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Top 10 K-Dramas Adapted From Webtoons

Top 10 K-Dramas Adapted From Webtoons

Many K-Dramas are based on Webtoons surging in popularity nowadays. Webtoons are a kind of digital comic which is very popular and is widely searched. Well, there has been a huge demand for K-Dramas adapted from Webtoons over the years. Many wanted to watch their favorite artist acting on K-Drama that is based on Webtoons. Shows like Love Alarm and Mystic Pop up bar geared high in digital platforms. We have a list of the Top 10 K-Dramas Adapted From Webtoons.

1. Rugal

K-drama that are based on webtoon


Rugal aired in 2020 and is based on the original webtoon. It throws a spotlight on Kang Ki-beom, who is one of the supreme policemen in South Korea. He aims to chase Argos, one of the dangerous criminal organizations in the town. Meanwhile, in this process, Kang’s wife is aimed at and hit by one of the men sent by Argos. Also, Kang is framed by Argos, which leads to a painful sight. After Kang is admitted to NIS and undertakes a special project or task known as Rugal. Rugal has participants who have advance technologies like biotechnologies. Afterward, Kang improves his eyesight with the help of artificial eyeballs and catches the culprits of his wife.

2. Method to hate you

This is a drama series produced in 2019. A mini-series with a cast of four: Han DaeGang, Oh Miri, Go EunThae, and LeeDasom. Han DaeGang is in love with the manga series and is a fresher. People often think that he is rude but turns out to be different from the inside. He falls in love with Miri during the project and tries to control his feelings. Miri loves her best friend’s boyfriend. Han DaeGang does not want to acknowledge his one-sided love, and the same goes for  Miri. LeeDasom is the best friend of Miri and is in a loyal relationship. It is a complicated love series with complicated bonding. Who will Miri fall in last?

3. Memorist

This is one of the realistic series based on webtoon. The series goes on with two characters Dong Baek and Kim So-mi. Dong Baek is a normal school going guy until he discovers his superpowers. When he touches an individual, he can read out the individual’s memories. After possessing such supernatural powers, he becomes a detective in the police with the help of other’s opinions. Then he collaborates with his other talented team members. With the assistance of Han Su-mi, he tries to solve a case and prevents further deaths. During the course of protecting, both their past begins to unravel, which causes further problems. The best part is that even though they have superpowers, but that didn’t help them much. They have to pass my hurdles to chase the evil.

4. Cheese in the Trap

Cheese in the Trap

The drama revolves around Hong Seol and Yoo Jung. Hong Seol is a struggling student who aims at pursuing the scholarship. Jung is a rich student from an aristocratic background. He seems a nice, kind, and charming person. But all is deceptive because he is manipulative and uses another person for his own benefit. Seoul is aware of his hideous behavior and finds herself caught in the trap of his behavior. Her life becomes miserable, and she takes a break from her school. The next time when she is in school, she has a scholarship that Jung aims for. After that, Jung asks her for a date. Although she isn’t aware of the person, he is now. They both end in a long-distance relationship. This gets more complicated after the arrival of Jung’s childhood friends.

5. What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim

The story revolves around Lee Young-Joon and Kim Mi-so. Lee Young-Joon is the vice-chairman of a known corporation. But after nine years of working with him, Kim Mi-So resigns from her position. Kim is a very hardworking and talented secretary. But Lee doesn’t want any alternative other than her, and therefore he talks to his friend. His friend is a board director in the same company. Lee tries very hard to stop her resignation, but Kim is determined to find ways to get through her trauma. The twist comes when both discover that they had experienced the same trauma of getting kidnapped when they were toddlers. Eventually helping each other out, they fall in love.

6. Love Alarm

Love Alarm

This series is about an app that was created known as Joalarm. The function of the Joalarm is that anyone who likes and is within the range of 10, the alarm rings. The apps have some great advantages and disadvantages too. The app only specifies the number of likes but not who are the people who liked them. Kim is a high school student and is pretty. Her parents died when she was young, and she used to live with her aunt. She doesn’t have the app. Hwang Sun- oh is a rich male student in the same school. He is devoid of the love of his parents. His best friend Lee Hye Young develops feeling for Kim, and he knows it through the app. Just for confirmation, he kisses Kim.

7. Her Private Life

K-Dramas Adapted From Webtoons

Her Private Life

It is a romantic drama that speaks about a fangirl, Sung Deok-Mi. She is a talented chief curator in a museum where she is a fan of a member of the group Shi-an. Owing to her passionate feelings about Shi-an, she faces many personal breakups. She also runs a website for him secretly. She is very particular about her work life, and she runs that website in her private life. One day Ryan becomes a director in the same museum and works with her. Ryan was a supreme painter, but now he doesn’t paint anymore. Ryan does not take much interest in other people’s lives but educates himself about this fangirl whom he works with.

8. Tale Of Nokdu

Top 10 K-Dramas Adapted From Webtoons

Tale of NokDu

NokDu lives on an island with his father, and he has a big dream of getting educated. He has excellent skills as a swordsman and also has athletic abilities. After an incident, he disguises himself as a woman to join a community with only female members. There, he meets Dong Dong Joo, who is a strict trainee. She is escaping from her fate, kisaeng. Although she is good at practical skills but lacks the skills needed for kisaeng. She is aiming to destroy people who did wrong to her family using the skills. Watch Tale of NokDu.

9. Itaewon Class

K-Dramas Adapted From Webtoons

Itaewon Class

The story revolves around a young boy Park Sae-Ro-Yi who punches his classmate Jang Geun-Won for bullying. The twist lies in when his father works under the classmate’s father, whom he punched. As a result, he got expelled, and his father got fired. Soon his father died in an accident that was planned by the Jang. After knowing this, Park beats him in full rage and gets arrested and stays in prison. In the time of prison, he decides to take revenge for his father’s death. As soon as he is released from jail, he opens a famous restaurant in Seoul and destroys the company of Jagga’s father. Meanwhile, he joins his restaurant and works there as a manager, and falls in love.

10. Mystic Pop-up bar

Top 10 K-Dramas Adapted From Webtoons

Mystic Pop-up bar

Wol-Ju runs a food cart known as Ssanggab Cart Bar that opens only at night on the rooftop. Along with her joins Han Kang-bae and an afterlife detective called Chief Gwi. The customers over there are basically normal and people who are dead. They drink and eat with Wol-Ju and talk their problems out. Kang bae is usually very different, and if he touches an individual, the individual can pour their problems out. This is very beneficial for  Wol-Ju, who needs to settle the grudges of many souls.

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