Jack Keating Partner: Love Island Star Expresses His Happiness By Sharing A Picture With His Newborn Baby

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Who Is Jack Keating's Partner?
Jack Keating has recently become a dad (CC: Extra.ie)

Want to know, who Jack Keating’s partner is? Well, the Love Island star is currently making headlines with his newborn baby. Yes. He has just become a father and can’t express more happiness in words. We shall get into this great news a bit later. What about his baby’s momma? As the news is getting to the top, fans are speculating about Jack’s romantic interest. Before that, let’s briefly discuss Jack Keating’s prominence in the industry. 

Starting from the basics, Jack Keating is majorly known for being the eldest son of the Irish singer, Ronan Keating. But, Jack has built up his own identity. Born on 15 March 1999, he just turned 23 years old. Well, Jack is a professional model and social media influencer too. However, last year, he made it to television by participating in the reality series, Love Island Season 8. We saw him having a soft corner for the contestants, Tasha and Gemma Owen

Besides his involvement with the entertainment industry, Jack Keating is also good at athletics and sports, especially rugby. 

Coming back to Jack Keating’s personal life, he has always been a shy person. He prefers to keep his love life, away from the media’s attention. His popularity increased after he came to the limelight as Ronan Keating’s son. However, he failed to showcase his newborn baby. Well, it’s understandable that he is enjoying his fatherhood feeling. Who wouldn’t? But, what about his baby’s mother? If you are looking for Jack Keating’s partner, here is what we know. 

Who Is Jack Keating's Partner?
Jack Keating and his father, Ronan Keating (CC: The Sun)

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Jack Keating’s Partner: The Love Island Star Has Recently Become A Dad 

Talking about his love interest, Jack Keating’s partner is possibly no one, at that moment. However, his baby momma is reported to be his former girlfriend, Keely Iqbal. Who is she? If you are wondering about her identity, Keely is professionally an artist, designing custom trainer designs and greeting cards as well. Her business profile also describes her as a content and brand specialist. 

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Recently, Jack Keating confirmed that he is no more romantically involved with Keely. She conceived before finding fame in the show, Love Island. Now, he shared that he is ready to mingle, and is therefore can be considered single. So, it seems like, Jack Keating and Keely Iqbal are going to co-parent their newborn daughter. He shared a picture of his baby, with the caption that said, “Welcome to the world, my little Princess.” 

How did Ronan Keating react to his son becoming a father for the first time? Well, he has congratulated Jack and is much happy with the news. There is full support. But, the renowned singer has shared that he doesn’t want to get called “granddad” by his “little cutie.” Instead, he would go with “Pops.” That’s nice! 

Who Is Jack Keating's Partner?
Jack Keating’s baby momma: Keely Iqbal (CC: The Sun)

Jack Keating’s partner is still mysterious. In other words, we aren’t sure if he has gotten someone recently and is hiding it from the fans. However, Jack Keating’s baby’s mother, Keely seems to be very happy living with her daughter. The announcement turned out to be a major surprise for Love Island fans. Everyone started sending congratulatory messages to Jack and Keely. 

Best Wishes to Jack Keating for the upcoming days of her life. Even though he is young, we are hopeful that he is going to be a great dad, just like Ronan. Make sure you follow Jack Keating on his Instagram account, for more updates. Sending loads of love to his newborn daughter. Considering Jack Keating is single, we hope he meets the love of his life, soon. Well, single life isn’t that bad. We wonder if Jack is going to prioritize his relationship or work for his baby daughter. 

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