Gaming Recommendations: 3 Titles With The Best Gameplay

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The gameplay is one of the aspects of a video game that can easily make or break it. A video game always needs to excel in gameplay or story, if the game does both of them perfectly, then you have a guaranteed hit on your hands, but if the game does both of them badly, then you have a flop.

But there is no need for it to excel in both of those aspects. By focusing on one of the 2 aspects, a game can push itself to be the best, so to compensate for the lack of the other aspect, it can have other fan-loving features like multiplayer, crossplay support, VR, and many more.

So before we dive into games that have some amazing gameplay up their sleeves, let’s learn more about what gameplay actually is. The gameplay is actually the specific game in which a player interacts with said video game. From opening the door to shooting a gun, everything is part of the gameplay. With all the new technological advances and powerful systems, the gameplay is becoming more and more realistic as days go by.

We can see gameplay as having 2 sides because, on the one hand, when gameplay becomes too realistic, it really adds to the fun. Like firing a gun with the perfect motion, the perfect sounds, and so on adds to the experience.

Another example would be driving a car, in this case, the gameplay gets better and better as it becomes more and more realistic. When the driving seems extremely realistic, then the game has successfully achieved perfect gameplay.

So on the other side, we have gameplay that shows completely fictional stuff, this adds so much to the experience. What we mean by this is the gameplay that allows us to do things that we can never do in real life. Stuff, which is a completely new experience, here is where the creative power of the developers and game companies kick in. They can choose either direction to go in, and they can take the realistic route or the completely creative route.

For the creative route, we mean examples like being able to play as a superhero, being able to fly around the map, use superpowers, go to space, fight aliens, have some very unique weaponry, stuff we have never seen, and have never experienced.

Now that we have somewhat of an idea of what gameplay is, let’s look at some of the best games out there that have some amazing gameplay to them.

1. God Of War

God OF War Gameplay

Remember back in the start when we mentioned how some games would do perfectly in both story and gameplay, which would make them guaranteed bestsellers, God Of War is the best example of such a game. This, to this day, is hailed as one of the best games on PS4.

After years of a wait, we finally got a reunion with the Ghost Of Sparta, and it was so much better than expected. The Spartans had gone through a lot of changes. The game had completely changed in every aspect, from the graphics to the gameplay to a completely different set story.

The gameplay changed to a third person over the shoulder view. The gameplay was just phenomenal, we talked about how great the story was on another article, be sure to check that one out.

Like we said, the gameplay was one of the best aspects of the game. It was hard, it was the right amount of complicated, and it was so addictive that by the end of a gaming session, your hands would be sweating profusely. The combat system was just perfect.

We were introduced to the Leviathan Axe, without a doubt one of the best additions to the game. You could throw it anywhere you wanted, and you could call it right back to your hand from anywhere on the map. The animation for throwing and the ax coming back the audio, everything was done perfectly.

God of War

The combat included some melee elements, great ax fighting, with some amazing combos. You could use the help of your son Atreus in combat, you had little control over which arrow he should shoot and when he should shoot. Your ax had some awe-inspiring attacks.

The ax attacks ranged from light to heavy, with each one having its own unique animations. The melee combat also had its own ton of upgrades and features. you also had a shield that you could use in combat.

The other gameplay included rowing a boat, solving mind-boggling puzzles, boss fights, mountain climbing, and so on. The boss fights were just like how you would expect, God Of War level. The bosses were huge, and it was completely up to you to defeat the boss. No cutscenes or button prompts were there to make life easier.

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2. Spiderman (PS4)

We said God oOfWar was one of the best games on PS4, that statement begs for the question then which are the other best games? Well, Spiderman is, without a doubt, one of them.

There were numerous attempts at making a great spiderman game, right now, there are a ton of said games out on all platforms. A lot of them are iconic, and a lot of them are plain unplayable. But even though some are iconic, none of them actually got close to being perfect.


That is until Spiderman PS4 came around. Insomniac Games just went overboard with the game and gave us a masterpiece. This will for sure go down in history as one of the best video games ever. The combat was similar to the one in the Arkham series, we all know how great the combat system in the Arkham series was.

So the combat was excellent, fast-paced, and fluid. You had to have great reflexes and quick hands to play this game to the best. Put this on the highest of difficulty, and you have a workout session in your hands.

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Your friendly neighborhood spiderman came with a variety of new gadgets that would turn the events of a fight real quick. From full-on attach gadgets to some very stealthy ones, you had it all.

The game also came with one of the best suit collections. Each suit had its own special power, which you could use in the game. The best part is you’d didn’t have to wear a specific suit to use its power you just had to unlock it. After unlocking the power, you could use the power on any suit, Insomniac thought of everything.

Spiderman PS4

Now coming to the best part of the game, the web-swinging. No other game could ever get Spiderman’s web-swinging perfectly, this one did. It was just flawless, you could swing around Ney York City in the best way possible. The movement was so fluid, you needed to have buildings or structures to attach your webs to, or it wouldn’t work.

The realistic part of the web-swinging really added to the experience, and the animations were amazing as well. Also, the map is incredibly detailed and having such a realistic touch to it also added to the complete experience. This is the closest you can come actually to feel like Spiderman.

3. GTA 5

This is literally the single best-selling entertainment product in the entire world. It’s not the best selling video game, it’s the bestselling entertainment product. We don’t even have to tell people about this game because it is improbable that no one doesn’t know about this game. Grand Theft Auto can be seen as one of the greatest games ever.


When it comes to gameplay, nothing can get more realistic than this. This game gets so close to real life, it’s tough to find things that you cant do which you can do in real life. Parachuting, playing golf, driving around in hundreds of vehicles, swimming, drinking, hanging out with friends, there seems to be nothing that cant be done.

The gunplay is so fun, just like how you would expect in any Grand theft Auto game. When the case of vehicles is concerned, driving is the best when it comes to any open-world video game. Sometimes we can even slightly compare it to racing games, it so good.

The great story, the amazing graphics, and the super fun-filled online mode of the game all add to the excitement. In our opinion, when it comes to gaming, this is easily one of the best games with the best gameplay.

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