Carnival Row Season 2 Episodes 7 & 8 Review: Love, Mystery, Politics & Supernatural Creatures

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Carnival Row Season 2 Episodes 7 & 8 Review
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Carnival Row will have only ten episodes for the second season, just like the first one. Carnival Row is full of fantasy and mythological immigrants from a land invaded by humans. They struggle for basic rights. Still, love elopes between a human and a refugee.

These mythical creatures are threatened by political power and an evil force. In the second season, the clashes between the humans and the refugees go on, and the former inspector Philo continues to investigate the murders.

Season 2 was launched on 17 February 2023, and episodes 7 and 8 got aired on 10 March 2023, Friday, in Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, China, and the USA. For Indian and Australian audiences, it got aired on 11 March 2023, Saturday.

Carnival Row Season 2 Episodes 7 & 8 Story Breakdown

Philo’s senior does not trust him though he says he has not committed the murder. Dombey intentionally puts him in the cell of the half-blood creatures. The witch knows that they have imprisoned the wrong person. Sophie Longerbane asks Jonah to join her in politics to rule the city because Jonah would have no reputation after the reign of the current Chancellor.

Portia confesses that she lied to Dombey about Philo’s identity. Dombey decides to kill Philo in custody or on the way to court and names it a ‘suicide.’ A constable comes to Philo to warn about Dombey’s decision after some time.

The Chancellor realizes that the murder of the three people is the half-blood creature who had killed his mother to hide his identity. On the other hand, Dombey’s guys cover Philo’s head with a black cloth and take him to an isolated house. After taking it off, Philo finds the Chancellor standing before him. The seventh episode ends here.

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At the beginning of the eighth episode, the Cult makes Quill kill a guard, and the priest asks him to the guard’s clothes. Vignette acts to be hanged and kicks Dombey when he enters the cell. She kicks him and tries to escape to get caught again within a few moments. Here, Philo and the Chancellor were considering each other the killers of Aisling Querelle. However, the Chancellor turns out to be Philo’s father.

Aisling was scared of the Chancellor’s father, who was powerful and against their relationship. Aisling could never tell the Chancellor about her second pregnancy. Philo is already dead for the world. So, the Chancellor asks him to live a new life with Vignette. Piety Breakspear tells Jonah to stay away from Sophie because they are twins! Jonah is Ritter Longerbane’s son, not Absalom Breakspear (the Chancellor).

Darkasher tries to kill the witch. Quill tries to kill the Chancellor under the influence of the Cult. Sophie informs Jonah that she already knows about their relationship. She says she did this to eliminate her loneliness. It has not occurred for the first time in their family tree.

Jonah visits the injured Chancellor and asks for the reason for hiding the truth. Even the Chancellor did not know the truth! However, it does not affect his love for Jonah. Philo goes to the crime scene where Darkasher tries to kill the witch. She did not die, but she was swinging between life and death. She was waiting for Philo. Here comes the big twist. Philo gets Piety’s photo from the witch’s room.

He understands that Piety had made Darkasher. Piety’s son was predicted to turn great. Piety wanted this prediction to come true for Jonah instead of Philo. So, she created Darkasher to turn the direction of the prediction. Piety kills the Chancellor and recognizes all his secrets by taking out his liver. She also reads the release papers made by the Chancellor and kidnaps Vignette, Philo’s weak point.

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The witch dies till then. Philo enters a tunnel according to the witch’s advice and cuts Darkasher’s head from his body. It does not kill Darkasher. He finally dies when Vignette stabs Piety to death with a knife. Jonah comes across a letter written by Aisling to his father. But Runyan Millworthy tells him that Aisling can never write a letter in this tone.

Later, Sophie turns out to be the real writer of the letter, who only wants to create chaos. Jonah cannot punish Sophie as Philo’s truth would come out, and his Chancellorship may get in danger. The half-blood creatures get separated from the humans according to the new rules. But Philo decides to use his half-blood identity to stay with Vignette.

Carnival Row Season 2 Episodes 7 & 8 Review
Carnival Row Season 2 Image Credit: Screen Rant

Carnival Row Season 2 Episodes 7 & 8 Review

Season 2 does not look like a sequel to the previous one. Talking about the seventh and eighth episodes, Vignette does not share the screen with Philo most of the time, though it is the lead couple. Chemistry and romance are lacking between them. Romance does not mean adult scenes. Meanwhile, these episodes have some adult scenes unnecessarily put there.

Jonah and Sophie’s relationship does not go anywhere. The twists and turns are good, especially since Sophie, Philo, and Jonah are siblings. The world shown in the series is fascinating and immersive. The makers tried to add every flavor, like action, politics, love, betrayal, fantasy, and mystery. Agreus and Imogen’s relationship looks repetitive and distracting from the main plot.

However, you can think of it as a break from the seriousness in the remaining part of the episodes. The imprisonment and torture done to Rycroft are too brutal. The eighth episode seems to be wrapped rapidly. They keep several conversations small and many questions unanswered just to give quality time to action. One such unanswered question is, what happened to Jonah and Sophie’s relationship?

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On the other hand, the graphics are excellent, and the fight shown in the climax is aesthetically magnificent. Piety’s aggression towards Chancellor shows that Indira Varma has carried the character smoothly. The witch looks so calm. Though she created Darkasher for Piety, she helps Philo in the end. However, it is too late for her. Several episodes end in a way that does not excite us to watch the next one, and this season does not seem to be the last one.

Carnival Row Season 2 Episodes 7 & 8 Review
Carnival Row Season 2 Image Credit: Daily Express

How To Watch Carnival Row Season 2 Episodes 7 & 8

Carnival Row Season 2 is exclusively available on Prime Video with subtitles. It includes the seventh and eighth episodes too. The seventh episode is 51 minutes long, while the eighth episode is just 48 minutes long.

Pay $8.99 per month to get Prime Video as a standalone service. Otherwise, as an Amazon Prime member, pay $139.00 per annum or $14.99 per month to get Prime Video streaming services. You will get a 30-day free trial in both cases.

Final Verdict

Carnival Row Season 2 Episodes 7 and 8 contain adult, action, and cruel scenes. On the one hand, there is a lack of chemistry between Philo and Vignette. On the other hand, Jonah and Sophie’s relationship goes nowhere. However, the graphics and the twists are excellent. Imogen and Agreus seem to be the least required couple in these episodes.

Our Rating: ⭐ (3/5).

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