Bed Friend The Series Episode 6 Preview: What Will Happen Next?

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Bed Friend The Series Thai BL Series Episode 6 Preview
Bed Friend The Series Episode 6 Preview: What will happen next?

The first episode of Bed Friend, the Thai BL series debuted on February 18, 2023. Bed Friend, starring Net Siraphop Manithikhun and James Supamongkon Wongwisuthas garnered a lot of praise since its debut. Bed Friend is a BL series that you wouldn’t want to miss out on because new episodes are released every Saturday!

Finally, the Bed Friend Episode 6 release date has been revealed! Set to release this Saturday on March 25, 2023, the protagonist of the story is Uea, an extremely reclusive individual who despises casanovas intensely despite King being one. King and Uea are close friends with Jade and share an office. They don’t get along, but for some reason they suddenly start to have a certain “relation.”

In this relationship, that was formed purely on a superficial basis, something real between the two starts to emerge. As they begin to spend more time with one another, they realize how much they appreciate each other, and that their friends with benefits relationship isn’t enough – they’re in love!

Bed Friend Episode 5 Recap

Bed Friend Episode 5 begins with Uea and King sharing a romantic and intimate moment in the sunset together. After the steamy night that followed, they both wake up to go their respective ways on the way to work. There, Jade asks King where he had been yesterday, unaware that he was keeping Uea company. Jade tells King that his mother had been trying to reach him for a while but he was not picking up.

Bed Friend The Series Thai BL Series Episode 5 Recap
A still from Bed Friend Episode 5

Later, Uea and King go to a restaurant to eat food. Uea’s mother constantly texts him, asking him for money. On the other hand, King receives a call from his mother saying that she had arranged a match for him. Hearing this, Uea in his mind knew that the two of them had to come to a decision in terms of their relationship, and told King to think about what he will do with the offer.

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They end the night together and wake up next morning to their boss’ nephew Mr Kit, being the new IT Manager. Mr Kit seemed to have taken a fond interest in Uea, and tried to get to know him better. Two weeks after his arrival, Mr Kit tried to buy Uea an americano, but King was doubtful of his intentions and made sure he followed Uea to protect him from Mr Kit. 

However, the new member of the office does not back down. He is adamant on winning Uea over and tries to connect with him. He’s instantly shut down by King, then Uea himself and is forced to leave the two of them alone for now.  The episode ends with King and Uea spending the night together in each other’s warm embrace.

What to expect from Bed Friend Episode 6?

Bed Friend’s previous episode ended on a good note with King and Uea cuddled up in bed together, with Uea in King’s arms scared of the stormy weather that surrounded them. The upcoming episode of Bed Friend will witness Uea and King experimenting in their relationship, with a new addition to their intimate bed time.

Bed Friend The Series Episode 6 Preview What to expect
Bed Friend (2023)

King buys Uea a cat ear headband and asks him to wear it. As their relationship gets hot and steamy, will it be able to last long amid Uea’s personal family problems and King’s mother wanting him to get married? Bed Friend Episode 6 will reveal all the problems and tensions that Episode 5 left unaddressed. 

Apart from their blossoming romance, Mr Kit too is not one to back down! In Episode 6 of Bed Friend’s, he will be trying all necessary means in order to get closer to Uea. As the Manager, he will ask Uea to do tasks and activities in hopes of spending more time with him. What intentions does Mr Kit harbor? Is he really in love with Uea or is there a different reason to his desire for his attention?

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Bed Friend Episode 6 will be a witnessing a new development in King and Uea’s relationship, along with the lengths Mr Kit will go to in order to have Uea all to himself. 

Where to Watch Bed Friend Episode 6 

For Thai residents, GMM One will offer streaming access to every episode of Bed Friend The Series, including the upcoming Episode 6. The episodes will be available on their official Youtube Channel, Mandee Channel, iQIYI and GagaOOLala ( in selected regions) for viewers outside of Thailand

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