Is Spider-Man PS4 Coming To PC? About Web Crawler Swinging To PC

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Marvel Spider-Man 2 for PS5

E3 2022 was nothing good in particular. The show serves mostly as an ad campaign or re-release of old titles. Though people weren’t happy with the ads, given the show should be about games, some of the re-releases brought tears to people’s eyes. In a good and bad way. In a bad way chiefly due to the re-release being a complete milking of old IPs for the sake of money. FF 7 stands at the top in this category, and then there were so many dead space games.

Like, so many you would think they were made by the same studio. However, there was one news that gave joy to many people across the globe. Spider-man PS4 is coming to PC! What were the odds of this ever happening? (Bloodborne PC, when is that happening Sony?) But when does the game and why?

Spider-Man PS4 Coming To PC
CC: Spider-Man PS4

When is Spider-Man PS4 Coming To PC

Spider-Man PS4 for PC will be coming out in August of 2022, the very next month! The game was a hit when it came but many many fans felt left out because it was an exclusive. Exclusive No More! And not just that, the Miles Morales version will be coming in the fall of 2022. Though there were many articles claiming it to be the best Spider-Man game in ages, all non-PS4 people could do was get a PS4 or forget about it. But it’s Spidey, he is hard to forget, and he will crawl into our lives one way or the other (Not that we mind). Although we know the game requirements will be high, we are bound to see scales down version. A right reserved only for PC games, there are bound to be many memes if that were to happen. And it will happen.

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Why Is Spider-Man PS4  Coming To PC?

As much as we are excited, does that make you question why Spider-Man PS4 is coming to PC? The answer to that is simple, the pandemic hit Sony hard. The demand for gaming sored in this period and the supply was just not there. To make matters worse, the scalpers joined the train and ruined everything for everyone. Although this did have a positive outcome, that being Sony exclusive being more available. But, it would only be good news if the prices of computer parts weren’t that high. Oh, wait! They have stabilized this year. The good news in all, for gamers.

Spider-Man PS4 Coming To PC
CC; Spider-Man PS4

What is Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 about?

You have seen him in movies, you have read his comics, and you have played his games. Now meet Sony’s Spider-Man with a completely new take on the character. This version is unlike anyone before. He is armed with gadgets and has years of experience. In his new costume take on the supervillains of New York and fight crime. And don’t forget his life as Peter Parker. But in this all-new version of Spider-Man, you will be facing villains never before. Fighting a Crime lord you have only heard of. Spider-Man PS4 is made by the studio behind Ratchet and Clank. The game was PS4 exclusive until E3 2022.

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