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Who Does Cid Kagenou End up With The Eminence of the Shadow?

Who does Cid Kagenou end up with?
Who does Cid Kagenou end up with?

A lot of people have fallen in love with a ton of Novels, Anime, and even Manga series of Japanese origin. Fan support is achieved only through delivering fantastic visuals and a gripping storyline. This is what the most-loved novels of Japan focus on giving the audience. “The Eminence in Shadow” belongs to the elite list of fan-favorite Japanese novels of all time. The novel is specifically targeted at young adults and is referred to as a light novel by the audience most of the time.

The Eminence of the Shadow originated as a light novel first, but soon after, it was published in the form of Manga and was even aired on Television. Due to its rapidly growing popularity, the creators of the masterpiece decided to infuse a little fun by creating a game based on the concept of the novel’s storyline, which was welcomed by fans happily. The Eminenc of the Shadow started to make its public appearance in the year 2018 in the form of a light novel and it is still running to be a successful Novel and Anime Television series.

The storyline of The Eminence of the Shadow has a strong essence of Dark Fantasy which is enjoyed by a lot of audiences. It has become the signature style of the entire novel series. We can see a little bit of fictional science as well, making this an interesting anime series to be on our watchlist. The Isekai genre reflects throughout the entire storyline, gradually improving the story’s progression along with its characters. The Novel series is far ahead of the Anime Television series, but a lot of fans prefer watching the episodes instead of reading volumes.

The novel series comprises 5 volumes and the manga series comprises 10 volumes. A total of 20 episodes have been aired to date. Every version of The Eminence of the Shadow portrays the same storyline. The novel series has attracted several spin-off shows due to its growing fanbase. A lot of fans love this novel series due to the story which has kept a lot of fans hooked. It talks about a normal guy who is allying to prepare for a fight, which he has the very least chance of winning.

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The plot of The Eminence of the Shadow

A young adult in Japan whose name is not disclosed is portrayed as a very lively character with fuming curiosity. He wants to stand out by doing something different and magical. The boy decides to master the unknown techniques of drawing sheer energy and power from the shadows. But unfortunately, he dies after getting hit by a truck. But it is not the end. Instead, it is only the beginning. The boy is now reborn into a world full of fantasy filled with wonderful ambiance and mystical creatures.

The boy is now given a name, Cid Kagenou, who is now our story’s main protagonist. Cid is leading a life of simplicity and does not do anything out of the ordinary as he did in his previous life. But his fire for doing something different hits him once again. He allies young adults to fight an evil secret organization called the Cult of Diablos. This is all a delusion for Cid and he is just doing these to fill his life with interesting things.

But little is known that Cid’s delusional story is true and the world is indeed run by a criminal organization named The Cult of Diablos. Cid and his team are preparing for a fight that they are not aware of. They are up against something far more, superior, powerful, and evil beyond them. Will they handle the battle or give in helplessly sums up the entire story? Now, a lot of fans are wondering with whom Cid has ended up in The Eminence of the Shadows. If you are looking for the same answer, read along and find out yourself!

Who does Cid Kagenou end up with?

The Eminence of Shadows

Who does Cid Kagenou End up with?

Romance was not given a lot of importance when it comes to The Eminence of Shadows. The main character, Cid Kagenou was not portrayed as a character who would emphasize emotions and relationships. But other young characters of the novel series are heavily impressed by Cid and his driven attitude. There are a lot of other female characters in the life of Cid Kagenou, most of them belonging to his alliance named the Shadow Garden.

Each of the possess unique qualities and they do have different personalities. There is a lot of speculation going on about who is going to end up with the star character Cid Kagenou. We have female characters named Akane, Alpha, Alexia, and others on the list of possible love interests of Cid. The protagonist has his share of experiences with each of the female leads of the novel series, but it is yet to be disclosed with whom he is going to end up during the final volume of the novel series.

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