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Love In The Air Episode 13: Release Date, Preview & How To Watch

Love In The Air Episode 13 preview
Love In The Air Episode 13: Release Date

Last Updated on November 10, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

The release date of Love In The Air Episode 13 has been revealed, and ardent followers and fans can’t seem to maintain their calm. Fans worldwide now keep a watch for new BL dramas in Thailand since Thai BL dramas are so enormously popular. A few cult Thai dramas aided the popularity of the BL subgenre globally.

The passion in the previous episode was so beloved by viewers that they can’t wait to see Love in the Air episode 13, which has gained the same level of popularity. For those who missed them before learning the date of Love In The Air Episode 13, here is a summary of the prior episodes.

Sky and Pai’s sweet romance keeps making our hearts skip a beat. Pai phoned Sky to find out what he’d like to have when his meeting ended. Skewed eggs responded to that by saying something. However, it appears that Sky and Prapai’s daring secret has already been revealed.

Love In The Air Episode 13 preview

Sky and Pai from the series.

However, judging by the expression on Pai’s face, he wanted people to be aware of it. And guess what? For the news to be broadcast, he informed the appropriate party. He had spent the entire night working on his ideas, so Sky welcomed him with a rather weary appearance.

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What Happened In The Last Episode?

The Sky is treated like a child by Pai (Honestly, they make people feel so single). Pai pledged that he wouldn’t make any moves until Sky took another step. Because of this, he held back even though he saw himself kissing Sky. The family of Sky is just too cute. His siblings’ steadfast support has already been demonstrated.

His family claims that Sky would become their mother’s favorite if Pai quits acting like a playboy due to Sky’s influence. In the meantime, Sky’s desperate call worried Prapai. He rushed home only to discover that Sky needed assistance with his tasks. For a split second, Pai felt scared and let down. We all understand that Sky did not intend to make him feel that way.

Love In The Air Episode 13 preview

Sky from the series.

We have seen from their story that Sky rarely asks for assistance, and when he does, it is usually from a special individual. In a scene the following morning, Pai kisses Sky’s forehead and instructs him to sleep for a little longer. Even though it appeared to be something very ordinary, Sky found it remarkable.

These straightforward displays of devotion were what he yearned for. At the campus, Sky can’t help but think back on his interactions with Pai. Rain then comes in and begins complimenting Phayu. Sky, though, was considering somebody else. Rain is a wonderful companion. It’s nice to see how he treats Sky. On the other side, Sky finally began to feel sorry for Pai. He had a mental shift.

What Is The Premise Of Love In The Air?

Love in the Air is one of Thailand’s most well-known television programs. Fans are interested in seeing how the story unfolds and anticipate seeing more interactions between the main major characters. Despite the backlash over how LGBT characters are portrayed, the series has grown in popularity and is well-liked.

Love In The Air Episode 13 preview

Pai from the series.

In August 2022, Love in the Air made its debut to record-breaking ratings. Orawan Wichayawankul is listed as the author on the show’s official website. The television series “Love In The Air,” starring Phayu Sermsongwittaya & Nuttarat Tangwai as Phayu and Rain, respectively, was inspired by the MAME novels “Love Storm” and “Love Sky.”

The two actors portraying Prapai & Sky are cast alongside the other two. Love is in the Air is the company in charge of creating this television series. GMM 25 distributes this series. The 13-episode season, which will end in November 2022, is scheduled to Air. The program airs on its home network every Thursday, and each installment lasts about 45 minutes.

Love In The Air Episode 13: Release Date

Love In The Air Episode 13 will air on November 11, 2022, on GMM one Thailand at 11:00 am EST. International fans can watch Love In The Air Episode 13 at:

• Singapore Standard Time: 12:00 am (November 11, 2022)
• Philippines: 12:00 am (November 11, 2022)
• Japanese Standard Time: 1:00 am. (November 11, 2022)
• Korean Standard Time: 1:00 am. (November 11, 2022)

Love In The Air Episode 13: Streaming details

Love In The Air Episode 13 will stream on multiple streaming options along with GMM One. Love In The Air Episode 13 will stream on the iQiyi streaming service.

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