Snowfall Season 6 Ending Explained: Franklin Gets What He Deserved

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Snowfall Season 6 Explained
Franklin at the End of Season 6 (CC: FX)

From the cinematography, the writing, and the performance of Damson Idris, along with the rest of the cast and crew, these six seasons along Snowfall Season 6 Ending, have proved one thing Damson Idris mastered the role of Franklin, and he certainly deserves his recognition for his award-winning performance.

The writing did a great job of circling back around season one, where Franklin got the ending he definitely deserved. He ended up just like his father Alton, walking down the same street he, Leon, and Kevin used to walk down. Franklin paid the ultimate price and watched his empire crumble. Those he loved are dead in jail or gone, and ultimately everybody around him decided Franklin didn’t deserve his money.

Now, whether you’re chasing Power, Powder, Respect, or even a High or a Dollar, ultimately these things have the potential to ruin your life. On the flip side, if you use money and power for good, you can make a positive change in the world, just like Sissy was trying to do with the homeless shelter. But Leon said it best “Wherever he had was blood money”.

In the end, Franklin got what he deserved for all the pain and suffering he caused his community.

Snowfall Season 6 Finale Explained

As Franklin goes to visit Cissy, there wasn’t really much empathy shown by Franklin. He doesn’t say that he’ll get her plea tossed but warns her not to run her mouth because they will stringer up in jail. But the conversation turns pretty nasty pretty quickly.

Snowfall Season 6 Explained
Franklin with Cissy (CC: FX)

When Franklin eventually makes it about money, and that’s all it was for Franklin Saint. Despite looking at his mother in a prison jumpsuit, it was all about money for Frank. So she stuck by what she told him in episode 9, “she was done with him”. And without saying a word, she walks away. Now Franklin did come back for a second visit after the events that unfolded with Veronique.

While Frankie was at Cissy’s house, one of his biggest competitors knocked on the door, Paul Davies. He offered to buy Franklin out of his Spring Street deal, and how Veronique approached him about the idea. But this was a deal that Franklin refused, and then he turned on Veronique, arguably the one person who was left in his corner. He told Veronique that he made a deal to sell the South Central properties so he could find out Soring Street for as long as possible, but she knew he made a huge mistake.

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Franklin Looses All His Money

Franklin definitely built this empire brick by brick, but let’s not get it twisted. He had the help of Uncle Jerome, Aunt Louis, Leon and Cissy, and also Veronique, along with a few others along the way. Now, something I previously mentioned was how Franklin was too far gone and his putting his hands around Veronique’s neck was the last straw for her.

When Franklin goes to the bank later on to get a credit line, he learns out that Veronique has pretty much emptied the account. She took around $800,000 before leaving, and Franklin only has himself to blame. She was the one person who told him to calm down and come back so they could talk about it and made the best possible move in a bad situation by approaching Paul Davis to buy Spring Street. Franklin was the one who forced Veronique out now.

Snowfall Season 6 Ending
Franklin with Veronique (CC: FX)

This is when Franklin returns for a second visit to Cissy, and this time he’s more annoyed than before. The 37 million is definitely gone, and so is Veronique with every single last penny that Franklin had. So in a desperate move, he asked Cissy to sign over the ownership of the house so he could sell it.

This really was Franklin losing touch with reality. He tells Cissy that technically he bought the house. But then again, Cissy didn’t say a word and this time Frank loses it. He caresses and swears by his own mother, in really the most disrespectful way you could imagine.

Franklin Finds Peaches

Now the Peaches mystery is one that the Snowfall fans have wanted a conclusion to, so let’s just take it back for a moment to season 5. He was someone who was always by Franklin’s side, but the writers left hints about how he was potentially suffering from maybe AIDS or a disease of some sort, or maybe how he may have been using now.

Peaches were also someone who stole all of Franklin’s money in the safe house, which is separate from the 73 million that Teddy stole. And once he realized what he had done, he hired a private investigator to find his whereabouts.

