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Preview and Recap: Batwoman Season 2 Episode 5

The Batwoman series has been a smash hit for some time now. Season 2 of the show has started and the hype is through the roof. This time around we have a new batwoman and she is just amazing. they didn’t completely change the story from the first season, they did something much better.

Usually, when the main character leaves a show it leaves a gaping hole that is very hard to be filled. this in turn causes them to completely change the plotline of the show thereby altering everything they had been building up. Fans aren’t very enthusiastic about such situations but at most times there isn’t anything else that can be done.

But the people behind Batwoman have taken a much better route to solve the issue of the change in main characters. What they have done is they beautifully wrote in the change of the character to the story. We now have a story where the departure of the main character is a very important plot point.

Also, the new character is sworn in as the new Batwoman in the best way possible. Usually in such scenarios of the main character changing we see two things happening, the old character may be killed off, or two they won’t even address the issue. The show didn’t do both and came up with a great story.


Batwoman first made an appearance in Elseworlds, which is in the Arrowverse. After the character was much loved by everyone and with the growing popularity for it a show just for her couldn’t be overlooked. And then came Batwoman on CW.

Ruby Rose was cast as the Batwoman for the first season and she did a spectacular job in building up an amazing franchise for the character. But before the second season started she left the character behind, the show has stated that this decision was mutual.

The correct reason for this sudden departure is not stated, but we do know that a back surgery Rose had played a huge part in it.


Batwoman 1

So the story for Batwoman takes place in Gotham City where Batman is nowhere to be seen. He isn’t dead, well maybe he is, but no one knows for sure where the Dark knight is. Event with Batman around we all know how chaotic the situation in Gotham is, so with him gone every crime has gone through the roof.

Now the duty of keeping the city in check falls on Batwoman, and saying she has a lot on her plate is an understatement. The first season starts with Kate Kane dawning the mantle of Batwoman and swearing to protect the city from all evil.

The biggest evil right now is no one other than her sister Alice who was supposed to be dead but isn’t. Now let’s jump forward to what has happened in the second season.

We are brought up to speed about what has happened to our previous Batwoman Kate Kane. She was on her way back on an airplane but it crashes due to some reason. her body is never found but her suit is found by an ex-con named Ryan Wilder who now takes up the role.

Season 2 Episode 5

Batwoman 3

Batwoman is approached by some familiar faces to help them with stealing a piece of art that potentially will reveal the way to a location they have been looking for for a long time right now. We also see Alice dealing with some troubles where she is trying to remember some parts of her memory.

Batwoman Season 2 Episode 5 will be released on 21st February 2021 and will be named Gore On Canvas.

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