The Real Story Behind Humpty Dumpty: Where Did it Come From?

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humpty dumpty real story

According to the story, Humpty Dumpty was a cannon. During the Civil War, it was employed. Unfortunately, it was demolished by cannonballs, & poor old Humpty Dumpty sank into a marsh and was never salvageable. Yet here we are, many years later, with a fresh poetic interpretation of the tale repeated so often that its original significance and context have vanished into a simple fairy tale.

So perhaps it’s time to brush off the old proverb and adapt it to the current situation. Let’s come together and build an exciting base for the current narrative—an updated version of an old classic.

The Begining 

The beginning of money will be the central theme of our story. First, we will examine the Greek Obol, the Diobol—you guessed it, two Obols—then the Triobol & Tetrobol, three and four Obols, respectively. The world’s oldest money still in use is the Drachma, which for some inexplicable reason, equals 6 Obols.

Electrum, a Lydian stater, comprised of a mixture of gold and silver coined approximately 600 BCE and regarded by experts as the oldest coin still in circulation, must be considered if we want to go deep. It’s also important to remember the Chinese.

Their coins had an ingenious design; they were spherical with a square hole in the middle that could be linked. As a result, the Chinese were the first to create and use paper money for merchants who could no longer carry cumbersome strands of coins.

humpty dumpty real story

In contrast, the UN now recognizes more than 180 different currencies. They are utilized globally in 195 nations. With 66 nations “pegging” their currencies to the US Dollar, the USD is the most widely used currency. Furthermore, USD is the most widely accepted currency worldwide and is utilized in more than 30 nations.

Effect of Cryptocurrencies on Humpty Dumpty

Digital currencies have increased as a result of Bitcoin and Ethereum. While Ethereum is positioned to overtake Bitcoin as the dominant player in blockchain ledgers & smart contracts, Bitcoin is an alternate store of value. The plot is the same in many ways because Humpty Dumpty is perched on a wall and might take a terrible tumble. 

In our scenario, the wall stands in for all of the “fiat” cash that is gathered together and grows larger and greater as inflation and central banks issue trillions upon trillions of new coins. All of this seems to be saying that we don’t need a strong foundation for money; all we need to do is create more of it and pile it up, building a wall of money.

Humpty Dumpty is an older man who is only sitting on a wall. He ascends higher & higher through into the sky until it is impossible to see the bottom. Finally, he soars above the clouds, which impairs his vision. Little does he realize that he is about to fall. Yet, everything appears to be in order. While the wall turns into a mountain of debt and other paper that has no foundation and will collapse on our unaware Humpty, our Humpty is content.

humpty dumpty real story

History of Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty, according to history, was a giant cannon that belonged to King Charles I’s followers. During the English Civil War, it was employed to seize possession of the city of Colchester. When a salvo of cannonballs decimated the church tower on which the cannon was mounted, Humpty was launched into the marshlands below.

Humpty was found, but the gun was too damaged to be fixed. In any considerable metropolis, look up. You’ll frequently note that the ivory spires are now the banks rather than the churches, as was once the case. Shining structures are meant to catch our attention and say.

Like the old cannon sat atop the old church steeple, Humpty is perched on his perch. It was a powerful and feared weapon that allowed the King to control a sizable portion of the nation’s riches. Undoubtedly strong, Humpty Dumpty currently observes the entire area in front of it. Humpty wants us to think he is above suspicion and has complete control.

He ascends into the air with ever-increasing amounts of cash as if to proclaim, “I am the master of the land,” and my wall will secure me. No one can get ahold of me anymore. Thompson, with one eye, then appears! His purpose is admirable and precise. He wants to ensure that every citizen has an equal opportunity to pursue their goals of happiness, liberty, and life.

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