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Homes Under the Hammer Season 25 Episode 51: Release Date, How To Watch & Preview

Homes Under The Hammer
Homes Under the Hammer Season 25 Episode 51: Release Date. Cr: Google

Last Updated on September 29, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

The morning programming on BBC One features the British factual restoration and auction television program Homes Under the Hammer. Presenters Martin Roberts and Martel Maxwell, together with Dion Dublin, Jacqui Joseph, and Tommy Walsh, have been hosting the show since May 2003. Although Lucy Alexander, the show’s original host, left the show in 2016, fresh episodes with Alexander continued to air on occasion until 2022. With a 30% market share for new episodes, which translates to about 1.5 million viewers every episode, the series consistently ranks as the BBC’s most popular program in the 10 am time slot.

Along with houses and other residential property, commercial and industrial property is also featured on the show. Each episode follows several auction deals. These frequently require renovation or whole construction. Following the actual auction and sale price, a presenter and local estate agent deliver an appraisal of the property. The possibility for upgrades to the bought property is discussed, along with a projected budget. The show then returns to demonstrate the renovations that were made, maintaining this procedure for each house. A revised appraisal of the property is provided by a different estate agent once the remodeling is completed. To provide updates on the status of unfinished properties that were highlighted in previous episodes, the program began in 2019.

Season 25

Overview Of The Previous Episode

Recap Of The Previous Episodes

Martel is in St Helens, Merseyside, to inspect a three-bedroom mid-terrace home with some concerning indicators of moisture. She is also in a remote area of West Lothian, Scotland, to visit a four-bedroom detached property that has the potential to be a lovely family home but has seen better days. A one-bedroom apartment with a great view is available in Launceston, Cornwall, but the lease is just a few months long. Online auctions are used by developers to sell homes in Plymouth, Wallasey, and Tufnell Park to recoup their investment costs.

The developers of a Shropshire house that Martin falls in love with have the same emotions. The company also monitors renovations in Burnley and Lowestoft. Martin goes to Warwickshire to see a house built over a disjointed brewery that has a leaking roof and a strange design. Dion makes the trip to Staffordshire to view a three-bedroom mid-terrace property with a spacious backyard and sweeping views of Stoke-on-Trent. We next return to Nottinghamshire to learn what happened to a couple who had planned to live in an ancient farm building they had bought at auction.

A large semi-detached home in Wolverhampton, as well as upscale holiday properties in Llanfynydd and Blackpool, are auctioned off. Investors in the projects include identical twins, a long-distance runner, and an opera singer. Restorations can take a few weeks to many years, and homes in Surrey, Merseyside, and London are auctioned off. The projects’ budgets are also very different, and they are intended for the rental and resale markets.

Episode 51

Homes Under The Hammer Spoilers

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Homes Under the Hammer Season 25 Episode 51 Spoilers

A difficult-to-navigate four-bedroom terrace in Saddleworth, close to Oldham, a historically significant apartment in Blackheath, London, and a decaying cottage without a bathroom in Treherbert, south Wales, were all purchased at auction. The developers’ residences will be two of the projects, and the three developments will take a few months to many years to construct. At the auction, three properties are purchased: a charming cottage in New Mills, Powys; a bungalow in Bilston, West Midlands; and an end terrace in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, with potential as a vacation rental. Although the developers have set budgets, they must reassess them in light of rising building material prices.

All developers who have purchased homes online must contend with the escalating cost of construction supplies. They are engaged in projects in the West Midlands city of Wednesbury, Swansea’s Dunvant, and Norfolk’s Norwich.

Episode 51 Release date

Homes Under the Hammer Season 25 Visual

Homes Under the Hammer Season 25 Episode 51: Release Date

Homes Under the Hammer Season 25 Episode 51 will be released on Thursday, September 29, 2022.

How to Watch Homes Under the Hammer Season 25?

It will be streamed on BBC One, UK at 11:15 BST.


Members of the cast are Martin Roberts as Martin Roberts, Dion Dublin as Dion Dublin, Martel Maxwell as Martel Maxwell, Lucy Alexander as Lucy Alexander, Tommy Walsh as Tommy Walsh, Jacqui Joseph as Jacqui Joseph, Jasmine Birtles as Jasmine Birtles, Marc Woodward as Marc Woodward.

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