Love Island Season 9 Episode 11 Spoilers: Bombshell Ellie And Spencer Crash The Recoupling

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Bombshell Ellie And Spencer Crash The Recoupling
Bombshell Ellie And Spencer Crash The Recoupling

Who will couple up in Love Island Season 9 Episode 11? Producers, y’all must be in my head. Literally the first note I wrote yesterday, I was asking where the girl was from the beginning. They had the public vote for two Bombshells a guy and a girl. Ellie was one of them and I was like where is Miss Ellie? But here she is coming, we’ll talk about her later.

And my other gripe that I have with your production is that if y’all were going to reach out to Australian alum, why didn’t you call Callum? Callum is attractive, he’s a menace and literally would drive the ratings. I hated watching him because he was just so annoying in the best way and he would have been a great addition to the UK version and he’s Welsh.

Love Island Season 9 Episode 10 Recap

Before diving into Love Island Season 9 Episode 11, let’s quickly do a recap of the previous Episode. In Episode 10, the Australians get to dump two Islanders and they settle on Anna-May and Harris. Basically, because their connections weren’t connecting. I was really shocked that Anna-May had such a bad run. I thought she would have been a lot more successful than she was, but the cards fell how they fell. And then with Harris, his only real connection was Olivia and she wanted to be on Tom.

Olivia crying over Harris
Olivia crying over Harris

This is hilarious because she’s here balling up a storm “oh my God, I feel so bad. Oh my God this is his jumper, it smells just like him”. That lasted for two minutes and 45 seconds. Girl, we know your plan was always to make a B-line for Tom with Harris in the Villa. You don’t care about that man, not enough to be crying like the way you crying. But whatever, it’s fine, she did a little makeup and she pulled herself back together.

And as for Tanyel, I’m really liking the Tanyel supporting character narrative that she has to big up the girl. She is a girls girl, besides the fact that she wanted to seal Lana’s man, and she and Lana are supposed to be best friends. But beyond that, she’s a girl’s girl.

Tanya is relieved that she was not dumped and seeks comfort in Shaq. A lot of people were going back and forth wondering why Tanya was in the bottom, to begin with. I was also surprised that she was on the bottom until somebody made a note that they think the focal point for people’s voting was the Olivia and Zara situation. So people on Olivia’s side were trying to keep her in, and people on Zara’s side would try to keep her in. Because realistically, sometimes a conflict like that means one of the people in the conflict goes to the bottom.

So I think people were just focused on that, and then others fell to the way sack. Because I think the way people support Tanyel online, I wouldn’t think she’d be at the bottom. And Tanya has a following as well, I wouldn’t think she’d be at the bottom either. But yeah their little drama altercation situation over there took presidents in the voting.

Tanyel And Kai Thinking Strong

As for Shaq and Tanya’s connection though, Shaq is making some big claims. I hope you are ready to back it up and if not even back it up, I hope that once somebody comes in that might actually take your attention away, you handle this one with care because you’ve now sold a dream.

Tanyel with Kai
Tanyel with Kai

Tanyel and Kai are two other people who were on the chopping block and since they were not eliminated they realized “huh our time here is actually short, maybe we should make the best of it”. Honestly, I just wanted one of them to drop their guard and just pursue whatever it was they were going to pursue. Whether it is “we like each other because we’re both hot people” or what did Kai say that day “I love her morals”. Whatever the reason is, I was just tired of this cat-and-mouse game, and both wanted to be the mouse “being chased”.

Olivia takes Tom to the Terrace because you know before she was holding back, but now she’s fully pursued away. Anyways, she takes him to the Terrace and he’s basically having an existential crisis because he’s like “man my time really could be up at any point” These two are so painful to watch. The only thing that makes this storyline better is the mix of Zara. But I’m not gonna lie all three of them together do piss me off. But it’s the only real drama we got going on, so fine let’s go with it.

