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Good Job Episode 5 Release Date: Sun Woo And Se Ra Come Closer

Good Job Episode 5 will bring many twists and turns, and we are here for it. The drama takes a different route as two different individuals with completely different perspectives come to work together. The audiences enjoy this drama for its storyline, and the performance of the cast deserves a special mention. 

Jung II Woo (Bossam: Steal the Fate, Sweet Munchies, Cinderella and the Four Knights, Love and Lies, Night Watchman’s Journal, Moon Embracing the Sun, Flower Boy Ramen Shop, High Kick! The Revenge of the Short Legged, Keu Keu Island’s Secret and The Rise of a Tomboy), Kwon Yu Ri (Bossam: Steal the Fate, Breakup Probation, A Week, Dae Jang Geum Is Watching, Go Ho’s Starry Night, Fashion King, Unstoppable Marriage and No Breathing) are in the lead roles.

Eum Moon Suk (Café Minamdang, Backstreet Rookie, Tell Me What You Saw, Romance, The Roundup, and Tell Me What You Saw, among others), Song Sang Eun (Grid, Dark Hole, Private Lives, To All The Guys Who Loved Me, The King: Eternal Monarch, The Light in Your Eyes and The King’s Letters) among others are in the supporting role. So don’t watch Good Job Episode 5. 

Good Job Episode 4 Recap

The focus point of the drama is unique, as Sun Woo and Se Ra come from different backgrounds and in their double life as well, both of them have different agendas that serve the purpose. 


Kwon Yu Ri as Se Ra In Good Job   Cr- ENA

In recent events, things get a bit intense when Sun Woo and Se Ra, along with Jin Mo, come across Oh Ahra. She went to the extent of faking her death to avoid the situation. However, things get rough, and to control the situation and prevent it from going completely west, Ahra finally informs Sun Woo about the body and also gives heads up about a certain person. 

Se Ra and Sun Woo share a rather unique relationship, so though she was contemplating a lot, she couldn’t let down the offer of her becoming his assistant go from her hand. It is true that Se Ra views everything from a monetary point of view, however this time, she was extremely elated to get the offer to become Sun Woo’s assistant. 

Meanwhile, Se Ra finds more stuff about how Sun Woo is trying to find out the person involved in killing his mother. Later that day, to prevent a situation, Se Ra found herself in a series of troubling events, where though she tried to use her power, however, it took a toll on her. Fortunately, Sun Woo was there to save the day. 

Good Job Ep 5

Se Ra And Sun Woo In Good Job   Cr- ENA

Preview of Episode 5 

Sun Woo becomes worried for Se Ra after she faints due to her extreme usage of her supervision. He told her that she would be terminated if she didn’t use her powers in control. Meanwhile, a new type of drug will be creating havoc among the students, and Sun Woo and his mates are trying to decode who is behind all this. Also, the relationship between Sun Woo and Se Ra will be one notch higher, and we are here for it. The upcoming episodes have a lot of interesting halves, so make sure to watch the drama, Good Job.

Where To Watch Good Job Episode 5? Online Streaming Details

Good Job Episode 5 will be broadcasted on its original network ENA. As for the international audience, they can easily access the drama on the Rakuten Viki app. They also have different types of subtitles to back it so that viewers can watch it without any issues. 

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When Will Good Job Episode 5 Release? 

Good Job Episode 5 will release on 7th September 2022. The chemistry among the actors that the show offers is unmissable. It is quirky, fun, and extremely interesting to watch. Completely worth the wait, Good Job successfully keeps us at the edge of our seats.

The characters try to find themselves through several situations that arise due to their involvement in their double life, where their respective roles take a complete turn. It’s entertaining, and though there is a bit of difference, we are eagerly waiting for more chemistry that eventually, the artists will present to us. 

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