Mark Harmon Affair: The Actor’s Dating Rumors Spark Once Again

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Actor Mark Harmon (Credits: The List)
Actor Mark Harmon (Credits: The List)

American actor Mark Harmon, most popularly known for his role in the political-drama series NCIS where he played the protagonist named Leroy Jethro Gibbs, is one of the established personalities in the entertainment industry who has been in the news for all the bad reasons. While the name “Gibbs” is one that is almost synonymous with his existence, the actor is also popular for another role he did for the political drama titled, The West Wing.

The actor is known for doing a number of guest roles for movies and television shows, with most of the characters revolving around government officials or medical professionals. It was in 1980 when the actor finally landed his first permanent role in a daily soap titled Flamingo Road. This brought an end to his guest-roles-only era and brought him iconic movies like Prince of Bel-Air, The Deliberate Stranger, Charlie Grace, Chicago Hope, and so many more.

The actor was also, at one point in his career, given the title of the “sexiest man alive” by People’s magazine. The actor has not limited himself to just acting. Instead, he has extended his creative self to both productions of shows with his own production company called Wings Production, which also produced the famous show NCIS: New Orleans, and the direction of shows like Chicago Hope and Boston Public.

Young Mark Harmon (Credits: People)
Young Mark Harmon (Credits: People)

The actor married his wife and co-star from the show Love Letters, Pam Dawber, on March 21st, 1987. The couple also has two sons, and the four presently live together. The couple, since after their marriage and kids, has kept their relationship lowkey, rarely ever showing their faces to the paparazzi. Not a lot is known about the actor and his heavily guarded personal life since the actor refuses to sit for interviews.

But finally, in a recent interview setting, Harmon opened up about his relationship with his wife and how the two have managed to keep their relationship going for decades now. 

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Harmon’s Apparent Affair

The actor has put forth a great example for his kids on how to work a marriage and keep it going for as long as possible. In an interview, the actor admitted to not being a perfect replica of his wife, claiming that the two were actually the complete opposite in many ways. He admitted fighting with his wife, Pam Dowber, a lot because of their difference, but for them, it never got to the point of ending their relationship with a divorce.

In his early career days, Harmon was known to have dated famous models and actresses like Karen Carpenter, Morgan Fairchild, Cristina Raines, and a few more, but his endgame happened with then-famous actress Pam Dowber. The latter was a great actress herself with a successful career ahead, but with their first son out, she decided to put her family above her career.

Mark Harmon with wife, Pam Dowber (Credits: WireImages)
Mark Harmon with his wife, Pam Dowber (Credits: WireImages)

While the two share an amazing relationship with each other, Harmon revealed that it took them time and work to get things right. With tabloid news of Harmon potentially being in an affair with every co-actresses the actor worked with or was seen with, it must have taken some effort to keep their marriage going strong.

A similar rumor of one of the leads of the series NCIS, Cote De Pablo dating Mark Harmon spread as the actress went around praising Mark and his contribution to the show in an exaggerated manner. While she continued to call their relationship special and family-like, fans were quick to assume that the two were having an affair.

De Pablo was quick to clear things up by revealing that she thought of him as a friend and a ‘father figure’ and nothing more. This is not new for Harmon and surely his wife, who get to wake up to the news of his potential affairs constantly. Harmon has revealed that his wife knows what she has done for the family and trusts Harmon enough to know that he is going to be the great father and husband he has always been. 

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Mark Harmon with NCIS co-star Cote De Pablo (Credits: Outsider)
Mark Harmon with NCIS co-star Cote De Pablo (Credits: Outsider)

He also revealed that the age that the couple got married, their thirties, must have also played some role in helping them keep their relationship going. He said that both he and his wife had done all of the stupid things youngsters wish to do and had then found each other when they were mature and over short-term flings.

He gives credit to their dynamics, their maturity, and his wife’s trust in him, which has kept their family tight together.

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