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Netflix’s Upcoming Show: Headspace Guide to Meditation

headspace guide to meditation season 1

Because of our hectic and busy schedules, it has become imperative to find mental peace at some point in the day. Well, Netflix got you covered as the streaming platform has come up with an 8-episode series that will teach you how to meditate and can help you in your daily life by maintaining a balance between your work and peace. Netflix has come in association with Headspace to launch the show, which will teach you the basics and techniques of meditation, which ultimately provide you with a lot of healthy and effective changes. Push play and explore the pros of meditation in this Netflix series, which will become your way of a healthy mind and soul.

So, take a deep breath and get on a journey with Netflix to improve how your mind works. The new year will come with three original brand new documentaries that will teach the audience the basics of meditation and all the techniques which will emphasize pure sleep and thinking of your mind. Let’s talk about these documentaries in detail.

headspace guide to meditation season 1

What is the Release Date of the Headspace Guide to Meditation?

The first show will be named Headspace Guide to Meditation, which will kick off on January 1, 2021. The streaming platform of the show, Netflix, shared that the first season will put emphasis on all the basics and techniques of meditation and how meditation helps us to become more sane and present in our lives. At the same time, the meditating habit, once developed, can also help individuals to be less distracted and more focused on their goals, aspirations, and happiness in their daily lives.

The series is primarily focused on the multiple benefits and advantages which individuals can experience once developing the habit of meditation. The numerous benefits of meditation range from stress management to be grateful and positive about life and everything which is a part of it. The teachings and techniques of meditation help an individual to cope with anxiety, pessimism, stress, and help them change their perspectives and mindsets so that they can lead a better and more fulfilling life than before.

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More about the show

The show will be premiered on Netflix and is created in partnership with Headspace. The company’s co-founder, Andy Pudicomb, is a Buddhist monk. Through these eight 20-minute long episodes, he used his voice to narrate lessons and teachings of meditations along with some delightful animations and music that is calming and soothing to the soul. The voice acting will be done in 30 different languages so that the worldwide audience can enjoy the show and take benefits from it. Also, subtitles would be there in every episode of the series.

Netflix has said about Headspace guide to meditation that the series is specially designed to provide moments of calm and compassion to the audience. At the same time, every episode demonstrates how meditation exercises are done and how one can perform them with much ease and comfort.

The trailer of the show is already out, and you can watch it on YouTube. The official release date is also not a far cry now and will be hitting your screens on New Year’s.

Who are the creators of the show?

This time, Netflix has collaborated with two more studios, namely, Vox Media Studios and Headspace Studios. Talking about the show’s executive producers, it involves the names of Chad Mumm, Mark W. Olsen, Andy Puddicombe, Sam Rogaway, Chris Grosso, and Morgan Seltzer.