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Re: Zero–Starting Life In Another World Season 2 Part 2 Episode 47 Preview and Recap

Re Zero–Starting Life In Another World Season 2 Part 2

With only three episodes left to conclude Re: Zero, let’s find out how Subaru and Emila will solve the problem at the Santuary. Subaru is with Suwen and Garfiel, but he is worried that he wanted to stop the raid on the mansion, but it happened. Suwen thinks that negotiation will help solve the problem. Subaru decided that he will have to get back to the mansion quickly. Garfiel said they could go with him, but Suwen is worried about the Santuary.

He comments if they all go there, no one will be left on the Santuary. Suwen asks Garfiel if the barrier won’t stop him, and Garfiel said it wouldn’t be a problem. He reveals that he is like his sister; he has a mixed-blood dad and a human mom. Garfiel reveals that his mixed-blood is too thin to be stopped by the barrier. Subaru comments that he knows that Garfiel and Frederica had different fathers. Garfiel replies that his mother has luck in men.

Episode 47 of Re: Zero-Starting Life In Another World Season 2 Part 2 will be released on Wednesday, 3 February 2021, at 10:30 PM on Crunchyroll. Take a look at the details here: Re: Zero–Starting Life In Another World Season 2 Part 2 Episode 46.

Previously on Episode 46

Garfield comments that Subaru should have told him sooner that he knows about his father. They prepare the wagon to head the mansion, and Subaru said he would show the most powerful enemies. Garfiel said he could not wait to smash the enemies and show them how strong he is. Subaru told Ram not to do something stupid and gave her a crystal. Rem said nothing like that would happen; she will protect the Santuary with Suwen. 

Re Zero–Starting Life In Another World Season 2 Part 2

Re Zero–Starting Life In Another World Season 2 Part 2

Subaru thanks Garfiel and Suwen by telling them, ”thank you, two morons.” Suwen also calls him a moron and asks if he cannot thank them in a normal way. The oldies from the village told Subaru not to worry about them. Their internal officer has already told them everything. Subaru left the village with Garfiel while Rem met with Emilia at the gate of the Santuary. She told Emilia that three idiots have left, but she thought Suwen was going to remain.

Throne of Luginica.

They have set off for the mansion, and Emilia replies that she is angry with Subaru. Emilia asks Rem if Subaru means it when he said he loves her. She is wondering why he was not the one waiting for her at the gate of the Santuary. Rem comments that Subaru cares more about Emilia more than anyone else. She asks Emilia if her return means she has passed the Trial. Emilia nods her head as a sign of agreeing. 

Emilia reveals that she was able to confront her past, but there are two more trials to go. She also said later she will have to visit the graveyard again later. Rem comments that Emilia has grown stronger. She apologizes for not believing that Emilia will pass the Trial. Emilia accepted her apology and ask if she has help Subaru because she thought she was a crybaby. Rem told Emilia that she must note silly she was helping her.

She bows down and asks Emilia to save Roaswaal, who is possessed by delusion. Delusion has bound Roswaal’s soul like a curse for a long, long time. Emila asks what she should do. Rema told her to assume the royal throne. Once Emilia assumes the throne of Luginica. Roswaal’s wish will be fulfilled. She also asks Emilia to give Roswaal a reason to live through both the present and future. Emilia agrees to save Roswaal. 

Witch’s Delusional

Re Zero–Starting Life In Another World Season 2 Part 2

Re Zero–Starting Life In Another World Season 2 Part 2

Emilia doesn’t understand why becoming a ruler has to do with saving Roswaal. She told Rem that she wants to repay her for believing in her. Emilia offers her hand to Rem, but Roswaal arrives. Emilia told Roswaal not to step any further, and he told her that he pity her from the bottom of his heart. Roswaal also told Emilia that she has no idea how to be loved other than to do what people expect of her. 

He said Emilia is forced to confront the past she never wanted, and he congratulates her for overcoming the Trial. Roswal continues to say that he was convinced that Emilia was incapable of Trial. Emilia said the same words that was said by Subaru when he confronted Roswaal. Roswaal asks if Emila has borrowed those words from Subaru. Emila tries to reply, but Roswaal interferes by bad-mouthing Subaru. 

Roswaal left the two since he cannot win an argument, but Rem follows him. He asks her why she waited for Emilia when he told her not to. Rema reveals that she has come to take Roswaal away from the witch’s delusional. Rem unleashed a stray spirit and decided to battle Roswaal. Meanwhile, Subaru and Garfiel have reached the mansion. 

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