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What To Expect From Outer Banks Season 2?

Outer Banks Season 2 Update

If you’re a teen-drama and mystery genre admirer, I am pretty sure you must have already watched the Outer Banks season last year. Not only watched but must be a fan just like all of us. Outer Banks was one of the Netflix releases that was appreciated and much loved by the viewers. The show is a must-watch. In case, you haven’t watched the show yet, I strongly advise you to do so.

Outer Banks Season 1 was an American. It is a television series teen drama with a genre blend of Action-adventure and mystery. This popular series was premiered via the online streaming service, Netflix last year. This was the greatest of hits and loved for different reasons such as the storyline, actors, mystery, and much more. Season 2 of Outer Banks has been a part of the talks for a quite long time now. We bring you everything you need to know about the much-awaited season through this article.

Previously On Outer Banks Season 1

The Outer Banks Season 1 followed the storyline of a group of teenagers who resided in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. This group of friends is on a mission to figure out what happened to the group’s leader John B’s father? They come across a legendary gem linked to John B’s father along the way and follow the clues to find it. The friend group, also known as the ‘Pogues’ attempts to conquer challenges such as drugs, passion, fights, affection, and money. They also come across a rich and superior gang known as the “Kooks” who act as a hindrance to the Pogues. The season was a short one with only 10 episodes.

Outer Banks Season 1 Ending

Outer Banks Season 2 Updates

A Still From Outer Banks Season 1

The finale episode or the 10th episode of Outer Banks was absolutely an interesting one. It was full of mysterious twists and suspense. The major mysteries which continued throughout the series were finally resolved. Outer Banks’ primary storyline revolved around two main mysteries. The first is the source of the lost treasure that John B and his “Pogues” intend to unearth. Second, if John B’s father was actually lost at sea and died. Each of these questions is answered by Sarah, a major character on the show. The long-lost treasure has been uncovered. Aside from that, Big John’s murder was also apprehended.

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Will There Be Outer Banks Season 2?

Yes, there will be Outer Banks Season 2. Luckily! There have been no updates, news, or in fact rumors about the cancellation of Season 2 of Outer Banks. We do not wish for any. Last year after the release of Outer Banks in April. Netflix in no time around July announced through their tweet about Outer Banks season 2.  It said ‘Outer Banks Season 2 Renewed.’ A goofy video of a few of the cast members of Outer Banks was also released announcing season 2 of the hit show. This caught everyone’s eye and got all the fans excited.

Outer Banks Season 2 Updates

A Picture Of the Outer Banks Cast

When Will Outer Banks Season 2 Release?

Sadly, there is no confirmed release date for Outer Banks Season 2. Outer Banks Season 2 like every other show got delayed for its production due to the unfortunate hit of COVID 19. It got back to work with all the COVID  precautions in an undisclosed location. In September 2020, the directors, crew team, and cast members commenced with the production once again. The filming was done and completed by January 2021.

Outer Banks season 1 wrapped shooting in October 2019 and was released in April 2020, about six months later. If the same holds true for Season 2, the next season will premiere in or near July 2021. We shouldn’t foresee any new Outer Banks episodes on Netflix until at least mid-2021.

Outer Banks Season 2 Trailer

No official website has yet released a trailer for Outer Banks Season 2. Netflix trailers are normally released a month before the series premieres. But, as anticipated, the second season must be on the way. We must expect that the trailer to release shortly. Maybe in April itself, nobody knows! When it comes to Season 2 of ‘Outer Banks’, it might be scheduled to debut in mid-summer 2021.

So, there’s nothing to be concerned with. We’ll keep you posted as soon as the trailer or any other details about the second season of Outer Banks becomes available. Stay in touch with us.

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