Who Is JoJo Siwa Dating Now In 2022? The Boomerang Star’s Relationship Status

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Avery Cyrus

Want to know, who is JoJo Siwa dating in 2022? The Boomerang singer has been lately making headlines with her break up from Avery Cyrus. She claimed to get used to views, and the feeling was pretty hard. Knowing this, fans have shown their eagerness, questioning if JoJo Siwa has moved on, having someone special in her life. What’s up with JoJo Siwa? 

Starting from the basics, JoJo Siwa is largely popular as a Youtube star. She uses the platform for releasing her songs, doing fun challenges, and dance videos too. 

People also know JoJo Siwa for her dancing skills, for which she even participated in Dance Moms. Her exit from signing a deal with Nickelodeon made controversies for quite some time. That didn’t shut down the fact of her graceful dance moves.

JoJo Siwa is multi-talented. She is not just a dancer and a social media star but also has great vocal skills. You must already know that, being JoJo’s die-hard fan. Want to know some names? The list includes- High Top Shoes, Only Getting Better, Celebrate, Kid in a Candy Store, etc. 

Returning to JoJo Siwa’s relationship status, the star has fallen in love quite a few times. Surprisingly, all of her romantic involvements have made headlines so far. They were Mark Bontempo, Kylie Prew, and Avery Cyrus. But who’s next? Is she seeing anyone now? Here is what we know if you are looking for who JoJo Siwa is dating now in 2022. 

Who Is JoJo Siwa Dating Now In 2022
JoJo Siwa

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JoJo Siwa Dating In 2022: The Star’s Current Relationship Details 

Well, it’s just been a few days that JoJo Siwa and Avery Cyrus have called it quits. To be more precise, it happened on 17 December 2022. Their relationship appeared adorable but was short-lived. With this news, people have been questioning if JoJo Siwa is romantically related to anyone else. What do you think? 

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Talking about her love interest, JoJo Siwa is possibly not dating anyone in 2022, or more precisely, right now. Moreover, she does not seem to fall in love anytime soon. Heartbreaks are part of life but dealing with them is tough. We will get into the aftermath of her split from the content creator, Avery, in a while. 

Concerning her current love life, JoJo Siwa has not been spotted with anyone suspicious. Also, she didn’t open up about having anyone special. Do you think that falling in love is so easy? JoJo Siwa loves to lead a pretty simple life. Looking at her, the dancer is right now focusing on her career. Being a 19-year-old individual. she believes herself to be very young in life and has a lot to do. 

Coming back to JoJo Siwa’s relationship with her ex-partner, Avery, the formerly admitted feeling like she got played. Aiming at her, JoJo Siwa said, “I got tricked into being told I was loved, and I got f**king played.” 

On the following day, Avery said, “From my perspective, me and JoJo left on great terms and are still friends.” She opened up about being hurt, as it was JoJo Siwa who broke up with her. The Tiktok star even mentioned being confused by the situation. 

Who Is JoJo Siwa Dating Now In 2022
JoJo Siwa with her former partner, Avery Cyrus

People love to gossip about their favorite celebrities. Don’t you do that? It’s very common! But JoJo Siwa doesn’t appear to be secretly dating anyone at present. It seems like she is a bit disturbed after “getting played.”

Well, JoJo Siwa is a very friendly person. One may find her hanging out or even being together on the videos. But that is in no way related to assuming that the person is JoJo’s romantic interest. Do you know the best part? She is highly supported by her mother, who knows her hurtful feelings after her split from Avery Cyrus. 

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Best Wishes to JoJo Siwa for the upcoming days of her life. Showering JoJo with loads of love and blessings! She deserves it! 

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