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What Happened To Coolio? The Rapper’s Death Cause Revealed


Do you know- how did Coolio die? Yes, we are talking about the rapper whom we all lost last year. Coolio’s sudden death news turned out to be not just upsetting but shocking to everyone. It’s been months, but people still mourn the loss. Such was his prominence in the industry, both as a person and an artist. Before getting into what went wrong, let’s briefly learn about some of Coolio’s notable works. 

Starting from the basics, Coolio was originally known as Artis Leon Ivey, born on 1 August 1963. He was born in Monessen, Pennsylvania. As a music artist, he used to excel in gangsta rap and west coast hip-hop as well. Some of Coolio’s hit songs are- Gangsta Walk, Boyfriend, Change, The Hustler, Gangsta’s Paradise, etc. His 2009 studio album, From the Bottom 2 the Top, became a major hit. 

Not to forget to mention, Coolio was also a good actor. Yes, you read it right! He starred in numerous films and shows, where some of his acting credits include- A Wonderful Night in Split, Teachers, Grad Night, The Beat, The Convent, and many more. 

What Happened To Coolio


Coming back to Coolio’s death, the star reportedly had a health issue that eventually took him away from us. No, there was no foul play, as reported after a proper investigation. Still, many people are not aware of the exact cause. Are you one of them? If you are trying to figure out what happened to Coolio, here are the answers. 

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Coolio’s Death: What Happened To The Rapper?

It was on 28 September 2022 when Coolio passed away. In other words, at the time of his death, the rapper was at one of his friend’s places. He went to the washroom and didn’t come back for quite some time. It was then that others realized that he was taking too much time and went to call him. Well, Coolio was found unresponsive, lying down on the floor of the washroom. CPR was performed very quickly. The first responders declared him to be dead. 

Based on his date of birth, Coolio was then 59 years old. It was indeed a premature death. As mentioned above, the cops investigated it and found nothing negative. However, the rapper’s manager, Jarez Posey, cited the cause as cardiac arrest. On this site, Jarez said, “As far as what I know now is that he was at a friend’s house and was in his bathroom and had a heart attack.” 

What Happened To Coolio


Little did you know, it was later found that Coolio had a severe asthmatic issue. Knowing this, some of his friends claimed it to be a part of the reason behind his death. What’s your say? Not to forget to mention, because of suffering from this respiratory disease, Coolio even used to be the spokesperson for the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. Back in 2016, Coolio once had a serious asthma attack. But, one of his fans saved him by giving him the inhaler. 

As the news of Coolio’s death was made to the public, several renowned music artists of the industry started paying him tribute online. One of them was Ice Cube. 

The timing of Coolio’s death was not publicized. However, it was later found to have happened during the afternoon period of the aforesaid date. Initially, the reason was also not made to the public until Jarez reportedly opened up about it. Briefly, the rapper was ill from the inside, which eventually took him away, so early, unexpectedly. 

It’s still very pathetic to accept that Coolio is not with us. However, being his fans, we continue cherishing his songs and albums. Which is your favorite Coolio work? Last but not least, Coolio was indeed one of the greatest entertainers. 

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