The next morning in the morning debriefs, Olivia lets the women know “yeah I’m gonna be going full force” and Zara’s like that’s cute”. Zara is correct, at the end of the day the decision is up to Tom. But girls can we be for real, the way this man is so indecisive he should not be turning either of you on. It should be very unattractive that he could not speak straight, at all, ever. In this episode, he did make a good stride and I’m looking at both of you girls like if he cannot make a decision, that’s the decision.

Tom Let’s Olivia Know

Anyways Ron made a comment saying that Zara is the better match, but she’s overwhelming. I’m really noticing a trend of Lana and Ron not being a fan of Zara and it’s like okay you don’t have to get along with everybody but like shut up. I’ve been seeing on Twitter that he’s been compared to Curtis. Tom talks to Zara letting her know that his options are open. But what is new, we knew that she knew that, everybody knows that. That’s why we’re in the situation we are in because you can’t make a decision or keep your options open.

Zara is obviously frustrated by the situation and has a talk with Jamie who pitches Aaron. And Zara has this talk with Aaron, which nobody wants. Zara if you truly believe there is a spark between you and Aaron and you decide to pursue it, I and removing myself from the Zara vigilante team, I’m removing myself from management, I’m removing myself from the Zara Rough Riders. Spark with Aaron… it must be to want to stay in the villa.

Olivia now knows where Tom's eyes are
Olivia now knows where Tom’s eyes are

Tom finally gains some courage and decides to tell Olivia that although the options are open, which everybody knows, I am leaning towards Zara, which also everybody knew. We all knew this, we were just waiting for him to tell Olivia that. As like I said previously, he has told both of them that the door is open, but he has told Zara that he’s leaning more toward Zara and he has told Olivia that it’s 50-50. It’s not 50-50, even the men know it’s not 50-50, Zara knows it’s not I mean not 50-50. And thank God, Olivia now knows that it’s not 50-50.

Unfortunately for her, she did get emotional about the situation because she was putting all this effort into a man who just told her your runner-up. Olivia, we could have told you that three Episodes ago. I know you ain’t heard it but you heard it from Zara, you’ve seen it in Tom’s actions. The man did not have you as the priority, to me if it is not an emphatic yes, it’s a no.

Will is living on top of the world now that his spot in the Villa is not in jeopardy, because he is tied up with Jessie. At first, I wanted to be delusional and say Jessie’s really into this guy, I don’t care what you guys say, but I was a bit hesitant about the connection. However, now I think it’s there for real. If Jessie’s playing a game, she’s playing a damn good one. Because I honestly think it’s there for real. Now we will discuss when will Episode 11 of Love Island Season 9 will release.

Love Island Season 9 Episode 11 Release Date & Preview

Love Island Season 9 Episode 11 will release on 26 January 2023 on ITV2. Anyways at the end of episode 10, Islanders have this 90s party everybody’s having fun or whatnot and then they get a text that there will be a recoupling. However, before they were coupling there are two new Bombshells that arrive.

The Recoupling
The Recoupling

So first we got Ellie, she is who I was just talking about at the start, just asking you where did this girl go. Interesting how they left out of the promo that she describes herself as feral. She said she’s feral in the workplace and in her daily life. Then you have Spencer, who is an e-com something.

The two new bombshells get the first pick and then it’s guys picking girls. But of course, they left us on a cliffhanger. So who do you guys think Spencer and Ellie will pick?

Love Island Season 9 Episode 11 Release Time & Where To Watch

Episode 11 of Love Island Season 9 will air at 9 pm GMT in the UK. The episode 11 release timings for the rest of the world are as follows:

  • 4:00 pm Eastern Time (New York, USA) on Thursday, 26th January 2023
  • 9:00 pm Greenwich Mean Time (London) on Thursday, 26th January 2023
  • 2:30 am Indian Standard Time (India) on Friday, 27th January 2023
  • 6:00 am Japan Standard Time (Japan) on Friday, 27th January 2023
  • 6:00 am Korean Standard Time (Korea) on Friday, 27th January 2023
  • 8:00 am Australian Standard Time (Sydney, Australia) on Friday, 27th January 2023

You can watch episode 11 on ITVX in the UK and on Hulu in the Us. 

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