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Esaret Episode 55 Release Date: Hira’s Redemption Begins

Esaret Episode 55 Release Date
(Credits: Redemption's YouTube)

The Turkish drama, Esaret, will soon air an all-new episode.  The show has been receiving much more attention lately, and this can be owed to the new development in Orhun’s Character. The same man that hated the sight of Hira is now willingly wearing her selection of clothes and has transformed into the sweetest man Hira could have ever met.

As for Mahassine Merabet’s character Hira, she still blames herself for something she was never involved in. She did notice Orhun’s changed behavior, but this has only increased her confusion. Orhun might have to tell her the truth to finally allow her to escape from the cage she has put herself in.

Airing on television since November 21st, 2022, Esaret’s is on its way to completing almost all of its first season. The show is an enemies-to-lovers romance that starts slowly and doesn’t show any positive outcomes until the 50th episode. Hira, a slave, is framed in the murder of Nihan, a doctor who was stationed to treat people settled in Africa’s dryest deserts. Orhun, a rich, egoistic man and Nihan’s brother decides to pick her up and take her back home, as things were getting dangerous in the desert.

His world is completely shattered when he finds Nihan dead, with evidence suggesting she had been poisoned by someone. The doctors that work with Nihan blame Hira’s cookies, but as we see in the recent episodes, the killer was the doctor all along.

Esaret’s women have finally started to stand up for themself against those who caused them immense pain. This happens in the case of Maryem, who is now done with Korkut and her own father’s nagging. Esaret’s cast includes Mahassine Merabet (Hira), Cenk Torun (Orhun), Hilal Anay (Maryem), and Ali Ygaiz Durmus (Kenaan).

Esaret Episode 54: Recap

Up until now, Esaret’s plot had featured Orhun and Hira’s torturous relationship. But since the last few episodes, Orhun Demirhanli has finally started to show a change in his behavior and heart. The person who usually is rude and strict now feels guilt taking over his conscience, leaving no room for other thoughts.

Esaret Episode 55 Release Date

Cenk Torun as Orhun Demirhanli (Credits: Redemption’s YouTube)

We see Orhun wearing clothes that were selected by Hira. This may come as a shock considering just how much he hated her previously, and wouldn’t even let her near his things. Seeing Orhun change has put everyone in the house in confusion, but Eda seems to be getting more jealous each day. Not seeing Hira receive any bad treatment has made her realize that things between the couple are finally starting to get better.

As for our female protagonist, she still is not aware of the fact that she didn’t kill anyone. Hira has been enduring the pain and suffering all along just to keep the promise she had to Nihan, even if it means losing her life in the process. Orhun sees her crying in the garden once again but is not able to figure out the reason behind her secluding herself like that.

Now that nothing was working in separating the couple, Eda tries to create problems between Hira and Orhun by talking to him about her. She asks if there’s any truth he’s hidden from the others, to which Orhun just shuts her off and replies sternly to her face. Maryem returns the things she had gotten from Korkut with her father beside her. He later shouts at her once again, but Maryem’s younger sister comes to her rescue.

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Esaret Episode 55 Release Date

Mayem’s Sister Stands Up Against Her Father (Credits: Redemption’s YouTube)

Hira bakes cookies for the Demirhanli family, and they all seem to enjoy having such a great cook around. As for Orhun, he finally tries Hira’s cooking. The first thing he eats being cookies is quite ironic considering that was what he suspected Hira killed his sister with. 

When Will Esaret Episode 55 be Released?

Esaret Episode 55 will be airing on February 3rd, 2023. New episodes come out on Weekdays, and each episode usually has a run time of 51-55 minutes.

Esaret Episode 55: Where To Watch?

Tune in on Kanaal 7 at 7:00 pm EST to watch the show’s new episodes. As for on-demand streaming, that can be done through YouTube, as the episodes will be uploaded on Redemption‘s channel. These episodes are free to watch and can be availed from any location.

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