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If You Wish Upon Me Season 1 Cast: Who Are In The Medical Kdrama?

If You Wish Upon Me Cast
If You Wish Upon Me

The ongoing drama If You Wish Upon Me Season 1 cast members have caught viewers’ attention! The newly released medical life drama revolves around an ex-convict, Yoon Gyeo Ree, who tries to lead his life despite going through an abused and miserable past. After receiving an order by a court to serve his community service at an end-of-life facility, things start to change for him. Working with Team Genie, which fulfills those patients’ last wishes, and nurse Seo Yeon Joo, Yoon Gyeo Ree’s life takes a new turn where he learns the true meaning of living! 

If You Wish Upon Me is a medical life drama written by Jo Ryeong Soo and directed by Kim Yong Wan. The drama premiered on 10 August 2022 on the KBs2 channel. It’s a sixteen-episode series. Therefore, fans need to buckle up since it will be an emotional roller coaster ride. Furthermore, the trailers and posters clearly hint that it will be a tearjerker kdrama. However, the heart-warming chemistry between Ji Chang Wook, Choi Soo Young, and Sung Dong Il will be the series’ highlight. Thus, it’s not surprising that many fans look forward to If You Wish Upon Me cast members’ performances! 

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Ji Chang Wook

The South Korean actor Ji Chang Wook has a huge fanbase not only in his home country but also at the international level. He rose to a new level of popularity due to exceptional performances in various dramas and films. Began with a minor role in Days… and You Stole My Heart Ji Chang Wook has come so far. His notable roles in dramas include Smile Again‘s Dong Hae, Warrior Baek Dong Soo‘s Baek Song Soo, Healer‘s Paek Bong Soo, Empress Ki‘s Ta Hwan, The K2‘s Kim Je Ha, Lovestruck in the City‘s Paek Jae Won, The Sound of Magic‘s Lee Eul and many more!  

If You Wish Upon Me Ji Chang Wook

Ji Chang Wook Cr: KBS2

With such a vast acting background, Ji Chang Wook is cast as Yoon Gyeo Ree in KBS2’s If You Wish Up Me Season 1. He plays a young ex-convict who volunteers at a hospice hospital after going through an orphanage, a juvenile detention center, and a prison. 

Sung Dong Il

Sung Dong Il is one of the prominent actors in South Korea who has been working in the industry since 1987. Began with theater and supporting roles, Song Dong Il climbed the ladder of success and made his name. His role in Love in 3 Colors, 200 Pounds Beauty, Take Off, The Suicide Forecast, and many more made him one of Korean cinema’s most reliable supporting actors. With rising stardom, Song Dong Il played many major roles, such as Mr. Go‘s Seong Chung Su, The Slave Hunter‘s Chun Ji Ho, Reply 1997‘s Sung Dong Il, etc. 

If You Wish Upon Me Sung Dong Il

Song Dong Il Cr: KBS2

So here, as one of the leading stars of If You Wish Upon Me cast, Sung Dong Il plays Kang Tae Shik character. He is the leader of the volunteer group, Team Genie, which grants the last wishes of hospice hospital patients. 

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Choi Soo Young

From being a member of one of South Korea’s popular groups, ‘Girls’ Generation,’ Choi Soo Young ventured into the acting profession. She has starred in numerous dramas and movies such as Dating Agency: Cyrano, My Spring Days, Man in the Kitchen, Girl Cops, Squad 38, Tell Me What You Saw, Run On, New Year Blues, So I Married the Anti-fan, and many more! Thus, no doubts that besides being an excellent singer, Choi Soo Young is an impressive actress. 

If You Wish Upon Me Cast

Choi Soo Young Cr: KBS2

Therefore, Choi Soo Young as Seo Yeon Joo is one of the leads of If You Wish Upon Me Season 1 cast! She is a nurse with a bright and cheerful personality, working at a hospice hospital. 

If You Wish Upon Me Season 1 Other Cast Members

Besides the main leads, we meet various new and old faces as members of KBS2’s If You Wish Upon Me cast. For instance, Team Genie includes Yang Hee Kyung, Gil Hae Yeon, Yoo Soo Woong, Jae Chae Eun, Park Jung Pyo, and Shin Joo Hwan. Furthermore, the drama starred Woo Ji An, Park Jin Joo, Jung Dong Hwan, Nam Tae Hoon, and many more as the supporting cast. 

With such an outstanding cast, there is no doubt the medical life kdrama will steal viewers’ hearts. So don’t forget to check out If You Wish Upon Me on KBS2, ViuTV, and Rakuten Viki (English Subtitle available) to know how Yoon Gyeo Ree and Team Genie’s journey goes! 

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