicate, Dew is not a wimp. He is not a helpless victim who crumbles at the dropping of a hat.

He balances his obligations with his aspirations and desires, displaying a grit that Fluke hasn’t seen much of recently. Then Mum revealed her love for Dew, and after Dew acknowledged feeling the same way, he (hesitantly) consented to a connection with the Mint character from his planet, which I am not fond of.

He is not interested in her, yet the girl ignores this. Even yet, he made a mistake by agreeing to date her while riding Mom like the cute pony he is. Dew tried to get him for about ten years, but when she did, he fell in love with somebody else.

609 Bedtime Story Episode 9 trailer

A still from 609 Bedtime Story Episode 8.

The following episode served as an exposition. Mum learns a lot about the connections between their two different worlds, such as the intervals during which they claim to be able to visit each other.

Who will feature in episode 9 0f 609 Bedtime Story?

Plustor Pronpiphat Pattanasettanon portrays Wee. He is a young, ambitious man motivated to establish himself in business. Game is a charming, self-assured figure who isn’t afraid to take chances, played by Potae Watcharayu Suradet.

Mint, played by Amy Thasorn Klinnium, is a powerful, independent lady driven to succeed in a career that men dominate. An is a fascinating and enigmatic figure that keeps the spectator wondering, and Kenji Wasin Panunaporn portrays him.

609 Bedtime story

Mum and Dew.

Joey, a devoted and encouraging friend with just the finest intentions, is portrayed by Get Sorawut Arunwattananunt in the drama.  Ton is coming across a character created by Tom Jakkrit Yompayorm. Ton was a good friend of the central protagonists and was tragically killed young.

Mamie Nutcha Laohalertchai & Atom Pracharapon Thepsukdee fill out the ensemble and give the narrative depth in supporting roles.

When is the 609 Bedtime Story Episode 9 Release date?

609 Bedtime Story Episode 9 will premiere on Tencent video at 8 pm CST in China. At the same time, fans from other nations can stream 609 Bedtime Story Episode 9 at 7 am EST, 5.30 pm IST, 11 pm AEDT, and 12 pm GMT via the Tencent video app or streamer. 

609 Bedtime Story Episode 9: Where to watch

609 Bedtime Story Episode 9, as said earlier, would stream via the Wetv app, which will cost around $8 for the basic pack available at the times and dates listed above. You must cross-check the time listed here with your local area times to stream the newest episodes.

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