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Friday Night Dinner House Filming Locations: Where The Show Was Filmed?

Friday Night Dinner

We are going to talk about Friday Night Dinner House Filming Locations. It was 25th February 2011 when the pilot episode of the show Friday Night Dinner aired on Channel 4. And the rest is history. The show aired for six series from 2011 to 2020. If you have watched the sitcom Friday Night Dinner, then we bet you must be curious in knowing the filming locations of the show.

If you are also one of those people looking at the filming locations of Friday Night Dinner, then you have landed on the right page. Scroll down as we have a lot more for you on the way. So, let us unravel the Friday Night Dinner filming locations together. Stick to the end to know where was your favorite show, Friday Night Dinner was filmed.

Friday Night Dinner House Plot 

Let us hop on to what the plot of Friday Night Dinner is all about. The sitcom Friday Night Dinner showcases the members of the Goodman family, which consists of Dad (Martin Goodman), Mom (Jackie Goodman), and two sons named Adam Goodman and Jonny Goodman. The two sons return to their house for dinner but are often interrupted by several supporting characters such as Auntie Val, Nellie Buller, and Cynthia Goodman.

Friday Night Dinner cast

Friday Night Dinner House Filming Locations

Now coming to the question you have longed for is the Friday Night Dinner House Filming Location. To your surprise, the house that you get a glimpse of in every episode is a real house located in North London (Mill Hill). Yes, you read that right. How can we forget about the other featured locations in the show? So, let us talk about the other featured filming locations, such as the Chinese restaurant or pub, also located near Mill Hill located in North London.

One of the cast members of the show spilled the beans about the filming locations. We are talking about Tamsin Greig, who portrays the character of Jackie’s brother, elicited in one of the interviews that they get to do lots of outdoor shoots.

After knowing the Friday Night Dinner House filming locations let us hop on to the net worth of the house. If the reports published in Global Film Locations in the year 2018 are to be believed that the net worth of the house used in the shooting was worth the whopping amount of 1.5 million dollars.

Friday night dinner house net worth

Friday Night Dinner Cast

Let us jump to the cast of Friday Night Dinner. The show is about the Goodman family, which consists of four members. Jackie Goodman, who is portrayed by the actor Tamsin Greig, Simon Bird (plays the role of Adam Goodman), Tom Rosenthal plays the role of Jonny Goodman, and at last, we have Mark Heap, who is featured in the show as Jim Bell. Unfortunately, Paul Ritter, who portrays the role of Martin Goodman, passed away on 5th April 2021 due to a brain tumor.

So, this was the scoop on Friday Night Dinner filming locations. Stay tuned as more is coming your way.

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