Mohamed Salah Net Worth

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Mohamed Salah
Mohamed Salah celebrates a goal against Manchester City (Credit: Fox Sports)

It’s kind of hard to wrap your head around the fact that Chelsea FC let Mohamed Salah go in 2016, they loaned him, and he eventually made it to Liverpool, where he’s made it big. A symbol of pride for Egypt, this striker for the Premier League and Captain of his national squad is a great example of dedication and perseverance in the field and of smart business moves with the tutelage of a clever agent that put him where the money is. 

One of the most important aspects of Salah, besides his evident skills as a footballer, is the ability to craft deals that put him in the spotlight as one of the most well-paid athletes in the United Kingdom. From his humble start in an Egyptian village, this man managed to become one of the most successful strikers that the Premier League has seen in the last few years, and today, we’re going to take a look at his trajectory and some of the financial decisions that made MoSalah the top dog.

Mohamed Salah
From Egypt to the UK, MoSalah’s trajectory is impressive (Credit: Fox Sports)

Mohamed Salah’s Rise To Fame

Salah was born in the humble village of Nagrig in Egypt; he began playing the sport when he was about four years old, made his way into the local youth team, and eventually caught the attention of Al Mokawloon in 2012; from there, he went on to play with Basel and was picked up by Chelsea as a promising star, but his stint at Stamford Bridge wasn’t that good because he didn’t see much game time.

As stated earlier, it’s hard to wrap your head around the fact that this once Chelsea FC-reject ended up being one of the most dangerous strikers in the Premier League, sent on loan after that brief stint at Chelsea to Italy, playing for Fiorentina and Roma, eventually Salah signed for Liverpool FC on a record transfer of  £36.9 million, and that investment proved great for the Reds because MoSalah scored 32 goals in 2017 and sent his club to the finals of UEFA Champions League. 

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Mohamed Salah
MoSalah celebrates a goal against Manchester United (Credit: Fox Sports)

What Is Mohamed Salah’s Style Of Play?

Salah is a very aggressive forward striker; he’s fast, he can dribble, and his goal-scoring ability is one of the things that makes Chelsea FC regret they ever let him go. The agility that this Egyptian has on the field, coupled with the accurate, powerful finishes and excellent positioning, makes him a threat to rivals. Salah’s playing style has helped him secure awards like the Premier League Golden Foot and the prestigious FIFA Puskás Award.

Which Are Mohamed Salah’s Endorsements?

Egyptian striker Mohamed Salah enjoys lucrative sponsorship deals from brands like German apparel manufacturer Adidas, who pays him to wear his shoes; from soft drink company Pepsi, which pays for his image in commercials and products; and from telecommunications firm Vodafone, who features him in commercials and ads. Also, Oppo and Falken Tires pay Salah for the use of his image. It’s through his agent Ramy Abbas Issa and MoSalah’s business interests that he manages to craft nice financial deals that report him around $18 million dollars a year. 

What Is Mohamed Salah’s Net Worth?

We can calculate that Mohamed Salah’s net worth is north of $93 million; with that lucrative £52 million contract with Liverpool FC from July 2022 until 2025, the Egyptian striker makes bank! With that contract, the 29-year-old striker is among the top 5 highest-earning players in the sport, making around £200k a week. When Salah isn’t scoring goals and doing his endorsement deals, he lives a happy life with his wife and children. Salah, an observant Muslim, is known for his philanthropic efforts in the United Kingdom and his native Egypt, where he finances the construction and upkeep of football schools, youth centers, and educational and healthcare facilities. 

Salah also likes fancy cars; he has a beautiful £160k Bentley Continental GT, a couple of really fancy Mercedes-Benz like the GLE Coupe, a Porsche 911 Turbo S Cabriolet, a £271K Lamborghini Aventador an Audi Q7, and two low-level Toyota Camrys that make you wonder why he keeps those around. 

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