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Jack o’ Frost Episode 3: Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide

Ritsu and Fumiya
Jack o' Frost

The release date of Jack o’ Frost Episode 3 is out! For those who missed the previous episode, here, we will provide you with a detailed recap of the previous episode along with the release date and the streaming guide for the upcoming one.

The Japanese BL (Boy’s Love) drama, Jack o’ Frost premiered its first episode on February 17, 2023. The drama revolves around the story of an illustrator, Ritsu, and an ordinary office-goer, Fumiya. They meet at a coffee shop for the first time and click. With time, they get into a relationship, but after a few years, when Fumiya suggests a breakup, Ritsu meets with an accident, where he loses all his memories about Fumiya. Now, while taking care of Fumiya as a roommate, and helping him to regain his memory, Fumiya starts falling in love with Ritsu again. Therefore, it will be interesting to see how the two men start their relationship afresh and whether Ritsu regains his memory or not.

Jack o’ Frost Episode 2 opens with Fumiya making breakfast when Ritsu comes into the kitchen and offers to make the breakfast. Fumiya is surprised to see this and says that Ritsu said the same thing when they first started living together, and further adds that Ritsu always used to make breakfast. Hearing it, Ritsu becomes happy and starts cooking.

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Jack o’ Frost Episode 2 Recap

Next, Fumiya, Ritsu, and his brother are seen consulting a doctor. The doctor informs them that Ritsu’s partial memory loss seems to be a side effect of cerebral swelling, as a result, he might regain some memories but not all. Everything depends on the condition of the brain. This worries Fumiya and Ritsu’s brother.

While Ritsu is held back by the doctor for a further check, Fumiya and Ritsu’s brother sit outside. There, Fumiya reveals that he has broken up with Ritsu on the day Ritsu met with the accident. This shocks Ritsu’s brother but he tries to understand. He asks whether Fumiya has talked to Ritsu about the breakup, and Fumiya says that he does not plan to do it as he wants to fix everything and start their relationship afresh.

Fumiya, Ritsu and his brother

Jack o’ Frost Episode 2

Fumiya feels that everything has been reset. Ritsu’s brother further says that he won’t reveal the to his brother about the breakup until Fumiya does, but he thinks that it is not fair that Ritsu does not remember but he does, about their relationship. Fumiya gets it but he is satisfied with how things are going well between Ritsu and him at the moment.

At home, Fumiya looks and the calendar and gets reminded of Ritsu’s birthday, which is coming up on Valentine’s day. He puts down the calendar. He looks for a photo frame in the house. After searching for a while, he finds a photo framed of Ritsu kissing Fumiya. On removing the photo from the frame, Fumiya finds a sketch of Fumiya inside.

Later, Fumiya makes some special dish for Ritsu and serves it on the table. On the other hand, Ritsu is seen working on his sketches. Fumiya sees him and before he calls him to eat, he gets reminded of the past.

We see, in a flashback, that when Fumiya used to make food for them to eat together, Ritsu would pass on eating together as he was always busy working. This used to make Fumiya sad as he had to eat alone.

Back to the present, as Fumiya comes out of the daze, he gets startled to see Ritsu sitting in front of him, waiting for him to start eating together. Fumiya says that if he is concentrating on his work, then he can eat later. In reply, Ritsu says that he thinks it is better to eat together as the food tastes tastier then. Ritsu appreciates Fumiya’s cooking and finds the flavor familiar. He says that Fumiya has definitely made the dish for him before too.

Fumiya and Ritsu's brother

Jack o’ Frost Episode 2

After some time, Ritsu asks Fumiya about the type of relationship they had between them. Fumiya replies that when they first met, both of them were broke, but they got along well. So, they agreed to rent an apartment together as it would be cheaper and get closer.

Later, Fumiya meets with Tomoko, his neighbor. She says that it is good that Ritsu is at least alive. She further goes on to talk about her boyfriend and her not being on good terms recently. Therefore, sometimes she wanted to start everything over again. At that moment, Fumiya says that even Ritsu and he was not on good terms before the accident. Tomoko says that she could hear them arguing from her flat. She advises him to not make the same mistakes again and speak his mind more often to Ritsu as she knows that Fumiya is not good at it.

At home, Fumiya comes into Ritsu’s room to find him trying to get his artistic vision back. Time goes by as Ritsu keeps trying to make his art better. Fumiya helps him.

Later, Ritsu says that he wants to take a walk in places where they have been together to trigger his memories.

At night, Fumiya and Ritsu are seen taking a walk through familiar places. Then Fumiya takes Ritsu to their usual coffee shop. There, Ritsu asks Fumiya where he used usually sits. Fumiya looks at a corner table and gets reminded of their first meeting.

Ritsu and Fumiya

Jack o’ Frost Episode 2

In the flashback, Fumiya enters the coffee shop and sees Ritsu sitting at the corner table, listening to music. Ritsu notices him. He, then, starts sketching Fumiya’s face on a small piece of paper. After some time, when Fumiya crosses Ritsu’s table, he notices Ritsu’s sketch (the same sketch which Fumiya found at home, earlier from the photo frame). He stops to ask Ritsu to compliment his drawing skills. Then, both are seen sitting at Fumiya’s table, where Fumiya is going through all the artworks of Ritsu. Ritsu introduces him as an illustrator. When Fumiya again compliments his artwork, Ritsu says that he found Fumiya handsome, so he could not stop himself from drawing him. He was an interesting subject to him. Further, they bond over a cup of coffee.

Back to the present, Fumiya lies that he does not remember the exact table where Ritsu used to sit. Ritsu says that the classical music and the smell of coffee seem familiar to him. He further says that he thinks that if he keeps looking at Fumiya’s face, then he might regain his memories. This flusters Fumiya.

Fumiya and Ritsu

Jack o’ Frost Episode 2

Next, Fumiya and Ritsu take a walk by a lake, when Ritsu says that he thinks that his memories with Fumiya must be wonderful ones, so he wants to get them back. Fumiya says that it is good that he forgot about him. At that moment, Ritsu gets a call and gets to know about a villa by the lake that he booked before the accident. After the call, Ritsu asks Fumiya whether he ever mentioned a villa before. Fumiya denies. Then Ritsu shows the email, where the location and the picture of the house are sent. Seeing this, Fumiya gets surprised, as it is the villa where both of them consummated their relationship for the first time.

The episode ends with Ritsu asking Fumiya to go to the villa, next week, along with him. Fumiya agrees.

Jack o’ Frost Episode 3 Preview:

The upcoming episode will show Ritsu and Fumiya reaching the pre-booked villa, and reminiscing about their memories. Their relationship gets closer.

Jack o’ Frost Episode 3 Release Date

Jack o’ Frost Episode 3 will be released on March 3, 2023, at 1:30 a.m. For the international audience, the time schedule is given below:

  • Indian Standard Time: 10:00 pm
  • Eastern Standard Time: 11:30 a.m. (previous day)
  • British Standard Time: 5:30 pm
  • Australian Standard time: 3:30 am.

Jack o’ Frost Episode 3 Streaming Guide

Jack o’ Frost Episode 3 will be available on the streaming platforms, GagaOOlala and Rakuten Viki at the above-mentioned timings.

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