What Happened To Jeffrey Dahmer? Everything To Know

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Now, with the release of Monster on Netflix, many of you are well aware of Jeffrey Dahmer. However, those who know him and his criminal unapologetic acts a bit must be wondering what happened to Jeffrey Dahmer. In a few words, he could be described as one of the timidest, most notorious serial killers and sexual predators. 

Originally known as Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer, people are still afraid of his name. Why? He earned very ill attention with the fact of murdering a total of 17 men from 1978 to 1991. Was his family involved in these acts? A big no! Moreover, his younger brother, David Dahmer, was unaware of what he was doing. Instead, when he finally learned about him, he secretly flew and got settled in some other country. Even his parents didn’t care much about him in the later days after learning about his wicked nature. Jeffrey was also involved in cannibalism. 

Because of his nasty deeds, he was imprisoned for a lifetime rather than forced into jail. But many of you aren’t aware of Jeffrey’s death. 

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How Did The Real-Life Monster, Jeffrey Dahmer, Die? 

It was on 28 November 1994 that Jeffrey Dahmer passed away. But how? Did someone kill him? Or was it something else? 

As mentioned earlier about his murdering 17 people, he was arrested by the Milwaukee police department. To be more specific, it was on 22 July 1991. Surprisingly, when his house was searched, the cops found the dead body parts of the victims. When these things came out, Jeffrey Dahmer was moved to Columbia Correctional Facility in Wisconsin. There, he met a few people, among whom two were named- Christopher Scarver and Jesse Anderson, respectively. 

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What happened to Jeffrey Dahmer
Jeffrey Dahmer

On 28 November, three of them were asked to clean the gym. For some time, the guards left them alone. Before getting deeper, you must first know why Christopher was arrested. Well, he was serving a life sentence for murdering someone from the  Wisconsin Conservation Corps. How harsh! Coming back to the day, before entering the gym, he had snuck a metal bar under his apparel. To be more specific about the weapon, it was reported to be 20-inch long and weighed 5 pounds. Since the guards weren’t present there, Christopher killed both Jesse and Jeffrey with that.

If you are wondering if Christopher and Jeffrey had bad blood before, that’s again a big no. They never knew each other until meeting up at the Columbia Correctional Facility. 

Why Was Jeffery Murdered?

Here lies one question. Why did Christopher murder Jeffrey Dahmer? On this note, the former told that the latter had crossed the line with other prisoners and even staff members of the jail. He also shared that some of the prisoners were highly remorseful, but Jeffrey wasn’t one of them. In addition to this, he also noted the strategies and techniques of Jeffrey’s criminal acts that triggered him the most, giving him anger feelings. 

When asked more about his post-killing, Christopher said that Jeffrey was shocked and was trying to seek the door. But it was he who blocked Jeffrey and eventually died.

Many people wondered if the families of the victims were provided with any support. Well, those were Jeffrey Dahmer’s intentional acts, and the families were barely provided any support for their loss. But, the judge had ordered all of the monster’s possessions and wealth to be auctioned off to the one asking in exchange for the highest price. 

Knowing everything about Jeffrey Dahmer so far, you must have been wondering why did he even turn into a nasty serial killer. This question will arise more because neither of his family members was ever involved in such deeds. Well, after he got arrested, he confessed to having an obsession with wanting to control his victims and possess them forever. He also agreed to keep their skulls and skeletons after keeping them. That was his way of keeping them to himself. When evaluated later, Jeffrey Dahmer was also diagnosed with a schizotypal personality disorder. 

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What do you think of the way Jeffrey Dahmer died?

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