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Tulsa King Season 2: Start Date, Streaming Guide & Plot

Tulsa King Season 2
Tulsa King Season 2 (Credits- TV Guide)

Ever since the crime drama Tulsa King rocked with season 1, we are excited for season 2. There’s also good news about the upcoming season. The Paramount series has received immense love from fans. Hence, the makers are going for a season 2.

The American drama is created by Yellowstone co-creator Taylor Sheridan. Taylor teamed up with Emmy award-winning writer Terence Winter. The American show hit the floors on 13th November 2022.

The storyline revolves around a mafia capo Dwight “The General” Manfredi. The New-York based gangster comes out of prison after 25 years. However, his boss and teammates did not welcome him. Instead, they send him to Tulsa, Oklahoma for new business opportunities.

In his journey, Dwight builds a new empire for himself. However, everything is not smooth. The mafia comes across unique challenges in each episode. Let’s deep dive into his world and find out about the next season. 

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Tulsa King Season 1: Cast, Characters, and Recap

Tulsa King is the second most successful drama of Paramount+ after 1923. It is a series of nine episodes. It’s final episode will be released on 8th January 2023. The last episode, Happy Trails, was left on an interesting note. 

A Scene From Tulsa King Season 1

A Scene From Tulsa King Season 1 (Credits- The Pioneer Woman )

The series marks the impressive performance of Sylvester Stallone in his first-ever leading role in a fictional TV Show. Fans are going gaga over his charm. Also, Taylor’s storytelling skills are again setting new standards. Episode 1, Go West, Old Man shows Sylvester as the mafia, Dwight.

He works for a crime family called the Invernizzi family based in New York. Dwight has completed his murder sentence. After his release from jail, he returns to his boss, Pete The Rock (A.C. Peterson). But Pete wasn’t happy with his comeback.

Hence, he sends Dwight to Tulsa by saying that New York has nothing to offer him. Dwight feels cheated as he kept mum all the while to protect his boss and Boss’s son Don Charles Chickie (Domenick Lombardozzi ). He heads to this all-new place to establish his reign. He starts making new associates to expand his dominance in Tulsa.

The first member of his gang is his taxi driver, Tyson Mitchell, played by Jay Will. The other member is a weed dealer, Lawrence Bodhi Geigerman ( Martin Starr).  Armand Manny Truisi is a former Invernizzi syndicate member who settled in Tulsa. He also joins Dwight. Max Casella is cast for this role.

Garrett Hedlund as Mitch Keller is also a member of Dwight’s new organization. Dwight Manfredi gains prominence in the region through fruitful connections and business deals. His relationship with his daughter Tina ( Tatiana Zappardino)  also gets better. But, the FBI notices his activities and warns the federal agencies. 

ATF Agent Stacy Beale of Tulsa King

ATF Agent Stacy Beale of Tulsa King (Credits- New York Post)

Dwight fell for an ATF agent, Stacy Beale. Andrea Savage has played this role. However, Stacy stays loyal to him and reveals her identity. Everything seemed fine until Stacy’s relationship with Dwight was discovered.

Her senior officers knew about her million-dollar bank account. This account was a gift by Gangster Manfredi. They forced her to catch him. Poor Stacy had no choice.

Her job was at stake. Hence, she betrayed Dwight leading him to prison. The entire season was packed with violence, drama, and action.

Tulsa King Season 2 Start Date

Unfortunately, there is no information on Tulsa King Season 2. But there is always room for speculation. You might watch this drama in November 2023. We are saying this because Taylor productions work at a fast pace.

The first season was announced, filmed, and released within a time frame of one year. Also, Yellowstone has been following the annual release pattern for four years. We can expect the same for Tulsa King.

How to Watch Tulsa King Season 2? Streaming Guide

Season 1 was available to stream on Paramount Plus. Season 2 will also release on this platform as Tulsa King is an exclusive Paramount Production. If you are in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia, you can take a 7-day free trial. Post that, you will have to buy a monthly subscription of 4.99 dollars.  In countries such as India, where Paramount plus is not available, a safe and secure VPN service can be used.

Tulsa King Sylvester Stallone

Tulsa King Sylvester Stallone (Credits- Men’s Health)

Tulsa King Season 2 Cast and Plot 

Tulsa King Season 1 has a magnificent IMDB rating of 8.2. Its intriguing plot and stellar cast added to the success of the show. Since none of the major characters died in season 1, they all will be back in the new season. We can also see some new characters in Season 2.

But, this time, Dwight will have more difficulties on his way. The police arrested him on charges of bribing an agent. It will be interesting to see how and when he comes out of prison. And whether the chemistry between him and Stacy remains the same. This time the Invernizzi family will be in direct conflict with Dwight. So, this is all we know about Tulsa King Season 2.

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