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Now, during the meeting with the investigator, he let Frankie know that he can’t find Veronique, and he was also cutting ties with Franklin, but he did leave him with a gift, Peaches’ location. This gave Franklin a glimmer of hope, but that’s all it was, all it was was hope. And as they say, “It’s the hope that kills you”.

Snowfall Season 6 Ending
Franklin pointing a gun at Peaches (CC: FX)

Franklin drives to a property 25 miles away and finds Peaches high. He tells Franklin that he still got some of the money left in a safe, and again, that gives Franklin hope. But as Peaches pulls and Franklin pulls, there was only ever going to be one winner in this situation, and Peaches buys the dust.

Now as Franklin finds the safe, he turns the house upside down in the hope of finding the combination while getting drunk in the process, where he has to resort to a locksmith.

Miguel is an unlucky man who comes across a desperate Frank and helps Franklin open the safe after Franklin shot and killed another junkie, only to find $12,000 left from the 5,000,000 that Peaches stole.

After telling Miguel to put 12,000 in his pocket and telling him he can leave, Franklin shoots him in the back. The father of three kids went to work in the morning, not knowing that that would be the last time they saw their father and that Franklin really was the devil.

Characters After Two Years

Two years later, we see DEA agent, Tony Marino, showing apart a farmhouse looking for Aunt Louie, one of the largest drug dealers in LA, and it seems she was using the name, Carla Huggins. And as Louie listens to the owner’s lie, she realizes this is the reality of her life.

Snowfall Season 6 Ending Explained
Gustavo is back in the ring (CC: FX)

Gustavo was back where it all began in the ring, and at least he found some peace knowing that Jamera was living in North Carolina and she was safe. The boys also miss him, and she’d love to see him again, which brought a smile from Gustavo.

As another year passes by, Leon returns to the same street he used the roam with Franklin and Kevin. A few kids tell him that someone is living in the house that once used to belong to Cissy, if that’s what they call living. There’s an eviction notice at the door as Frankie lets Leon inside, and we get the sense of how Frankie has been living for at least the past year.

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Now, as they take a stroll, he says, “It’s a long story with Wanda, where she is doing good and pursuing music, maybe something that will tie to the Snowfall spin-off later on.

Nut just look at how the mighty has fallen. Someone used to fly planes and earn millions of dollars. Frankies turned into an alcoholic. His teeth are rotting away. He has no money, and for all of him chasing 73 million for the best part of season 6. He was just happy at the fact Leon gave him $20 so he could go and buy a drink, the same store he used to work at in season one. So this was the reality of Frankly. He was now living just to pay for his next drink, just like crackheads do to pay for their next head.

Leon then tells him about a new business venture, which was a free legal clinic, so he could make good on what Cissy advised him, go to Garner, and come back when he has a purpose. So even though Franklin was calling him a yoyo, he definitely had his reasons. Now, as they walked by and saw the police taking Cissy’s house, and even though Leon said he’d pay for the tax debt, Franken says he is now free.

Snowfall Season 6 Ending Explained
Franklin and Leon (CC: FX)

Snowfall Season 6 Ending Explained

So that concludes the story of Snowfall, and another is over. The Snowfall Season 6 Ending was staying for the events that took place in LA during the crack epidemic, where the CIA flooded the streets full of cocaine to fund the war in Nicaragua. Sadly, there were a lot of people who were caught up in the drug game that ended up with a grim fate. Some ended up in jail, others would have to live with their consequences for the rest of their lives, and others got what they did.

Franklin may not have ended up in prison, and he may have not ended up dead, but where he believes he is free. I believe he has a noose around his neck that was once around his father’s.

Even though at this moment in time, Frank can only be an alcoholic, the one thing which once helped him build his empire is the same thing that can be looked upon as worst than death; “addiction”, something that will eventually give him a slow death.

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