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Who Is Mick Schumacher’s Girlfriend In 2023? The Racing Driver’s New Love Interest

Formula One

Want to know who Mick Schumacher’s girlfriend is in 2023? Well, the Formula One racing driver is currently at the top of the news for not feeling right about watching “Drive to Survive.” Keeping this aside for a while, his fans have been wondering if Mick has gotten someone special in his life. Falling in love has nothing to do with age, time, or other factors. It can happen to anyone, and at any time. Before that, let’s briefly discuss Mick Schumacher’s prominence. 

Starting from the basics, Mick Schumacher is quite young but is doing wonders in the motorsports field. Born in 1999, Mick is now 23 years. It’s just a few days. Soon, he will be turning 24. Mick hails from Vaud, Switzerland. 

By the age itself, you must have understood that Mick has just started his career in this field. It’s not been a long time. When it comes to his achievements, Mick Schumacher successfully made it to the 2018 FIA Formula 3 European Championship. After a couple of years, he won the 2020 FIA Formula 2 Championship. 

It is very much evident why Mick is so good at motorcar racing. Guess, why? Well, he has inherited the skills from his family. Keeping everyone aside, the significant one has been Mick’s father, Michael. He reportedly became the Formula One World Champion, not just once but seven times. He has always been his “idol” and “role model.” Now, Mick races for the Mercedes AMG Formula One Team and McLaren. 

Coming back to Mick Schumacher’s personal life, the motor racing driver has someone special in his life. Yes! Your assumption isn’t vague. Someone has stolen his heart and both are doing great. Now, you must have one question- who is she? If you are looking for who Mick Schumacher’s girlfriend in 2023 is, here are your answers. 

Who Is Mick Schumacher's Girlfriend In 2023?

Mick Schumacher

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Meet Mick Schumacher’s Girlfriend In 2023: Who Is She? 

Talking about his love interest, Mick Schumacher’s girlfriend in 2023, more specifically, as in March, is Justine Huysman. Both are very much in love. But, who is she? What does she do? These questions must have been raised in your mind. Right? 

Well, Mick Schumacher’s girlfriend, Justine Huysman is the daughter of Harald Huysman. In case you don’t know, Harald is the former racing driver and athlete manager too. You will be more amazed to know that both of their parents- Michael Schumacher and Harald Huysman are very good friends, as their professions also used to be similar. So, we may say that their families are connected as well. 

Well, Justine Huysman was first spotted to be by Mick’s side during his test drives in Bahrain. That fueled the rumors of both being a romantic pair. It’s not known since when Mick and Justine are dating. But, fans are convinced that it’s been a long time, as their families also seemed to have accepted their bond. It’s going great between the two. 

Who Is Mick Schumacher's Girlfriend In 2023?

Justine Huysman: Mick Schumacher’s rumored girlfriend

Not to forget to mention, neither Mick Schumacher nor Justine Huysman has made their relationship official. However, his eagle-eyed fans are very clever to even understand what’s cooking between the two of them. It seems like Mick wants to keep the details of his love life, away from public attention. Undoubtedly, the racing driver is a secretive person. That’s fine though!

Nothing much about Mick Schumacher’s girlfriend, Justine Huysman is known. She also seems to be a bit of a private person, despite being born to a renowned racer. 

Best Wishes to Mick Schumacher for the upcoming days of his life. We are eagerly waiting for his next racing competition. Make sure you follow Mick on his Instagram account for more updates. We would love it more if Mick Schumacher makes an official announcement regarding his romantic relationship with Justine Huysman. He has our love and support! 

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