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‘See You Again Episodes 9 & 10’ Release Date: Who Attacked Qin Yu?

how to watch see you again ep 9 and 10
See You Again (2022)

Hu Yitian is not only famous in China, but the young actor has amassed a following across the world. His hit drama “Love is Beautiful” has made him a bankable star in China. And when he comes with a drama, people don’t even skip an episode. This time, he’s back on the screen with a fantasy drama called “See you again.” The drama involves time travel, suspense, mystery, and, of course, romance. Fans have enjoyed the recent episodes so much that they want to know when ‘See you again episodes 9 & 10’ will premiere.

Before we reveal the ‘See you again episode 9 &10 release dates,’ let’s fill in for those who missed the last episode of See you again. In the previous episode, we saw Yu making food for A Yin, and they discussed Qin Yu’s mom. Later, Yu realizes that Li Longda knows what happened to him the other night. But because Longda was envious of him, he didn’t tell the cops. Qin Yu wants to know who smacked him and pushed him into the water.

He has planned on staying away from the public eye, so the person who attacked him thinks he’s dead while he investigates the attacker’s identity. He finally finds Longda and asks him about that attacker. Longda says it was a man wearing a black mask and a black hat. He was wearing spectacles too. Yu later pulls out a photo of a film crew from his pocket. He points out a girl in the picture and asks if Longda knows her.

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how to watch see you again 2022

Hu Yi Tian and Chen Yu Qi star in See you again

Longda explains she is his ex-makeup artist. Yu asks for Longda’s help to find her. After such an eventful and thrilling previous episode, fans want to know when is “See you again, episodes 9 &10” coming out. Don’t worry, Hu’s fans; we’ve got your back. We will be revealing the ‘See you again episodes 9 &10 release date as well as how to watch See you again episodes 9 &10. Dig in to find out.

What Is ‘See You Again’ About?

The story unfolds as one of the Republican era prominent stars, Xiang Qin Yu, played by Hu Yi Tian, disappears. Qin Yu has a bright acting future and a promising career. But all of Qin Yu’s ambitions and dreams were abruptly dashed by a startling turn of events. Injured on the set of his most recent movie, Qin Yu awakens to discover that he has been mysteriously transferred to the future. Qin Yu used to be a familiar and beloved face, but now he is simply one among many.

‘See you again’ Preview

Chen Yu Qi plays A Yin, a scriptwriter unknown to Qin Yu, who helps him and allows him to stay with her. With A Yin by his side, Qin Yu starts his quest for the truth, determined to discover what transpired on-set that tragic day. Feelings naturally begin to grow as the two get closer, but after Qin Yu learns the truth about his background, they drift apart.

Parental Guide

Parents might need to know about the ‘See you again’ certifications before watching it with their kids. So, here it goes. The rating PG-13 warns parents that the associated material might not be ideal for children under 13. Stronger language, prolonged acts of violence or sexual assault, or drug use may fall under this category.

See You Again Episode 9 & 10: Release Date

When will ‘See you again Episodes 9 & 10’ come out? ‘See you again Episodes 9 & 10’ are ready to air on the 7th of September 2022. The episodes will release on Wednesday at 5:00 pm. Two new episodes of See you again are released daily at 5:00 pm in every country. There are a total of 30 episodes.

See You Again Episodes 9 & 10: Streaming Details

Where will ‘See you again Episodes 9 & 10’ be released? ‘See you again Episodes 9 & 10’ will be streamed on iQIYI and Rakuten VIKI platforms. iQIYI offers you two plans, VIP and non-VIP. VIPs will be able to stream the two episodes daily, while non-VIP users will be able to see one episode per day, a day later than VIP members. A VIP subscription for iQIYI is available for $8.99 per month. VIKI has two plans, $4.99 per month and $49.99 per year.

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