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One Piece Anime Reveals A Fierce Kaido Vs Luffy Battle

One Piece Kaido vs Luffy

The One Piece anime made a solid start to the Luffy vs Kaido fight earlier this week, when the two clashed right in the middle of the Flower Capital of Wano Country. Prior to the episode airing online, fans were certain that Luffy vs Kaido would be an animation spectacle and Toei Animation made sure to deliver on that. One Piece Episode 914 was simply mind-blowing for all the fans to witness except for a small portion of the fanbase who thought the episode adaptation was not as good as the manga.

Wano Country Act 1 End

One Piece – Luffy vs Kaido Begins

Other than a small section of the fans, most people loved the delivery of the epsiode. As expected, we got to see Luffy taking on Kaido in an intense battle where the Straw Hat pirate faced used his powers, fueled by rage, to the fullest and hit Kaido head-on. Although many fans hoped for the episode to adapt the entire Luffy vs Kaido fight, that didn’t turn out to be the case.

More than half of the fight is still left as things are right now, and the preview for One Piece Episode 915 certainly hints towards greater things as Luffy transforms into Gear 4 to face a Kaido who has come out of his Dragon form. We’re very excited for the upcoming episode of One Piece and we hope that the anime elevates the experience of the manga in a phenomenal manner.

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